The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3085


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First Volume Chapter 40

At this time, Yaduo also said, “Your Majesty! We still acknowledge allegiance to Daqin. Maybe there will be opportunities in the future. I believe that your status in Great Qin’s will not be low.”

Long Shenyan said angrily, “How come you are like this Yaduo?”

Yado sighed, “Your Majesty! Now is the wisest choice.”

Long Shenyan insisted, “I will not acknowledge allegiance him, kill him if I want to kill, I am willing to perish with the Dragon Kingdom.”

What else does Yaduo want to say.

Zhao Fu said calmly, “No problem, now kill all these ministers and the people outside.”

The numerous ministers heart startled in the great hall hurriedly begged Long Shenyan, “Your Majesty, you still talk about the acknowledge allegiance! Your Majesty, I don’t want to die Ah! I beg you, acknowledge allegiance to Daqin. Your Majesty is my family’s Your life is in your hands.”

Long Shenyan looked at the begging people and the surnames outside, looking at Zhao Fu angrily, clenching one’s teeth and said, “You mean!”

Zhao Fu cold voice said, “Now I will give you the last chance to kneel and submit to me, otherwise you will not only die miserably, but other people will die with you.”

Long Shenyan stared at Zhao Fu angrily. It’s better to kneel down in shame and say, “I acknowledge allegiance to you!”

Zhao Fu spread a smile and said, “Go down!”

Long Shenyan stood up from the ground, coldly looked at Zhao Fu, and led people out of the great hall.

The people in the great hall were also sighed in relief, and their fortunes were saved.

Zhao Fu and numerous ministers began to discuss the outcome of the war this time, this time the war Great Qin can be said to have won the war, and killed the Dragon Kingdom with a very small loss. A total of 200,000,000,000 Dragon Kingdom people have been harvested, and there are more than 10 billion Soldiers.

What Zhao Fu is most satisfied with is that Da Qin has harvested 30 million dragoons. If Da Qin wants to cultivate, I really don’t know how much time it will take.

Now that the dragon gods have acknowledged allegiance in Da Qin, these 30 million dragoons will also serve Da Qin. Zhao Fu also knows how powerful the White Dragon cavalry is. He is more happy in his heart. They will become Great Qin’s weapons.

The next main task of Daqin is to stabilize the Dragon Kingdom and rebuild the various defense facilities of the Dragon Kingdom.

And set the Daqin teleportation point here, which will be Daqin’s new base in the card world in the future.

As for all around the four Kingdoms, Da Qin will not act on them for the time being.

The Daqin soldiers who were sent out to hold the four Kingdoms before are now returning to Daqin. 20 billion 2nd Order soldiers continue to stay in the guard of Long Kingdom. Daqin also used some of the generals and ministers before Long Kingdom.

The wealth that Long Kingdom has accumulated over the years is also amazing, and it is now owned by Daqin.

After dealing with these things, Zhao Fu ended the council. Came into a room.

Long Shenyan and Yaduo, as well as more than a dozen female guards, have also been freshened and dressed, and they are not as embarrassed as before.

Long Shenyan watched Zhao Fu come here, knowing what Zhao Fu was going to do, and did not look at Zhao Fu with a cold face.

Yador gently stood aside.

Zhao Fu walked over with a smile and began to enjoy the fruits of victory.

More than a day later.

Zhao Fu smiled and looked at the dragon face in his arms and said, “I am very satisfied with you!”

Long Shenyan’s face is blushing and lightly snorted.

Ya Duo lay on Zhao Fu’s shoulder and asked, “Your Majesty in the future, who do you plan to hand over to Dragon Kingdom to manage?”

Zhao Fu said, “Leave it to the people who used to manage the Daqin territory!”

Yado said with a smile, “Don’t you think our master is more suitable? Her various abilities, status, and reputation are also the most suitable.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Then how do you show loyalty? I don’t want Dragon Kingdom to be restored after I leave.”

Ya Duo’s face turned red and smiled and said, “Is this not enough for us?”

Zhao Fu said, “Um!”

Yado asked, “Then Your Majesty, what do you want me to do?”

At this time, Long Shenyan cold voice said, “I don’t bother to take orders from you, and I don’t bother to take care of these places for you.”

Zhao Fu smiled and pinched her chin, “What did you say?”

Long Shenyan stared at Zhao Fu angrily.

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “Actually, if you don’t tell me, I will give you part of it to manage. I really need you to stabilize the popular support of Dragon Kingdom.”

Yado smiled happily, “many thanks Your Majesty, we will not let you down.”

Long Shenyan is a little surprised, looking at the man in front of him, does he really believe her?

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Okay, I’m going to get up, you can come to Daqin when you have time to understand what kind of power Daqin is.”

Long Shenyan asked, “I have always asked you strange things, why did you get something terrifying like a keel pillar?”

Zhao Fu said calmly, “This is what I refined, and I have two world’s supreme dragon’s blood within the body.”

Hearing this, everyone looked incredulous, and their hearts beat vigorously.

Zhao Fu stretched out a hand to release the two supreme powers, and felt the terrifying of the two supreme powers, Zhao Fu that everyone also believed.

Long Shenyan also said with a smile a little happily, “If we use the Bloodline hard, we will definitely be able to train the most powerful dragoon in the world.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um!”

Long Shenyan looked at Zhao Fu with both eyes and said, “I didn’t expect your background to be so terrifying, I won’t be wronged if I lose in your hands.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “There are many things you don’t know, I will tell you slowly in the future!”

Long Shenyan smiles nodded.

Zhao Fu left the card world with someone, and Alchemy World was handed over to Elena, Hillary, Arthur Tina, and Dragon Shenyan to manage.

The dragon god Yan acknowledged allegiance in Da Qin and was in a high position. This made the resistance of the people and soldiers of the Dragon Kingdom to Great Qin’s less intense. The Dragon Kingdom gradually stabilized, and the dragon king soldiers were also willing to acknowledge allegiance to Da Qin.

This is the advantage of using the dragon face. If the dragon face is not used, Da Qin will encounter a lot of resistance.

Finally, those areas that were seized by other forces, Da Qin plans to slowly recover them in the future. By the way, those small forces are also eliminated. It is not so easy for these small forces to take advantage of Great Qin’s. They must pay the price.

After Zhao Fu returned to Daqin, he proceeded to deal with various things in Daqin.

Da Qin is still relatively stable. Those Kingdoms are accumulating strength and launching the next wave of attacks on Great Qin’s.

There are too many enemies on this side. Daqin can only defend passively, and there is no way to take the initiative to attack, unless there is a way to defeat all armies with one blow.

Zhao Fu’s looked towards Alchemy World.

Other worlds are developing relatively steadily. Only the Alchemy World side is hindered. Now let’s develop Alchemy World.

Alchemy World Zhao Fu is handed over to Wang Jian.

Looking at Zhao Fu coming to Alchemy World, Wang Jian gave a salute with a smile on his face, “Your Majesty! You are here.”

Zhao Fu smiled nodded.

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