The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3124


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First Volume Chapter 79


The dragons that rushed past with a powerful imposing manner were directly transformed into countless golden Dragon Qi and dissipated without causing any harm to Da Qin.

Everyone in Longyang looked astonished, “what’s the matter?”

Zhao Fu hadn’t waited for them to react, and took those keel pillars back, not wanting them to discover the ability of keel pillars too soon.

Long Yang solemnly looked ahead, not daring to attack so easily.

Yin Nether Dynasty’s You Yueqian said, “I think Daqin has something to restrain your Dragon Sect for the 8th day. I think I will hand it over to the second Princess!”

Long Yang is somewhat angry, but he has no ability to solve it. He looked towards Huo Bai Niao and said, “Um, I also think it is better to change your command!”

Fire Bird would definitely not agree, because the eight 1 billion Fiery Flame Kingdom soldiers she led did not come for Daqin.

At this time, a voice rang in her mind, smiling and saying to Long Yang, “I think you are more suitable. You are the Captain of the third team. We should take you as the main player.” /p>

Long Yang smiled as he listened to Huo Bai Niao supporting him like this, “Don’t worry, I will never let you down. I will use Emperor Qin’s head as a gift later.”

Huobainiao was disdainful in his heart, but still said with a smile, “Um, I am waiting, I support you.”

Long Yang smiled and regained his confidence.

You Yueqian looked at the two people calmly. He just wanted to sell a face to Huo Bainiao. He looked at the current situation and felt very worried about Long Yang. These two people had such a good relationship and planned to let them Two rushed ahead.

If something happens, he will run immediately to avoid loss as much as possible.

Huobainiao smiled and asked, “What do you plan to do next, Longyang?”

Long Yang said with a chuckle, “Our Eight-Day Dragon Sect has more than one attack method, but I want you to try it. Is there any other means by Da Qin?”

Firebird said with a smile, “No problem, I’ll try it for you.”

Hearing these intimate words, Long Yan felt that he would be able to take down the Fire White Bird soon. When the time comes, he has two Kingdom-level powers. Politely, “many thanks two Princess!”

Fiery Flame Army is gathering together, and the whole body exudes a smell of fire. Those auras are condense in the sky one by one huge fireball, emitting an astonishing temperature, and all around water vapor is quickly evaporated.

Thenumerous fireball dragged a path of fire, and quickly flew towards Daqin, a heat wave spread.

On Daqin’s side, defense was immediately displayed, and a black defensive cover emerged. On this side, Da Qin did not use Sage Stone to strengthen the defense.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

A huge explosion sounded, countless explosive strengths spread out, the ground shattered, countless rocks flew out, and the front seemed to be shrouded in flames.

Those fireballs caused some damage to Daqin’s defense, but the situation was not very serious.

Long Yang said with a smile, “I knew Daqin had only one restraint, and could not restrain other people. The more shallow you are, you should try it too.”

hearing this, the more shallow the darkness makes the soldiers gather together, bursts of huge gloomy and cold aura emerge, forming a gray long spear, all around the gloomy and cold aura continue to increase.

xiū xiū xiū ……

Starting from the numerous sky-splitting sound, those gray long spears with terrifying strength, like a hot knife through butter usually shot at Da Qin,

Long spears were shot on the Da Qin defensive cover, and a huge force spread. The long spears turned into countless gray auras and dissipated, and the Great Qin’s defensive cover also appeared numerous cracks.

Long Yang and Long Yan shouted with a smile, “Very good. You two can break Great Qin’s defense. Then you will attack together.”

According to the orders, You Yueqian and Long Yang shot fireball and long spear quickly at Da Qin, with loud noises constantly erupting, and finally broke the Great Qin’s defensive cover under the attack of numerous people.

The numerous monster beast that Da Qin immediately released at this time flew in the sky, standing on the ground, a huge Monster Qi filled an area.

I saw that Daqin released large creatures, and Longyang also released large creatures.

The large creatures of Fiery Flame Kingdom have appeared before. They are huge salamanders. The large creatures of Longyang are amazingly like three Horned Dragon creatures.

The color of these creatures is golden, the three horns are like crystals, there is a sun mark on the eyebrows, and the tail is like a slender dragon tail.

The large creature of the Eight Days Dragon Sect is called the Eight Days Horned Dragon, half of which is the bloodline of Dragon Race, and there is also a solar attribute. The strength is very powerful, and it feels slightly more powerful than the salamander of Fiery Flame Kingdom Be stronger, I don’t know how to cultivate Dragon Sect on the 8th.

You Yueqian also sent out large creatures, and their large creatures are even more special. It turned out to be a tall skeleton emitting a terrifying imposing manner, all of which were human-shaped skeletons, with a bone machete in his hand, which looked scary.

Long Yang waited for a while, but did not see Da Qin taking the initiative to let the monster beast attack, and said, “Let’s let the large creatures attack first, first weaken a part of Da Qin’s strength, and then fully attack,”

Fire White Bird said with a chuckle, “You don’t need to use other means to try Great Qin’s strength. Maybe there are other means. This Da Qin is a very cunning enemy.”

You Yueqian said, “I think so too, don’t rush to attack.”

hearing this, Long Yang thought for a while, “Okay! But I am worried that Da Qin can still restrain my Eight-Day Dragon Sect, so you can use some things with one.”

You Yueqian was dissatisfied, feeling that Dragon Sect on the 8th didn’t want to do anything. It made them both suffer. They also broke the Daqin defensive cover. These 8th Dragon Sect did not play a certain role, and now let them use their methods.

You Yueqian said, “I have nothing to tentatively test in Yin Nether Dynasty!”

Long Yang also saw that You Yueqian didn’t want to make any effort, and was more angry in his heart. He looked towards Huobainiao. If he let her attack, he would feel shameless.

Fire Bird said with a smile. “Our Fiery Flame Country will try Great Qin’s first.”

Long Yang sighed in relief, I feel I like the fire-white bird more, and now some want to taste the taste of the fire-white bird, it shouldn’t be difficult for him,

Fiery Flame Kingdom numerous soldiers, took out flame-burning arrows, placed them on the longbow, and pulled the bowstrings full.

xiū xiū xiū ……

Countless flame arrows shot out, like a rain of fire, Da Qin was also enveloped by fire, and the picture was very spectacular.

On the side of Da Qin, numerous monster beasts and condense ejected Monster Qi one by one. They wanted to destroy those flame arrows. The salamanders on the side of the Fiery Flame King Palace immediately opened their mouths to condense and fireball one by one, and wanted Da Qin to fly over.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

Monster Qi bullets and fireball kept colliding, and there was a sound of explosion. The terrifying strength spread out, the flame scattered, and Monster Qi turbulence.

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