The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3125

However, Zhao Fu found a way to deal with the Eight-Day Dragon Sect.

I saw the soil on the ground broke open, one after another demon flower seeds flew out, bumping into each of the disciplines, quickly growing roots and piercing them within the body, most of the demon flower seeds attacked It is the head of the discipline, and some attacks are on the hands, feet and body.

These Evil Flower Seeds are too fast and don’t give others time to react, and the strength is weakened. Therefore, a large number of Eight-Day Dragon Sect’s recipes are recruited, and Evil Flower Seeds only attack the Eight-Day Dragon Sect’s discipline, not attacking. People from the other two forces.

Those demons used the time they had just been fighting to make them stealth one by one, lying in ambush on the ground, waiting for the opportunity to attack.


Those disciplines fell to the ground and struggled painfully, just like the wild boar before, still uttering a scream.

Even if the Fire Bird was prepared, he was still taken aback.

It feels like Dragon Sect on the Eighth Day at least has 80% of the recipes. This almost abolishes the Dragon Sect on the Eighth Day, too terrifying. Fortunately, she did not become an enemy of Da Qin.

In accordance with the plan Zhao Fu told him before, the Fire Bird immediately ordered the entire army to retreat.

You Yueqian watched all the people in Fiery Flame Kingdom evacuate, without hesitation, and ordered the entire army to evacuate. He didn’t want to wait for death here.

He was dissatisfied with Long Yang just now. Now that the Long Yang army has ended like this, he is a little happy in his heart.

Actually, Fiery Flame Kingdom and Yin Nether Dynasty stayed, and their military strength still reached more than 20 billion. If they stayed and fought desperately against Da Qin, they would definitely not be defeated, and Da Qin would also lose a lot of troops.

Unfortunately, Fiery Flame Kingdom is looking for people on Daqin’s side. As long as Fiery Flame Kingdom is shot, Yin Nether Dynasty will inevitably run, and it is impossible to stay against Daqin.

At this time, Da Qin also rushed out of the entire army, carrying a terrifying imposing manner, rushing to the three armies.

Long Yang’s face was very ugly, his heart seemed to be cold, and he ordered the remaining soldiers to run away.

At this time, the painful and struggling disciplines slowly stood up again, their eyes revealed evil, frantically attacking other uncontrolled disciplines, and the scene was chaotic.

Hearing the screams from behind, the other two soldiers were frightened and fled even faster.

Seeing this scene, Long Yang didn’t want to care about anything, and shouted to the eight Princesses around him, “Let’s go quickly!”

Just as his voice fell, a silhouette appeared in front of him.

Longyang heart startled, and the eight Princesses are ignored, and one person runs away quickly.

Zhao Fu smiled contemptuously, reaching out. A powerful strength grabbed Long Yang’s body. Long Yang struggled hard, but it was useless. He exclaimed in horror, “Your cultivation base has reached the Emperor Heaven Realm?”

His current cultivation base has reached the Heaven and Earth Mirror. Those who are able to grab him so easily must have reached the Emperor Heaven Realm, which is a noble powerhouse in the Middle Territory.

Now he doesn’t know whether Zhao Fu cultivation base has reached the Void Realm, or the Void Realm is invincible.

Zhao Fu chuckled, ignoring his words, looked towards the eight beautiful Princesses.

In the face of Zhao Fu’s malicious gaze, it’s strange that the eight Princesses didn’t at all ran away. First, they knew Zhao Fu was interested in them from the beginning of the war. Second, they knew that escaping was useless. The cultivation base is much lower than that of Longyang.

The leader was a princess with a plump body wearing an azure dress, softly said, “We will not run away, can we not hurt our man?”

Zhao Fu chuckled, this picture seems familiar. Said, “Um, as long as you serve me obediently, I will definitely not hurt you.”

Long Yang scolded angrily when he heard this, “Asshole, beast, I want you to go to hell, I will definitely make you regret it.”

Zhao Fu glanced at Long Yang, a strength sealed his mouth,

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