The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3126


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First Volume Chapter 81

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “I will enjoy it with your previous Princess, this time you can’t escape.”

hearing this, Long Yang looked astonished and looked at Zhao Fu in front of him. He did not expect that the enemy he had been looking for was right in front of him. The Emperor Qin was the mysterious Imperial Prince in the rumor.

Long Yang looked at Zhao Fu with hatred, and wanted to eat Zhao Fu in one bite.

The eight Princess looked puzzled, and they didn’t understand why Zhao Fu said a word. Long Yang looked at Zhao Fu so hatefully, and it didn’t feel that they were the reason.

The headed woman asked softly, “Your Majesty! Do you plan to deal with our Young Sect Master like this?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “It’s hard to say now, if it’s useful, I will keep it, if not, I will kill.”

woman look pale said, “Didn’t you say that as long as we listen to you and serve you, you won’t hurt Young Sect Master?”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “It’s just you, I didn’t talk about him.”

Many women begged, “We will agree to whatever you want us to do. Please don’t hurt him. He is our husband and we don’t want him to be hurt.”

Zhao Fu waved his hand, several iron chains shot out, bound them, and said, “You are not qualified to negotiate terms with me, don’t think I really want you, let me say I will kill you all,”

Many women look scared and dare not speak.

At this time, numerous Daqin soldiers came, but it was useless to come. Now, almost all the disciplines of the Dragon Sect on the Eighth Day are controlled, and the disciplines that are not controlled are either dead or caught.

The news of the defeat on this side spread quickly.

Sword Cry’s face is ugly. Why did this team lose so quickly, and did not cause any harm to Da Qin at all. Long Yang seems to have been caught, and never escaped.

Xiong Xiao said solemnly, “We still retreat as soon as possible to prevent the Great Qin Army from attacking us from the side. Da Qin defeated the army so quickly. There must be some conspiracy, and we may also be recruited.” >

hearing this, sword cry thinks for a while, but can only give an order to retreat.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

A loud explosion sounded, rays of light shot in all directions, smoke and dust filled, waves of powerful waves spread like a fast gust of wind.

Bing Qixue was also angry when he heard the two news, “This is useless, how can Da Qin be eliminated? It will be sooner or later that Da Qin is eliminated.”

Gu Qingyue persuaded, “Don’t be angry, this is not a decision we made, and we can only blame the upper class. I feel that we are a mob, and I am a little worried about the future.”

Bing Qixue said, “I am trying to persuade me to see if there is a possibility of reconciliation with Da Qin. Anyway, I will never bring troops to attack Da Qin.”

Gu Qingyue said, “I don’t think it’s very possible. It’s better to persuade other forces and let them attack Da Qin together. Now this Great Qin’s is too strong, and there is no fear in facing our allied forces .”

Bing Qixue thought silently,

Gu Qingyue said, “Let’s retreat too!”

Bing Qixue nodded.

Now they can only go with a large army of them. If they don’t go, they will only be eliminated by Da Qin, and some of them may die here.

With the retreat of the Bing Qixue army, grandiose’s attack on Daqin ended in failure this time. They prepared a lot of methods without using them. They failed so quickly that they themselves did not expect.

However, they didn’t have much loss. The biggest loss was Dragon Sect on the Eighth Day. Almost the entire army was wiped out. Long Yang was captured by Da Qin.

In the lobby, the Firebird took the lead and said, “This time we should not disperse, we should concentrate our forces to attack Daqin together, otherwise we will not lose so badly, the prince of Icefield Kingdom I think you will lose the main Responsibility.”

You Yueqian did not want to take responsibility and said, “I think the Second Princess is right. Although we are not facing the main force of the Great Qin, facing the Emperor of the Great Qin is far more dangerous than facing the main force of the Great Qin. , If we don’t run away quickly, we will end up like Longyang.”

Bing Qixue coldly said, “I have nothing to say!”

Gu Qingyue said unconvinced, “If it weren’t for your uselessness, you would lose so quickly, how could the battle collapse so quickly, we can fight Daqin on the other side.”

Fire Bird said angrily, “Can you compare with us? We are facing the terrifying Lord of Great Qin. Do you know how much pressure we are under? You have the ability to contend with that Emperor of the Great Qin. Ah! ”

Sword Cry said, “Don’t argue, everyone, I didn’t expect that the Lord of Great Qin, who had disappeared for so long, would appear in Da Qin again. He is indeed a very difficult person to deal with.”

The fire bird was coldly snorted and did not speak.

No one doubts her identity yet. This time Fiery Flame Kingdom took the lead to escape, and it also affected the situation of the other two sides. There is indeed no small responsibility.

However, because of the terrifying method of Daqin, the Dragon Sect on the Eighth Day was wiped out, and no one doubted Fiery Flame Kingdom.

Xiong Xiao sighed, “I don’t think we have the ability to deal with Great Qin’s affairs. Da Qin already has the ability to contend against us head-on, so we should report to the upper level and let them handle Great Qin’s affairs!”

sword cry nodded, “I think the same is true. This Great Qin’s is too strong. It feels stronger than my Ancient Sword Sect. With my ability, there is no way to destroy Da Qin. Maybe my master has this ability.”


Bing Qixue cold voice said, “I have no opinion!”

Gu Qingyue lightly snorted, “I didn’t want to come.”

Ending the council, all influence returned with troops. The news spread quickly, and the nearby domains were extremely shocked. Why did such a monster appear in Ancient Stem Domain? So many Kingdom forces gathered together can not destroy him?

If such forces appear in their domain, it will be a headache. Fortunately, it is not in their domain and will not pose any threat to them.

From the current situation, this Daqin has the potential to become an emperor.

The news was sent back to Dragon Sect on the Eighth Day.

Everyone is in grief. Soldiers of 10,000,000,000 and battle strength of 1/4 are a great loss for the Dragon Sect of the Eighth Days. It also means that countless people have lost their lives.

Sect Master sits on the great hall with a gloomy face.

Said a beautiful woman in black with a human figure and a cold face. “Long Er also fell into Da Qin’s hands. I don’t know how Da Qin will treat him!”

She is one of the eight wives of Sect Master. She is also a Princess of Kingdom. She has a very high status. She also has out of the ordinary talents. She is highly valued by Sect Master. At the same time, she is also Longyang’s mother.

Her name is Zi Yuewan.

Another beautiful woman wearing a blue dress with a gentle temperament worriedly said, “I am worried that Da Qin will hurt Long Er. I think I should send Envoy to Da Qin quickly and let them release Long Er.”

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