The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3129


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First Volume Chapter 84

Zhao Fu did not go to see her, and continued to fish and said, “I am the Lord of Great Qin!”

Lan Qingshui looked shocked. How did the Lord of Great Qin come to the Eighth Dragon Sect?

Zhao Fu smiled and continued, “I heard that you love Longyang the most. I wonder if you want to save Longyang?”

Lan Qingshui said anxiously, “Of course, as long as you are willing to let Longyang go, I am willing to do anything.”

Zhao Fu laughed and said, “You really love Longyang very much, and I have no other requirements. As long as you come and serve me, I can consider letting him go.”

Lan Qingshui complexion changed, and he felt very embarrassed.

Zi Yuewan a pair of eyes stared at Zhao Fu angrily. She underestimated Zhao Fu’s despicableness, and even used this method to get Lan Qingshui.

After waiting for a while, Zhao Fu asked, “How do you think it through? It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to, I will give you Long Yang’s hands and feet.”

Lan Qingshui said quickly, “Don’t!”

Zhao Fu turned his head and looked at Lan Qingshui, said with a smile, “Can you agree?”

Lan Qingshui was heartbroken, “I promise you!”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Come on!”

Lan Qingshui said, “Wait, how do you prove your identity? What if I serve you and you are not the Lord of Great Qin?”

Zhao Fu released a breath of Great Qin King, “Now you can be sure of my identity!”

Lan Qingshui didn’t say anything, and walked over to Zhao Fu. There was a touch of sadness on his face. Although he saved Long Yang by doing this, he also betrayed her man.

Zi Yuewan saw that Lan Qingshui was really coming to serve Zhao Fu, and said quickly, “Don’t believe him, he is a scumbag. You don’t have to make such a big sacrifice for my son. No?”

Lan Qingshui said with a look of surprise, “You are Zi Yuewan? How are you together?”

Zi Yuewan looked at Zhao Fu coldly snorted, “I went to Daqin to rescue Long Yang, but was controlled by this bastard. He came to the 8th Dragon Sect to destroy the 8th Dragon Sect. Run away! “

Lan Qingshui heart startled and will run away soon.

Zhao Fu said calmly, “You can run away and try, I promise you will receive Long Yang’s head.”

Lan Qingshui looked embarrassed.

Zhao Fu smiled and said, “If you obediently obey, I may not only let Long Yang go, but in the future, I will also bypass Sect Master and die.”

hearing this, Lan Qingshui thought for a while, and walked to Zhao Fu’s side.

Zhao Fu is naturally not polite.

Zi Yuewan sighed as she watched Zhao Fu’s destruction of Lan Qingshui, feeling that Lan Qingshui was Longyang’s mother. If it were she, she might not have found such a big sacrifice. I feel she owes Lan Qingshui a lot.

In a few hours.

Lan Qingshui said in Zhao Fu’s arms, “Can you let Longyang go now?”

Zhao Fu smiled and said, “Not yet!”

Lan Qingshui looked at Zhao Fu with both eyes, “I will serve you obediently, but you must do what you promised me.”

Zhao Fu nodded.

Zi Yuewan lay on the other side cold voice and said, “Qingshui, don’t trust him!”

Lan Qingshui both eyes looked at Zi Yuewan and smiled softly and said, “But I can’t do anything but believe him. If my sacrifice can change the lives of Long Yang and Sect Master, I will sacrifice willingly.”

Zi Yuewan didn’t know what to say.

Zhao Fu smiled and hugged Zi Yuewan and said, “Don’t worry, if you really listen to me, I will definitely go around Longyang and Sect Master. Of course, you are not willing to cooperate, and don’t blame me vicious and merciless. .”

Zi Yuewan was lightly snorted, and her attitude eased down.

Zhao Fu hugged two beautiful women said with a smile, “I want to know the news of other people, you should be very clear.”

Lan Qingshui whispered, “I can tell you, but don’t hurt their lives.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um, I can’t bear to let you separate.”

Zi Yuewan gave Zhao Fu a white look, “You want the eight of us to serve you together? You bastard!”

Zhao Fu laughed a few times.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu started to move. It was just getting dark. A graceful, beautiful and alluring woman in an azure palace dress was sitting a little glum.

She is the third Princess of Sect Master, named Qin Xiaojiao.

Originally, she planned to be with Sect Master today, but because of recent events, Sect Master is beautiful and alluring a little interest. She can only go back to her yard, and she can’t help but think of the previous scenes, such a powerful dragon attribute for cultivation Sect Master is also very strong in cultivation technique.

Qin Xiaojiao’s face turned ruddy.

A person hugged her from behind suddenly, Qin Xiaowan heart startled, struggling quickly, and exuding a strong strength, trying to knock that person out, but the strength of that person is much stronger than her, so she directly The strength of within the body is suppressed.

Qin Xiaojiao wanted to call someone, and she covered her mouth with one hand.

I don’t know how long it took, Sect Master came to the door and said strangely, “Xiaojiao! What are you doing? Why is there a Formation?”

In the room, Qin Xiaojiao looked at Zhao Fu pleadingly.

Zhao Fu ignored her.

Qin Xiaojiao resisted the started talking, “It’s nothing, I’m cultivation a secret technique, can’t be disturbed by anyone.”

Sect Master said, “Oh! Then you continue cultivation, I am sorry today, I will be with you in the future.”

After Sect Master left, Qin Xiaojiao hit Zhao Fu with both hands, and Zhao Fu let her hit.

2nd day, it’s dawn.

Qin Xiaojiao woke up leisurely, sat up suddenly and watched the mess all around, she realized that last night was not a dream.

“Who is that guy?” Qin Xiaojiao said angrily.

The strength of this person is absolutely terrifying. He even entered her room silently. With her World Realm’s cultivation base, there was no resistance to him.

Qin Xiaojiao can only bear this matter. Now Qin Xiaojiao doesn’t dare to spread the matter. It’s not just a matter of her reputation, her status may not be preserved, and there is even a mortal danger.

But she will never let the bastard go, and if she finds it, she will castrate that person.

Being angry for a while, Qin Xiaojiao cleaned the room, and scenes of scenes from last night appeared in her mind. Although she was very angry, she had to admit that she had never been so happy. Qin Xiaojiao blushed and scolded again. There was Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu said to Zi Yuewan and Lan Qingshui, “You can also go back, as long as nothing happens. Don’t raise doubts.”

Zi Yuewan coldly said, “You are so confident that we acknowledge allegiance to you and won’t tell others about you?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You can give it a try. I will stay in your strength within the body, and I will tell you what the consequences are. Don’t try to resolve this strength, even if you call Supreme Being. It’s useless.”

Zi Yuewan looked at Zhao Fu in surprise, “How can your a trifling border emperor have such a powerful ability?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You will know in the future!”

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