The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3130


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First Volume Chapter 85

There are still five left, as long as they are resolved, there is no problem.

The next person Zhao Fu will do is a person who raises many small animals, named Mu Qingran,

Come to her yard, there are cats, dogs, foxes, mice, chickens, ducks…

These animals are not unfamiliar to Zhao Fu. They should be kind to people, otherwise they will run around with fear.

Now Mu Qingran is not in the yard, Zhao Fu waited in the yard.

A fluffy kitten walked to Zhao Fu’s side with a twist, and meowed at Zhao Fu. It looked cute.

Zhao Fu thought for a while, took some food and fed it to the kitten.

When the other animals saw something to eat, they immediately surrounded Zhao Fu, some graciously rubbed Zhao Fu, some bluntly jumped to Zhao Fu’s body, Zhao Fu one by one fed them food, the picture was very vivid Harmony and warmth.

I don’t know how long it took, a tall figure with a cold face, a beautiful woman wearing an azure long skirt came in, looked at Zhao Fu surrounded by numerous animals, and asked, “who you are? “

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I came to you for something, but I can’t see that you like so many small animals!”

Mu Qingran asked, “What’s the matter with you? It seems that I have never seen you before. You should not belong to the Dragon Sect on the Eighth Day?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um, I am indeed not from the Eighth Dragon Sect. I am looking for you this time for Longyang.”

A cat ran to Mu Qingran’s feet. Mu Qingran picked up the cat and softly said, “I think you have found the wrong person. I don’t care about Longyang.”

Although Mu Qingran is one of the eight ladies of Sect Master, she doesn’t like Long Yang because Long Yang is sometimes too violent and killed some of her animals. Faced with Long Yang’s capture, she Doesn’t care.

Zhao Fu said with a light smile, “Then I will kill Long Yang!”

Mu Qingran frowned, “Wait, you killed Long Yang? Are you from Great Qin’s?”

Zhao Fu smiled nodded.

Mu Qingran became wary. She just thought that Zhao Fu should not be a bad person, otherwise her animals would not be close to Zhao Fu, but she didn’t know that Zhao Fu had a Spirit Race Emperor Star, which was the primate of all things. There is a general affinity of Heaven and Earth.

Zhao Fu stood up and walked over to Mu Qingran.

Mu Qingran said coldly, “What do you want to do?”

Zhao Fu stepped forward and hugged him, Mu Qingran struggling in panic, the cat in her arms jumped to absorb it, and ignored its owner.

In a few hours.

On the chair in the yard, Zhao Fu looked at Mu Qingran in his arms, said with a smile, “I have left beforehand!”

Mu Qingran blushed without speaking, thinking of the scene in front of the numerous little animals just now.

Zhao Fu put her aside and prepared to leave.

Mu Qingran said softly, “who you are?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “the Lord of Great Qin!”

Mu Qingran was surprised, “Are you the Lord of Great Qin rumored?”

Zhao Fu smiled with Um.

Mu Qingran asked, “What are you going to do to me in the future?”

Zhao Fu looked at Mu Qingran and said, “What do you think of me?”

Mu Qingran said softly, “I want you to take me away!”

Now that something like this happened, Mu Qingran understood that Dragon Sect on the 8th day could not stay, and she and Sect Master didn’t have much relationship. She was also the woman who was snatched by Sect Master.

Compared with the two, Mu Qingran is more able to accept Zhao Fu because Zhao Fu has an affinity.

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “No problem!”

Mu Qingran asked, “When will you take me away?”

Zhao Fu smiled and said, “After I take care of things, Daqin has a beautiful scenery and many small animals. I feel it will suit you very well.”

Mu Qingran smiled and said, “Thank you!”

A beautiful woman with a slender figure, wearing a white dress and a scholarly flavor, suddenly broke in, looking at the scene with astonishment.

“How did you do such an unethical thing?”

Her name is Min Qingqing. Usually the relationship with Mu Qingran is very good. Today I was here to play for a while, but I didn’t expect to see this scene. And she is also a very traditional woman.

Mu Qingran was also a little flustered, holding his clothes to cover himself, and said, “Gently! Listen to my explanation.”

Min blushed lightly and said angrily, “I don’t want you to explain, I want to tell the husband about this, so that you two will be punished, and there is no explanation for doing such shameless things. “

Zhao Fu said, “I can’t blame her for this, I forcibly bullied her.”

Min looked at Zhao Fu lightly and coldly, “who you are? Dare to do such a thing, are you afraid of death?”

Mu Qingran said, “He is the Lord of Great Qin!”

Min gently turned his face to one side, and immediately tried to catch Zhao Fu, because the Lord of Great Qin is now the most troublesome enemy of Dragon Sect on the 8th, and as long as he catches him, he can return to Longyang. She usually has a normal relationship with Longyang, but as the Wuniang of Longyang, she still has the obligation to rescue Longyang.

But she overestimated her own strength. She didn’t grasp Zhao Fu with the hand she grabbed, instead she was held in her arms by Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “Originally, I would go to you right away, but if you deliver it yourself, then you can’t blame me.”

Min said slightly ashamed, “I will never let you succeed!”

As a traditional woman, Min gently couldn’t accept being bullied by Zhao Fu, so she immediately used a strength to crush her heart and will not let Zhao Fu tainted.

But a strength directly imprisoned him.

The warm sun in the afternoon shone on the three Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu smiled and hugged the two beautiful women, looking at the sky full of sunset clouds.

Min gently sobbed in Zhao Fu’s arms.

Zhao Fu did not comfort, but taunted, “Aren’t you very chaste? What did you look like just now? Why are you still crying now?”

Min Qing ignored Zhao Fu and continued to cry. Now she wants to die, but Zhao Fu strength controls her so that she can’t die.

Mu Qingran comforted, “You still want to drive a little lightly!”

Min gently continued to cry.

Zhao Fu coldly snorted, “You are crying, I will throw you out now, let everyone see what you look like.”

Min waited for Zhao Fu lightly and angrily, but didn’t dare to cry.

Mu Qingran softly said, “I plan to leave with him, so gently, do you want to be with you? This way your reputation can be preserved.”

Min lightly angry coldly said, “I will not leave with such a scum, now I just want to die.”

Zhao Fu started talking, “Then I can fulfill you too, I will throw you to hundreds of men and let them solve you.”

hearing this, Min cursed slightly angrily, “You scumbag!”

Zhao Fu lightly snorted, “You can be honest with me, otherwise this will be your end.”

Min gritted his teeth lightly and looked at Zhao Fu.

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