The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3133


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First Volume 88th Chapter

Long Lanya also noticed the changes in Xue Luolan, and asked a little curiously, “Lan! How do I feel that your changes are a bit big?”

Xue Luolan’s face is slightly red, thinking of Zhao Fu, she also understands that such a change is the result of madness with Zhao Fu, and explained, “Nothing, just some discomfort, I’m going to take a rest later .”

Long Lanya said with a smile, “Then I won’t bother you!”

Then Long Lanya and the two left and were walking on the road. Long Lanya looked at Long You and asked with concern, “Did your mother hurt you?”

The young dragon shook the head.

Long Lanya said lovingly, “I am also for your own good. If things spread, you will lose your life.”

Long You returned, “I know!”

Long Lanya said with a smile, “That’s good, you can have any woman you want in the future, as long as it is not a few ladies.”

Long You thought of Xue Luolan in his heart, and gave a soft Um.

But he didn’t know that his beloved Goddess, who could not be touched and could only look up, had been tainted by the scum Zhao Fu.

At this time, Zhao Fu has found the last lady.

Her name is Li Min. She is a noble woman wearing a silver white palace dress. Now her hands are tied with chains by Zhao Fu and hung in the air.

Li Min cursed, “Asshole! Do you know who I am?”

originally Li Min is looking at the collected information in the yard. The information is all about Great Qin’s. Looking at this information, Li Min feels that Great Qin’s is more powerful. He intends to persuade Sect Master, must do his best to destroy Qin, otherwise in the future There is no chance.

As for Long Yang’s life, she believes that it can be sacrificed, and Long Yang alone cannot let Long Zong go to extinction.

But when she was about to leave, Zhao Fu broke in, tied her hands, and hung her in the air.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Of course I know who you are. Guess who I am, Madam Eight?”

Like a coldly snorted, “How do I know?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I will give you a hint, what were you looking at just now?”

Excuse me, exclaimed. “Are you from Great Qin’s? You dare to break into the Dragon Sect, what a brave!”

Zhao Fu laughed twice, “I am still the Lord of Great Qin!”

Li Min was even more surprised, “How dare the Lord of Great Qin come to Longzong? Isn’t he afraid of falling into the hands of Longzong? As long as he falls into the hands of Longzong, Da Qin will be in great disadvantage, for example, she knows Da Qin, but the Lord of Great Qin was founded by the Lord of Great Qin and has the prestige of incomparable.”

Li Min asked, “Why are you here in my Longzong?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I think you should be a smart person, and I will tell you, I will destroy the Eighth Dragon Sect at this time.”

Li Min said, “I don’t believe it! How can the Dragon Sect be destroyed if you want to.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “The seven ladies of Sect Master have been controlled by me. You are the eighth. As long as I control the eight of you, after solving Sect Master, Longzong will directly fall into my control. , Of course, there may be some other resistance, when I will slowly solve them.”

Limin looked at Zhao Fu with both eyes, and said seriously, “When do you control the seven ladies?”

Zhao Fu confidently said with a smile, “If I was noticed by you, then my plan was not exposed, and there is no need for me to lie to you. I think you should be clear about what you decide now. I know you have ambitions. Now is an opportunity.”

Li Min thought about it and said after a while, “You put me down!”

Zhao Fu waved his hand and loosened the chains that bound Limian, and Limian fell back to the ground.

Zhao Fu sits on a chair, said with a smile, “Come on!”

Li Min smiled and walked over to serve Zhao Fu.

More than a long time later, Li Min lay in Zhao Fu’s arms and said with a chuckle, “I believe you now, you can’t let me down.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um, the benefits will not be less for you.”

Li Min smiled and asked, “What are your plans next?”

Zhao Fu said, “You don’t need to worry about it, just wait at ease. Now the Sect Master cultivation technique has been broken by me. His ability to share damage has disappeared. I will deal with him easily, and I have There is a way to deal with him.”

Like nodded.

At night, the moon was blooming like water, and Zi Yuewan sat in a courtyard, quietly sitting on a stone bench.

A silhouette appeared behind Zi Yuewan, holding her two-handed sword Zi Yuewan in her arms. Zi Yuewan turned her head to look at Zhao Fu, but did not refuse, and asked, “Is it so fast?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um, this thing is very simple to me, do you miss me?”

Zi Yuewan coldly said, “Um, I have a little thought!”

Zhao Fu picked up Zi Yuewan and walked to the side.

In the middle of the night, Zi Yuewan snuggled in Zhao Fu’s arms and said, “What are you going to do next?”

Zhao Fu said, “I will find a chance to deal with Sect Master.”

Zi Yuewan looked at Zhao Fu with both eyes, “You promise me, keep him alive.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um, I know, if Sect Master dies, I am also a little worried that the eight of you can’t control the Dragon Sect, then Sect Master’s immortality will still have a deterrent effect, although the others in the People also have other ideas.”

Zhao Fu reaching out raised Zi Yuewan’s chin and said, “You are the person I believe the most now, don’t let me down next.”

Zi Yuewan gave a soft Um.

Zhao Fu began to prepare to deal with Sect Master. The method he has already prepared is to use the bitterness of nothingness. This bitterness of nothingness is the poison Zhao Fu obtained from Fiery Flame Kingdom. It is very rare terrifying, even Supreme Being is difficult to remove .

The method of poisoning is also very secretive, almost hard to detect. There should be no problem using it against Sect Master.

If Zhao Fu does it himself, it is easy to be sensed by the destiny of Longzong, then Zhao Fu is in danger.

Zhao Fu didn’t rush to shoot immediately, but waited for a good opportunity to start.

On this day, Zhao Fu came to Qin Xiaojiao’s room again. Qin Xiaojiao was slightly happy when she saw Zhao Fu, because she had waited for a few days, but she still said coldly, “You Chaos still dare to come? I will kill you!”

Qin Xiaojiao took out a knife and stabbed Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu flew out the knife with a wave of his hand, holding Qin Xiaojiao in his arms, said with a smile, “I’m here to tell you something this time.”

Qin Xiaojiao struggled lightly and asked, “What’s the matter!”

Zhao Fu told Qin Xiaojiao of her identity and identity. After learning this information, Qin Xiaojiao looked pale. She did not expect the matter to be so serious.

Qin Xiaojiao looked at Zhao Fu with both eyes, “you guy must promise me, try not to hurt the people of Longzong, I already feel sorry for my man, I don’t want to feel sorry for him more.”

Zhao Fu softly said, “Yes, I can promise, of course you must also listen to me.”

Qin Xiaojiao put her arms around Zhao Fu and smiled and said, “No problem!”

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