The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5080

Outside the cage, there is a layer of azure ripple, which is the layer of ripple, which makes the cage extremely strong and strong, and it is difficult to break the cage.

However, Ye Mo has the means of Space-Time Reverse and may be able to escape from it.

Thinking of this, he directly took off the Heavenly Venerable robe and said: “Lady, true body will leave the Heavenly Venerable robe here, you can disguise the true body.”

Between the words, his whole body is a large number of black qi, condensed into a time pointer, and suddenly turned.

Suddenly, Ye Mo disappeared.

The next moment, Ye Mo has appeared outside the cage.

“The power of the gods is powerful, it can suppress Heavenly Dao, but it can not suppress the means of the reverse, not to mention the true body’s rebellious force, but also tempering out the Great Desolate aura, want to trap the true body, can Not so easy!”

Ye Mo secretly thought that at the crucial moment, the power of rebellion could be a miraculous effect, using Space-Time Reverse to escape the cage.

In other words, any Great Array here can’t hold him, he can completely with no difficulty, and enter and exit the gods.

If there is a powerhouse among the gods, perhaps he can still feel his existence.

Now, Ye Mo doesn’t have any taboos.

Before, the black robe woman told him a lot about the gods, but there are still a lot of things in Ye Mo’s heart.

For example, the eternal Goddess and the eternal God King, what are they going on? Since they are clansman of the gods, why would they become the Eternal Realm powerhouse of their star?

This is how he can’t figure it out.

Moreover, there is no memory of the gods in the memory of the eternal Goddess.

Next, what he has to do is to really sneak into the interior of the gods and explore.

The gods were destroyed, but the old site was well preserved, and some secrets of the gods were also recorded.

“How can this be?”

Lan Yin and Steward saw Ye Mo leave the cage directly, and his face suddenly became unbelievable. He couldn’t believe it. Ye Mo actually escaped from the cage with no difficulty.

This kind of means is too bad!

“You are waiting here, true body first to explore, and then find a way to save you.”

Ye Mo’s body pointer turned again, and his body shape slowly disappeared, coming to a time and space a second ago.

“I don’t know how they are in the six ears!”

Ye Mo thought about it, or was going to take a look. He searched around and found out that there was a golden treasure pagod phantom on a public square not far from him.

Among the treasure pagod, six of them are trapped in it, and each and everyone’s face is angry and embarrassed.

Especially the six ears, constantly urging bombardment and bombarding the treasure pagod phantom, but it has no use at all.

“This should be the old site of the gods, and it is full of arrays everywhere!”

Six ears screamed and said: “You can quickly find a way, don’t use brute force, useless. Once we escape, the message here will be conveyed to the Heavenly Palace, and we will be able to get great benefits.”

Ye Mo saw this scene, but also secretly sneered, these six ears, and now think of benefits.

Inside this day, many places in the Protoss have arranged arrays. If you are not careful, you may fall into the Great Array and you will not be able to get out of trouble.

In the end, I can only be trapped in the gods forever.

Tianjun can’t escape, and they can’t help but find a way.

“It seems that you don’t have to use true body.”

Ye Mo really wants to fight with six ears. Since his Refining Heaven, there hasn’t been a real battle with the powerful expert. The six ears are the best opponents.

Now that six ears are trapped in the Great Array, he can only dispel this idea.

“That is? The temple of the gods? This great hall is the real main hall?”

Ye Mo turned his eyes and saw a great hall in the distance, the great hall, exactly the same as they had seen before.

However, the great hall they saw before, only the Great Array evolved, and the great hall is the real temple of the gods.

In general, this kind of great hall is used to handle major events, or to entertain guests.

Ye Mo flew directly, landed, and actually saw that there are ten gods inside.

Seven men and three women, sitting on both sides of the great hall, seem to be discussing things.

“Cold smoke, this time doing a good job, all the gods who know the land of the gods are brought here and trapped, especially the Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, who is now the big man of the Temple, if he will Our news here tells Tiangong that it is really troublesome.”

A silver robe man, talking to the woman on the side.

The man, a long silver hair, a forehead, a red and white hair, very eye-catching, his pair of nephews, very cold, like Asura.

“However, things seem to have changed!”

A woman named Hanyan, willow eyebrow stunned.

She has a light green dress, three thousand blue silks are free to wear, and the dust is clean and refined. A beautiful face seems to make the whole film Heaven and Earth eclipse.

This cold smoke, the former black robe woman, now faded black robe, but is capable of causing the downfall of a nation.

“What happened?”

Silver robe man asked.

“Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable’s wife seems to be the clansman of our gods. However, she doesn’t seem to know about our gods. Maybe she will be brought out of the gods when she is less.”

The cold smoke said.

“In that year, patriarch issued an order to protect our underage clansman even if we sacrificed all powerhouses. There are some children.”

Silver robe The voice of the man is very calm: “Of course, there is a clansman is the exception.”

“Do you mean less patriarch?”

Another woman asked.

These clansman, because they have not yet reached adulthood, were escorted away. As for the powerful clansman, in order to protect the gods, they resisted.

In the Tianshen tribe, there is a rule. Once they become soldiers of the gods, they must shoulder the mission of guarding the gods.

As a result, the soldiers of the Tenjins all sacrificed, in order to protect the gods and sacrifice the glory of the gods and gods.

However, among the people, there is a clansman who has become a warrior, but has not left to protect the gods, that is, less patriarch.

Because the less patriarch inherits the hope of the gods, it is the only one that can reinvigorate the gods.

“Yes, we have been looking for less patriarch in these years, but there is no news for her. According to the truth, she should be able to return here.”

Silver robe The man said that his brow was wrinkled and he had begun to think about the bad.

Thanks to their ten clansman, they can only stay here, and there is nothing to do, although they are also cultivating to the extent of seven Heavenly Venerable.

However, after all, no further!

“Right, what happened to the clansman?”

The silver robe man asked instead.

“She is now locked up with Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, the wife of Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, who may not follow us and rejuvenate the gods.”

Cold smoke frowned, reminded: “We don’t want to lift the Great Array casually, Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable is very strong, and all of us are not his opponents.”

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