The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5081

“Let them shut down for a few years and grind their tempers. Then we will convince clansman to join us.”

The silver robe man said: “Of course, if you can convince Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, it would be better. After all is the big man of the Temple of Heaven, if he can join us, he can make him become our spies, supervision. Temple of Heaven.”

“good idea!”

A man on the side also made a snap and agreed: “The Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, innate talent is very strong, her wife after all is the clansman of the gods, as long as we can let her wife mean that he is a gods clansman Knowing that she shoulders the mission of reviving the gods, she will definitely convince Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable.”


At this time, the cold smoke tone is very tough, saying: “You can still remember, patriarch said by powerful means, after we sent us away? No one can believe it except clansman.”


A few clansman, can’t say it.

“Cold smoke, if we don’t rely on the power of other people, just by ourselves, how to revive the gods? We have a decent powerhouse.”

Silver robe The man said: “On that day, I originally wanted to take all three things from the hands of the Heavenly Soldier. As a result, I lost my hand and only grabbed the Tibetan sword.”

They clansman, who has been here for many years, relying on the natural resources within the family, these years, to the cultivation force has a good strength.

However, they lack experience and are really at risk. They will definitely be overwhelmed, not to mention the revival of the gods.

“As long as you find a few patriarch, you can revive. If you can’t find it, you will wait. We can wait.”

The face of the cold smoke showed a firm expression.

She does not believe in other people. In her opinion, those people are too insidious.

“Gu Yuan, the temper of the cold smoke, you don’t know, when she saw that her parents were killed by the god of Heaven, do you think she still believes in others?”

Another woman said.

Silver robe man frowned, and did not say anything more, he looked to towards the great hall outside, nothing can be seen clearly, as if you can not see hope and light.

It is almost impossible for the gods to revive, just a few of them.

Ye Mo listened to the conversations of the clansman, but also sighs and stands up. I am very sympathetic to these clansmans. I finally understand why this cold smoke traps them because she does not believe in clansman and does not believe in the palace.

“You are poor, but true body can’t keep you shut.”

Ye Mo was originally planning to help the gods. The mysterious man in the seal of the arm must be a god of the gods, helping him a lot, not only letting his power of rebellion, tempering out Great Desolate aura, and giving him Goddess turns back to 诀.

In love, he will help the gods, not to mention that the Heavenly Palace is doing this, it is indeed irritating.

However, even if he wants to help the gods, these clansman will not accept it.

“Go to the internal exploration of their gods!”

Ye Mo left directly, and wandered around the gods, and found that the protoss were really incomparable gigantic, and labyrinth.

After searching for a few hours, Ye Mo finally came to a huge attic.


Here, it must be the place where the Tianshen family has no words.

Ye Mo passed directly into the Space-Time Reverse, returned to the real time and space, and entered the interior of the library.

The rows of bookshelves inside are dazzling and dazzling, and each of the books is incomparable gigantic, which requires hands to be held.

Moreover, there are also grades.

1st-layer, explore level, Prying Heaven mood!

2nd-layer, explore the level, the mood of the day!

3rd-layer, probing level, Refining Heaven mood!

4th-layer, explore level, Breaking Heaven mood!

As for 5th-layer, with Ye Mo’s current means, it simply won’t go up.

I have to say that the Tianshen people are very strong, and even a library of books is so powerful.

Ye Mo is also purposeful to find some books to see if you can find some useful information.

He directly found the book of the history of the gods in the 1st-layer’s books.

“The gods have appeared in four stunning geniuses, first place, jade, second place, Ye Xiaoyu, third place, emperor, fourth place, cold and innocent.”

Ye Mo looked at the contents recorded in the book, and his eyes showed a shocking expression.

This jade is the patriarch of the gods, and the gods have only one patriarch, which is him.

As for the Emperor Wuji, it is now the Emperor of the East.

“This ranking should be sorted according to fame time, Ye Xiaoyan, cold and innocent, who are they?”

This book also records the four powerhouse deeds, which are very amazing. The story of Ye Mo is much smaller than that of them.

In particular, Emperor Wuji, known as the genius of the innate talent among the gods, is very likely to inherit the position of the patriarch of the gods.

Because, among the gods, there is such a rule, want to become a patriarch, in addition to the consent of the Elder group, there is one more point, that is to defeat the patriarch.

And the Emperor Wuji, there is the strength to defeat the Jade.

If you make a sort of these four powerhouses, Emperor Wuji is the strongest of the four.

“It is a gods and gods. If the gods are not counted, the Temple of Heaven may not be able to threaten the gods.”

Ye Mo was secretly surprised and continued to read the books, only to find that there were four words on the page: Hello, Ye Mo!

These four words, scared Ye Mo directly threw the book on the ground, as if encountering the most incredible things.

Ye Mo breathed a few deep breaths and slowly picked up the book that day and continued to turn over that page, but the writing disappeared.

“Maybe it is an illusion!”

Ye Mo explained this self-explanatory. How could such a word appear on this day?

Continue to turn pages, on the page, there is: “Ye Mo, what do you think is Heavenly Dao?”


Ye Mo At this time, I finally realized that this is not an illusion, but that it is true and correct.

The other party actually knew his existence, and he had already left this text in this book.

Seeing no response, Ye Mo looked at the text on the page and disappeared. He continued to turn the page. It read: If you want to know everything, you will come to the ancient tomb.

“The ancient tomb of the gods?”

Ye Mo breathed a bit more, as if she had been completely designed, he continued to turn pages, and there was no more text.

His heart has been completely shrouded in shock, and there has never been one thing that can make him so shocked.

In the Tianshu of the Tianshen Library, there is actually a powerhouse to leave a handwriting. It is estimated that Ye Mo will appear, and he will directly greet him. Who can believe it?

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