The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5084

The blockade ability of this treasure pagod is indeed very powerful, even if it is impossible to break through.

However, the six-armed commander thought of a way. Among their team of heavenly soldiers, there was a formation that could absorb energy.

This treasure pagod defense is stronger, and it is also condensed by energy. Even if the outside world can provide far-reaching energy and strengthen defense, there will be fragile times.

Sure enough, he is feasible.

Hundreds of Heavenly Soldiers, together with the Great Array, absorb the energy of the treasure pagod. As for him, they are looking for weaknesses and attacking the Great Array directly.

This Great Array, even Tianjun, can be trapped.

However, the six ears with hundreds of Heavenly Soldiers, and the array of methods, actually broke the treasure pagod, and escaped.

The ten clansman of the Tenjins were also shocked by such a change, and they never thought that they could escape from it.

“How can this be?”

On the face of Gu Yuan, it was incredible, looking at the army of Heavenly Soldiers in the air, his face showing an incredible expression.

In any case, he couldn’t believe that the six ears actually escaped from the Great Array.

The Great Array left in these families, but can trap Tianjun.

“This land of gods is really a god god. I can’t think of the gods and there are a few clansmans alive.”

Six ears suspended in midair, shrugging, said with a smile: “I don’t know, will you get back to the Heavenly Palace, what reward will you get?”

This time, they broke into the land of this god, and it was really right. Although it was in danger, the gains were huge.

No one would have thought that his six ears actually discovered the position of the gods and the meteorites of several gods.


Gu Yuanqi can’t speak, he knows that strength is not an opponent of six ears.

Now, he can only drag the time.

The other party is the powerhouse of the true Refining Heaven mood, although the power of the gods can suppress Heavenly Dao.

However, this should also be built on the same realm.

“You clansman of the gods, actually still alive, I am very curious, how many clansman do you have, why should you bring me here? Could you just want to trap me?”

The six gods clansman, who was present in the six eyes and ears, said: “In the beginning, it was one of you who gave me the scroll of the land of the gods?”

In front of the gods great hall, cold smoke expressionless, as for other clansman, even more at a loss, they have always lived in the gods, and did not fight with foreigners.

In this case, it is not bad if there is no chaos.

“Cold smoke, I, what do we do now? That fellow, actually able to break the Great Array, we are not their opponents at all.”

A petite girl, trembling with fear said.

“Calm down, here after all is our site, we are familiar with everything here.”

Cold smoke is one of the most stable among them, because she often stalks in Divine World and explores some intelligence. She has encountered a lot of such things.

If they are the first to panic, the situation is even more troublesome.

“But if they really want to get up, we, we!”

The girl’s body trembled: “What should I do, what should we do?”

“So calm down, even this kind of thing can’t cope, how can we revive the gods?”

In the heart of the cold smoke, there is no ambition.

However, she can’t panic.

There must be a way to get through the crisis at hand.

“What? Don’t you talk?”

Six ears disdain said with a smile: “Don’t think that I don’t know what you are thinking. I heard that when the gods were destroyed and the group of people who fled, all of them are people who have little or nothing, I am afraid you are? You have been cultivating for so long, even without expert advice, isn’t it so weak?”

It is simply a shame that the six ears directly describe the clansman of these gods with the word “weak”.

In fact, their gods of the gods are very difficult for comprehend Heavenly Dao. Unless it is really a kind of powerhouse, it is very difficult to get a breakthrough in the mind.

These clansmans, indeed, have been cultivation for a long time, at least tens of thousands of years, but the state of mind has always been stuck in the sky.

It is very difficult to want Refining Heaven.

“Hugh to humiliate us!”

At this time, Gu Yuan finally couldn’t help it. He was the strongest of the ten clansman, and he also got the Tibetan sword of the Tibetan god Tianjun. Perhaps, he had a fight.

He has been in the pocket for a lifetime and does not want to continue to go down.

Moreover, as the clansman of the gods, we must also come forward.

Because he is already a warrior of the gods!

“What? Do you still have to fight with me?”

Six ears swept the eyes of the ancient Yuan, could not help but shake his head, said: “You, too weak, chaotic divine strength weak, even my subordinate’s corps is not as good.”

“Let’s try it, the gods, you can’t be a kid!”

The ancient palms of the hand, the Tibetan sword directly sacrificed, aura outbreak, sword qi gathered together, condensed into a sharp rays of light, directly moved towards six ears to kill.

The strength of Gu Yuan is still very good. The cultivation of his cultivation is all Mid Level, and the pages of the book reach more than 500 pages.

This sword, formidable power is very strong, coupled with his fusion of 70 dao force source, the general seven Heavenly Venerable, he must be killed by a sword.

Unfortunately, his opponent is six ears, the most powerful Heavenly God Realm powerhouse in the reincarnation of the Tianyu.

“It is a Tibetan sword, and the Tibetan sword is actually in the hands of the fellow!”

“It seems that the devil has not deceived, and the Tibetan sword has been stolen by him!”

The small six in the Tianbing group saw the ancient sword and the long sword, which was also yelled.

“Hidden sword? It seems that luck is good, the block can’t stop!”

Six ears laughed heartily, grabbed a long stick in the hand, and did not have any skills to directly bombard a stick.


Jianfei, as for Gu Yuan, the whole body also fell from the air, and fell heavily on the ground. His face was pale and his blood vomited: “How is this possible? How is the gap so big?”

Ye Mo saw this scene, but also secretly sighed. Although this ancient god is the clansman of the gods, the power of its cultivation is indeed suppressed by Heavenly Dao.

However, there is still a huge gap between the two sides.

If Gu Yuan is also the powerhouse of Refining Heaven, it is easy to beat six ears, but unfortunately, he is not.

With realm, the powerhouse of the gods has an absolute advantage.

However, Ye Mo does not intend to immediately rescue, no time, the woman who does not appreciate the cold smoke, now, he is going to appear again when they are most desperate.

In this way, the cold smoke will truly realize that not all gods are worth trusting.

What’s more, these ten clansman are still in the hands of six ears, and it is not so easy to save ten people in front of six ears.

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