The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5085

Six ears and one hand sucked, directly caught the sacred sword in the hand, and laughed: “It’s really hard to get rid of the iron shoes. It’s a pity that this Tibetan sword is badly damaged and must be repaired. Only then can play its original formidable power.”

“One stroke, it defeated Gu Yuan, and the strength of the fellow is too horrible.”

“He has reached the heart of Refining Heaven. The power of Heavenly Dao is terrifying. Although our power can suppress Heavenly Dao, the gap is still too big.”

Several gods, each and everyone’s face is ugly, knowing that the disaster is coming.

“Is this the pride of your gods? cultivation for so many years, even I can’t take it.”

Six ears of fun smiled: “I see, your gods are nothing, no wonder they will be destroyed, the weak are destined to be eliminated.”

“what did you say?”

Gu Yuan’s eyes are red, he can be humiliated, and the glory of the gods is absolutely unacceptable.

He wants to rush again, and fights with six ears, but the cold smoke is blocking him.

“Hands, take them all!”

Six ears and one hand waved, hundreds of Heavenly Soldiers, and they sang together, and the momentum was extremely powerful. They all went to the clansman of the Ten Gods.

They are soldiers of all ages, training all the year round, really want to encircle, even the powerful seven Heavenly Venerable, it is difficult to escape from birth, let alone these ordinary clansman.

However, at this time, the cold smoke is a wave of hands, saying: “Slow, six-armed commander, you caught us, and then handed over to the Heavenly Palace, how much benefit do you think you can get?”

When this words fell, many Heavenly Soldiers heard the meaning of the words.


Six ears raised their hands, all the heavenly soldiers stopped, he was also said with a smile: “What do you mean by this? Could you want to talk to me about the transaction?”

“I have a lot of natural resources, but the average person can’t get it. There are a lot of Great Arrays here. If you are not careful, you may fall into it.”

The cold smoke said: “You let us go, and swear by Heavenly Dao, will not reveal the whereabouts of my gods, I will give you unexpected benefits.”

Nowadays, I can only do this.

However, the six ears did not agree, sneer: “You probably don’t know, under what circumstances can you talk about the transaction, that is, based on the strength of each other’s strength, you are not qualified to talk to me at all. What’s more, all of you have been taken, and the whole gods are mine.”

The hearing this, the clansman of the ten gods, are all angry. These six ears are clear that they want to devour their entire gods and gods, and they will take everything and all of them as their own.

They all couldn’t resist the anger of their hearts and wanted to kill the six ears.

Unfortunately, they do not have that strength.

“Catch it up!”

Six ears and one hand waved, both hands and soldiers rushed to the past, a few tricks, ten clansman, all were taken by them.

Six ears went to the front of the cold smoke, pinching her pink face, said: “I want you to count me, do you want to use me, kill Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable? Then Are you trapped here?”

“Anyone who knows the secrets of my gods will die!”

On the face of the cold smoke, an unyielding expression was revealed.

“It’s really a beautiful Pill Refining. I used to listen to Tianjun. The clansman of the gods have inherited a very special power called the power of the gods. This power can suppress Heavenly Dao. Once you get it, the same level can almost sweep, killing you, it’s a pity.”

Six ears with a smile: “I know there is a secret method that can deprive your god of your true body, perhaps, you can try it on you.”

The secret method in his mouth is the same as the secret of Young Master Ye who wants to strip the power of Xiao Yue. Many powerful Heavenly Venerable houses have mastered this secret.

Of course, very few gods will use this secret method to deprive the god of the true body power.

The expression of cold smoke is cold, and the body bones are shaking. Even if she calms down, it is difficult to keep calm at this moment.

“Work with him!”

Gu Yuan slammed and screamed a powerful imposing manner, directly slamming the surrounding Tianbing.

However, more Tianbing rushed over and directly suppressed him, and let him fall to the ground, it is difficult to move.

“Tell me, where is the treasure of your gods?”

Six ears pinched with a cold smoke, began to ask: “You better not play tricks with me, otherwise, I will kill you clansman, each and everyone, if you tell me, I will hand you over Tiangong, keep a small life, you choose.”

“You are mean!”

The cold smoke roared.

“I am mean? You deliberately gave me the map of the land of the gods, and led me to come here, so that I lost a lot of money. I am a lot of heavenly brothers, and I am still trapped outside the Great Array. You actually said that I am mean? I am despicable. What happened? Tell me quickly, my tolerance is very limited.”

Six ears said coldy: “I will give you ten seconds, otherwise, I will take the young fellow first.”

Between the talks, several Heavenly Soldiers offered a long sword, which was placed on the body of Gu Yuan.

“Our gods, there is no treasure at all, you have killed me, no.”

Gu Yuan was angry and he was not afraid of death. He would have died in tens of thousands of years.


Six ears did not pay attention to the ancient Yuan, and directly spit out a number.



The cold smoke struggled and finally surrendered. The loud voice: “Well, I tell you, in the Baohua Hall in front of you, there is a treasure of the town hall, it is the chaos Supreme Treasure, but the god of the day The whip was sealed, even if we couldn’t get it.”

Six ears let go of the cold smoke, said with a smile: “You better not lie to me, go to one to see if there is chaos Supreme Treasure!”

Chaos Supreme Treasure, only the powerhouse of Tianjun level can be controlled, very rare.

For Heavenly God Realm’s powerhouse, the ability to master the chaotic Supreme Treasure is absolutely like a tiger that has grown wings.


Immediately, there is a Heavenly Soldier who rushed away in the direction indicated by the cold smoke.

However, they waited for a long time, and the soldiers did not return that day.

This scene is very strange and makes them very confused.

“what happened?”

Six ears frowned, questioning the cold smoke: “Which great hall will not be arranged? You dare to fight with me?”

“Nothing is impossible.”

The cold smoke shook his head and denied it: “We have ten clansman in your hands. How dare you play?”

“Mare, you have a look!”

Six ears gave a command, and Ma Lie arched his hand, directly to the Baohua Hall.

However, after a long time, Ma Lie also did not return!

“what happened?”

Six ears frowned, a neck holding a cold smoke: “You better not play tricks with me, what is going on?”

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