The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5086

Sending two gods, disappearing one after another, six ears do not believe, this is just a coincidence.

There must be a bit tricky, or that, in the great hall, what is hidden.

“I really didn’t play you!”

The cold smoke said again and again: “The lives of our ten clansman are all in your hands.”

“Then why haven’t they returned yet?”

Six ears continue to question.

“I really do not know!”

In the heart of the cold smoke, it is also extremely doubtful. There is no Great Array in the Baohua Hall, why they will disappear for no reason.

Could it be that they are coveting the gods whip?

However, with their cultivation base, it is impossible to take down the god whip.

Seeing the cold smoke in the six ears is not like telling lies, he also released the cold smoke, and commanded: “Come a dozen soldiers, follow me to the Baohua Hall, and other Heavenly Soldiers, all guarded here.”


Six ears with more than a dozen Heavenly Soldiers went directly to the Baohua Hall. However, he let the Heavenly Soldiers take the lead and enter the Baohua Hall to investigate the situation.

“What happened? Could it be that you can’t do it?”

“Not a ghost, it is very likely that there are other powerhouses in it.”


A few clansman, are guessing.

“Other powerhouse?”

Xiaoliu suddenly thought of a question and said: “Yes, the four gods who came with us before, where did they go?”

“They have been blocked by the formation.”

Said a clansman of the gods.

“Is it blocked?”

Xiaoyiyi didn’t believe it, and asked again: “Where are we, what other powerhouses can you be trapped here?”

“There is a powerhouse against the heavens. He has been trapped here for tens of thousands of years. Could it be that powerhouse?”

When the cold smoke is said here, the face is also changing. If it is the powerhouse that is against the heavens, it will be more troublesome.

That powerhouse, there may be Tianjun of Tiangong.

“What? Against the heavenly powerhouse?”

The words of Xiaoliu had just fallen, and he felt that a Heavenly Dao, which was trembling in fear, was oppressed and violently swept over, making people unable to breathe.

They and everyone complexion greatly changed, especially the several captains, are the strength of the seven Heavenly Venerable, directly tightening the nerves.

Here, there really is a powerhouse!

“Get rid of you first, then clean up the six ears!”

The power of Heavenly Dao is getting stronger and stronger, with a black silhouette, drops from the sky, falling in front of many Heavenly Venerables.

The long flowing hair, no wind, automatic, very chic!

“Is he? How did he run out of the Great Array?”

The cold smoke sees Ye Mo, also startled.

For Ye Mo, she naturally didn’t have a good impression, but she didn’t think that Ye Mo would appear at this time, and she thought of the disappearance of the two gods.

Most likely, Ye Mo did, deliberately led the six ears away.

“Is it? Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable?”

Several of the captains were shocked, and they both shot and rushed to Ye Mo.

As for those Heavenly Soldiers, they sighed and waved the weapon in their hands and killed Ye Mo.

Even if Ye Mo’s strength is stronger, so many gods besieged together, it is enough to hold Ye Mo, as long as the six ears come back, Ye Mo will die.

Hundreds of forms, rushing to kill Ye Mo, almost all the space is broken.

The cold smoke saw this scene, the pretty face showed a worried expression, perhaps thinking that Ye Mo was their only savior, but began to worry.

If Ye Mo couldn’t save her, the Protoss would be completely destroyed that day.

砰peng peng peng!

The entire space, constantly bursting with fierce sounds, hit a mixture of people.

However, their attacks were all lost, and Ye Mo spurred Space-Time Reverse, which disappeared directly.

The next moment, he came to the side of the cold smoke, the big hand slammed out, the few soldiers who made the cold smoke, directly flew by Ye Mo, at the same time, Ye Mo appeared in several other gods clansman By the side, under the few tricks, those Heavenly Soldiers did not respond at all, and all flew out.

Save all the clansman of the Ten Gods, he is also relaxed, said: “You find a place to hide, six ears he came!”

“You are careful!”

Cold smoke with clansman, directly left this place, stay here, will only affect Ye Mo.

“Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, you are courting death !”

When the six ears heard the movement, they immediately rushed back. When he saw Ye Mo, he was immediately furious, and his body was swept, and the long stick in his hand blew directly to Ye Mo.

At this time, he realized that everything that was just done was done by Ye Mo. The purpose was to lead him away and rescue the Ten people of the Tenjins.

“Six ears, the grudge between us is not over yet, you said that the true body is in front of you, even the ants are not as good as today, true body, this ants, you will kill you directly!”

Ye Mo saw six ears coming and shouted. Now they have saved them from the cold smoke. He has no scruples and can really fight a battle.

“The silence is broken!”

Six ears are full of anger, and a stick of smashing and slamming away, all around the space, as if they have been swallowed by this stick, the aura of silence has swept out and turned into a large black glow, like a canopy, sweeping And out.

Those Heavenly Forces complexion greatly changed, it seems that they did not expect that the six-eared adults released a Mid Level, and they still broke the empty stick.

This trick, they have seen, directly obliterated a few ten seven evil deities.

If they are swept by the black glow, they must be turned into a statue on the spot.


Who knows, Ye Mo also grabbed a long stick. To be precise, it was a half long stick, which was directly bombarded and shattered the black curtain and direct bombardment.

“Six ears, today, you and all the Heavenly Soldiers are all buried here.”

Ye Mo broke the black curtain, behind him, the phantom of the ten Daofather dragon, also emerged.


Six ears did not agree, laughing: “Is it by you? I admit that you underestimated you, but your current strength is in front of me, but it is not the case. All the heavenly soldiers are arranged in a big robbery. I want to kill myself.” This Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable.”


Nearly seven hundred Heavenly Soldiers surrounded the entire space. At the same time, they also ignited their respective chaotic divine strengths, connected to each other, forming a huge beam of light and blocking the space.

Ye Mo saw it, but did not agree with it. Saddle with a smile: “You are blocking the way, know?”

“Since my six ears have been promoted to Heavenly God Realm, I have never met an opponent. Any opponent has become my stepping stone, and you, too.”

Six eyes and ears looked at Ye Mo and said: “Take your strongest means!”

“That will come to die!”

Ye Mo rushed past, ten phantoms of the ancestral dragon, and at the same time hit the ancestral 70 two-style, swaying away, all the way, the sound of the dragon whispered one after another.

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