The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5089

“High Level Heaven? How is this possible? And, this is not the day of Divine World, good Evil Aura.”

Six ears looked at the huge eyeball, startled, did not expect, Ye Mo will actually provoke a High Level episode at this time, and it is still a sorcerer.

Generally speaking, the heavenly technique is self-contained with dao force. Even if the state of mind is not strong, if you can successfully cultivate a High Level, the dao force carried in the heavenly technique is equally terrifying.

Generally, the above-mentioned Tian Level above the Mid Level is released, and behind it is a flipped page. It is obvious that Ye Mo is displaying a High Level book.

Moreover, the pages of the book have reached at least 900 pages.

The magic eye kept turning, and it began to swallow up, absorbing the power of all around, the large golden light, enough to incinerate all the golden light, actually absorbed directly, let alone hurt Ye Mo.

“How is it possible? This is the Great Sage golden light, you can burn it, what is your heavenly technique? You are audacious, actually cultivation is such an evil means, no wonder you are not afraid of being wanted by the Heavenly Palace?”

Six ears repeatedly slammed out their fists and shot a piece of rays of light. However, they did not hurt Ye Mo. They had the guardianship of the eyeball and had almost no use.


The six-ear incarnation of the Great Sage monkey, directly mad, he rushed straight past, punched Yee Mo’s head, to smash that eye directly.

“It’s useless, true body knows the formidable power of this heavenly technique. Once you show it, you will die, six ears, today, you will be buried in the gods, and you will die.”

Ye Mo faced the six ears of the frontal bombardment, and did not move. The eyeball behind him was getting bigger and bigger. Finally, the eyeball directly released a pitch-black rays of light and went straight through.


That ray of light, bombarded in the body of the six ears, he directly repelled, a mouthful of blood sprayed out, and then invincible defense, at this moment, is completely shattered.

Saint Physique, proud of the six ears, is directly transformed into a bubble.

In the past, the six ears really counted on a giant amongst men. There was no one in the middle, from an ordinary Heavenly Soldier to the present level, but at this moment, he was completely eclipsed.

Because Ye Mo is more powerful than him, the details and means are more.

“Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, you give me a wait, one day, I will let you know that I am the strongest god.”

Six ears knew that the major event was not good. They chose to escape. He even took out a large piece of golden light and covered himself. At the same time, he did not hesitate to escape to the exit of the gods.

Those Heavenly Soldiers have been completely scared, and they have never thought that the ending of this battle will become like this.

“It is a sorcerer, Ye Mo has spurred the sorcerer, he will be wanted by the Heavenly Palace, we are quickly escaping, and he is dead.”

“Yes, the Temple of Heaven has regulations that do not allow Divine World’s cultivation sorcerer. The other party is also cultivating such a powerful book, and it must be clean and dry.”

Many Heavenly Soldiers have fled.

“Not good !”

Ye Mo complexion slightly changed, so many Heavenly Soldiers, he wants to kill in a flash, almost impossible.

If his cultivation spreads out, it will certainly cause a lot of trouble.

However, things have developed to this point, he did not hesitate, directly stared at the six ears, in any case, can not let the six ears escape.

He directly chased him up, and the evil spirits that floated behind him were also long swords that condensed a pole and shot directly.

This magical evil eye can almost release various attacks with the idea of ​​Ye Mo, and the formidable power is still very powerful. Unless it can break the eyeball, the attack will be endless.

A pole-pitch-black long sword, with Evil Aura, directly catches up with six ears, and the hole is worn over, hitting his back, but it is broken directly.

At this time, among the eyeballs, a whirlpool of a different demon was released, and it suddenly swayed and shocked, and the huge body of the six ears was directly wrapped.

The aura of the devil, infiltrating his body, directly relieved his Saint Physique.

The face of the six ears finally showed up in sorrow, and said: “Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, you cultivation evil, you must not die!”

He is constantly struggling with the rebels, but there is no use at all. His Saint Physique has been broken, and there is no possibility to escape.

“The true body is not to die, it will die behind you, because you are going to die now!”

Ye Mo grabbed a big hand, and the evil spirits condensed a shot of a different magic lance, which was more than a hundred feet, and the hole passed through.


Under this circumstance, the body of the six ears was directly touched, and the blood was squirting. He also roared: “All the Heavenly Soldiers, you escaping quickly, this Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable cultivated the magic, and mastered the power of Great Desolate, When the news is delivered, you must be rewarded.”

Even if he is dead, he will let the subordinate pass away.

Ye Mo put down six ears and directly chased the past. However, those Heavenly Soldiers, all directions, even if he is strong, it is impossible to leave them all.


Ye Mo’s face is a bit ugly. If the news goes out, he won’t say that he will go to the Heavenly Palace, and he may be wanted by the Heavenly Palace immediately.

I have to say that the city of the evil spirits is extremely deep, and what he wants to see most is such a scene.

He passed the means to Ye Mo, which seems to give benefits to Ye Mo, but it may not be a good thing.

Ye Mo is facing a desperate situation and will definitely be able to display it. Once it is implemented, the consequences will be unimaginable.

“hahaha, Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, how can you kill me? You also have nothing to end, or that your end is worse than me.”

Six ears screamed.

“Even if they escaped, how?”

Ye Mo calmed down and took out a command plate in his hand, which was engraved with a word of “Cang”. “The true body has already worshipped Cang Tianjun as a teacher. What do you think the true body will have?”

“What? This is the Tianjun command plate, and it is still the command plate of Cang Tianjun. How is this possible?”

Six ears were shocked. I didn’t think of it. Ye Mo was actually the disciple of Cang Tianjun. At this time, he finally understood why the reincarnation of Heaven had to order him not to offend Ye Mo.

Just because Ye Mo is the discipline of Cang Tianjun, and the relationship between Tianjun and Cang Tianjun is very good.

To say that it is better, it is just to say that it is good. In the face of Cang Tianjun, the reincarnation of Tianjun is just an ordinary Tianjun.

“No, it’s impossible, how can you become the discipline of Cang Tianjun, rumors, isn’t Cang Tianjun not collecting the crime?”

The six ears are already thrilling at this time.

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