The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5091

“Lady, you listen to the truth body seriously. The eternal Goddess is sealed by her father and will know nothing about the gods. Her mission is to revive the gods.”

Ye Mo indifferently said: “Now, you have inherited her strength, you should help her accomplish this mission, don’t leave this regret.”

“But, I don’t dare to be interested in this. I just want to stay with you and guard you silently.”

Xiao Yue said softly.

Ye Mo hearing this, the heart touched, the person in front of me, always has only one person in his heart, and he, the heart is filled with the whole world.


Ye Mo looked up at Xiao Yue, and his eyes were full of tenderness. They all said that cultivation to the realm of the gods would be very stable. For men and women, they would look very light and light.

Perhaps, there will be no longer the heart of the year, and it will be attributed to a dull feeling.

However, the phrase that Xiao Yue just made his mind, once again a ripple.

Xiao Yue’s beautiful face, a smile appeared, showing the taste of happiness: “However, if you really want me to do it, I can try it!”

Ye Mo stroked Xiao Yue’s cheek and said: “Lady, true body assures you that this is the last time!”

“the last time?”

Xiao Yue does not understand the meaning of Ye Mo.

“This is the last body of true body. When this matter is over, I will resurrect everyone, and then take you, Cape of the World, and ignore these things.”

Ye Mo promised.


Xiao Yue is also nodded, and I am very much looking forward to the life that Ye Mo said.

Of course, she also knows that Ye Mo is now forced to do so. Otherwise, when they meet each other, they can already put everything out of the game.

“I got the power of the eternal Goddess, so do something for her. If I admit that I am a patriarch of the Tenjins, they can’t doubt it?”

Xiao Yue said.

“At that time, they were still very young. There should be no memory for the less patriarch, and you have inherited the power of the eternal Goddess and should be able to prove identity.”

Ye Mo said.

He returned to the future and saw that the gods were destroyed and escaped. It was indeed some juniors who had not really entered cultivation.

Older is the eternal Goddess and the eternal God King, but at that time, they have not been promoted forever.

“The people of the Tianshen people have a bloody atmosphere. However, strength and strategy are very poor. They need a leader, and you are the best candidate. Perhaps, after the real war broke out, the gods will need to contribute. “”

Ye Mo added.

Two days, God once again discussed for a moment, and went directly to the great hall of the gods. The cold smoke saw them coming over and greeted them. “Dragon Blood, Xiao Yue, we clansman have been discussing for a long time, and I hope you can Stay and help us, of course, if you are not willing, we will not be reluctant.”

“Cold smoke, there is one thing, true body wants to tell you, I am afraid that you are unacceptable!”

Ye Mo said.

“whats the matter?”

The cold smoke was shocked. As for the other clansman, I also looked over.

“My Lady is your little patriarch.”

Ye Mo speaks amazingly, and ten clansman are shocked.

They looked at Xiao Yue with amazement, and they were full of disbelief on their faces. In any case, they could not believe that Xiao Yue was a little patriarch.

“Impossible, she is definitely not a less patriarch.”

“Yes, the patriarch is absolutely cultivating to a very strong degree, and it is very likely that it has reached the opposite world.”

These clansman, can’t believe that Xiao Yue is their little patriarch.

Because, in their imagination, less patriarch has become a peerless powerhouse, as long as they wait until the patriarch returns, they will soon be able to reinvigorate the gods.

It is not like this.

“When you patriarch sent the patriarch to leave, the memory was erased, and many things about the gods were not known.”

Ye Mo indifferently said: “Do you have a magical treasure that tests the power of the gods? Do you know?”


The cold smoke suddenly remembered, saying: “I remember that there is a stone monument in the family called the God Monument. It was used to detect the innate talent of the younger generation in the family. Perhaps it can be used to test it.”

The so-called innate talent of the gods is to detect the intra-disciplinary disciples, which is to detect the gods aura contained in the force of the disciple.

The more intense the aura of the gods, the stronger the innate talent of the gods, and the jade phoenix of the year is the genius that truly contains 100% of the aura.

As for them, it is good to have 50%.

Next, Ye Mo and Xiao Yue, they were smoked by the smoke, and they entered the cultivation tower.

This cultivation tower, their clansman rarely came in, but it was still very clean and spotless.

The cold smoke brought them directly to a huge azure transparent stone monument. “This stone monument is the god monument. The center of this stone monument has a “God” character pattern, which injects the power of the gods into the stone monument. The “God” pattern is all lit up, which means that the god aura reaches 100%, only half bright, it means that the god aura reaches 50%.”

Between the words, the cold smoke looked at Xiao Yue and said: “As long as you can make the pattern all light up, it proves that you are less patriarch, and only the power of the patriarch is able to reach this level.”

Of course, the entire history of the gods can reach 100%, and there are many, but only the clansman who survived today, only Yuyinfeng can reach this level.

“it is good!”

Xiao Yue was not afraid of anything. She inherited everything from the eternal Goddess and fully inherited her power.

Going up, Xiao Yue stretched out the jade hand and placed it on the stone tablet. After a while, the word “God” on the stone tablet began to light up slowly. Finally, the whole pattern completely lit up the cyan ray mang.

Those clansman saw this scene, and each and everyone was shocked.

“100% gods aura!”

The cold smoke saw a fierce shock, and then immediately turned to the hand: “Welcome to the less patriarch return, the gods have a little patriarch leadership, and will certainly prosper.”

Gu Yuan and other nine clansman, also arched: “Welcome less patriarch return.”

“I really inherited all her power!”

Xiao Yue was secretly shocked, came back to his senses, looking at the ancient smoke and the others, said: “In the future, I will bring the gods to the Peak again.”

“Less patriarch, the gods have your leadership, it will definitely be a thousand miles, not to mention, your husband is still Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, just.”

The cold smoke hesitated: “Only, according to the family rules, the clansman of the Tenjins is not allowed to marry outside the clansman, especially the one who inherits 100% of the aura.”

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