The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5092

The gods cannot marry outside the clansman. They are taboos that are listed as the first by the gods. Any clansman can’t violate it. Offenders must be expelled from the gods.

The cold smoke means profoundly looking at Xiao Yue and Ye Mo. These two gods are husband and wife. Once they have a child, the inherited power of the gods must not be very pure.

However, Xiao Yue said: “I just became a little patriarch, you come to talk to me? Now, the gods are here, what rules and so on, don’t talk anymore, the current revival of the gods is the most important.”

“There is nothing wrong with the patriarch. In fact, many of the tribes of the gods have no meaning until now. Many cultivation treasures must achieve certain merits before they can enter. What merits do we get now?”

The ancients could not help but say.

There are indeed a lot of cultivation places in their gods, some are used to cultivate the power of the gods, and some are used to comprehend Heavenly Dao.

However, these places have been put into the law, and if you want to go in, you must get great merit.

In their current situation, what merits can be obtained.

“Our main purpose now is to strengthen your strength, and then, recall the clansman and open the branches.”

Xiao Yue indifferently said.

If the gods really want to make a comeback, they must continue the power of the gods and inherit the power of the gods. If you want to do this, you must inherit the son.

Thinking of this, those clansman, each and everyone are blushing.

“French, the things of the gods and gods have completely come to an end!”

Xiao Yue turned to towards Ye Mo, naturally I want to see, Ye Mo’s next plan.

“The true body stays here, it doesn’t make sense.”

Ye Mo said, took out the Tibetan sword and said: “Lady, this sword will be handed over to you, and the true body will leave.”

Nowadays, the secret of the gods, he already knows almost, and the god Lord has also found it. What he has to do is to go to the Heavenly Palace and break through the heavens.


Xiao Yue took over the Tibetan sword and saw Ye Mo turn and leave. She also rushed straight up, soft lovable body, gently snuggling on the back of Ye Mo, the jade bracelet around his waist, softly said: You have to be careful.”

Ye Mo turned and held Xiao Yue’s jade hand and said: “Lady, you are also careful. The gods are the taboos of Divine World. All the gods are not willing to mention the gods, especially the temple, so you do Everything must be carefully thought out, and don’t easily reveal your identity.”


Xiao Yue point nodded and watched Ye Mo leave.

Ye Mo took the six-eared statue, and at this time, the cold smoke came with the gods City Lord Lan Yin.

“Blue, what are you planning?”

Ye Mo looked at the person and asked for the exit.

“My father said that this time he wanted to investigate the secret of that war, he came here, but he was trapped in the Great Array. He now wants to hide in the world and ignore the Divine World thing. It is.”

Lan Yin’s words, can not help Ye Mo, this god ghost City Lord, perhaps know something.

However, he did not ask much.

“Little friends, Tiangong is unfathomable. If you enter the Temple of Heaven, be careful. No matter what you want to do, don’t disobey the will of Heavenly Dao.”

The City Lord reminded me, with blue and stear, and left.

Lan Yiny looked back at Ye Mo and said: “Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, I don’t know what your real name is.”

“Ye Mo!”

Ye Mo replied.

“Ye Mo, thank you, if you know that you are in danger someday, my father will never stand by, but we don’t want that to happen.”

This sentence of Lan Yinyin makes the mind of Ye Mo sink again, and it is more certain that this palace is absolutely unusual.

He traveled to Tiangong on this trip. Although he had the shelter of Cang Tianjun, he had to make something. Cang Tianjun may not be able to protect him.

“It seems that Jade is right. The Heavenly Palace annihilates his gods. It is not necessarily because his gods have threatened the Heavenly Palace. In those days, Divine World and the evil world, what happened?”

Ye Mo frowned, found this thing is very tricky.

However, Tiangong he must go, with the help of Tiangong cultivation, what he wants to do now. As for the things of the gods, they are all left behind, and they don’t know what to do.

Without strength, everything has no meaning.

At this time, Xiao Yue’s silhouette also fell over the palace, said to herself: “Fo Jun, take care!”

“Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, the gods of the gods are very important, do you want me to take you out?”

The cold smoke said.

“true body can ignore your Great Array here. Do you think that true body still needs you to lead the way?”

Ye Mo smiled and said: “You just need to help the true body take care of the less patriarch. If something happens, it will crush the jade slip, and the true body will come even if there is something bigger.”

Between talking, Ye Mo handed it directly to a jade slip of cold smoke.

He knows that if he gives this jade slip to Xiao Yue, Xiao Yue may not be alarmed if something happens.

“no problem!”

The cold smoke will collect the jade slip.

Ye Mo did not hesitate, turned and glanced at it, but saw a shadow, standing on the star of the temple of God, and looking at him.

Ye Mo felt a pain in his heart and left.

Next, Ye Mo was planning to settle down the Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, and when the Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable was settled, he set off for the Heavenly Palace.

He asked Cang Tianjun for a three-year leave, but now he has not passed for a year, but it is beyond his expectations.

Return to Heavenly Venerable House, Little Jing, Qiu Nie Xiaoqin and the old drunkard and three soldiers, and come out to meet.

Ye Mo called them into the Heavenly Venerable Hall and said, “My Lady, she was taken away by a certain day, so she won’t go back to Heavenly Venerable. After the true body is gone, Everything in Heavenly Venerable House is handed over to you. Remember, we should not take the initiative to offend others, and don’t be afraid of things.”

“Master, are you going to the Temple of Heaven?”

Lin Qiuer asked.

“Yes, true body’s current cultivation base is almost reaching the bottleneck. If you want further breakthrough, you must go to the Temple of Heaven.”

Ye Mo indifferently said : “With the true body in the Primal Chaos Heaven domain, you will be more comfortable in the Primal Chaos Heaven field.”

“Boss, Shutan is for sure. When the boss was at the banquet, he shocked the soldier, in the Primal Chaos Heaven field, but word of mouth, almost all the gods know.”

Little Jing is very proud, and with such a boss, their days are really good.

“Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, I just got a secret message.”

Nie Xiaoqin suddenly said: “It is said that Tiangong has given a new Primal Chaos Heaven, and this news is expected to be spread soon.”

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