The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5095

Heavenly Venerable, not a genius, is definitely a powerhouse, a true old-fashioned Senior, plus the strength of the Firefly Heavenly Venerable in the past years, absolutely powerful to a very terrifying degree.

Such a powerhouse, they naturally have to make a knot, if they encounter any difficulties in the future, they may be able to find him to help.

Many Heavenly Venerables who don’t know Firefly’s Heavenly Venerable, through word of mouth, know his existence, and each and everyone greets him.

At this time, Ye Mo took the piano to Heavenly Venerable and they also landed.

“It’s Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable !”

With a resounding resounding, many Heavenly Venerable, who turned their eyes and saw Ye Mo, also greeted each other.

However, Heavenly Venerable greeted him, but there was no more Heavenly Venerable.

One is the newly emerging genius. Soon after, it is possible to go to the Heavenly Palace. As for the other, it is the real old powerhouse in the Primal Chaos Heaven domain. The strength is already great accomplishment. Once comprehend reaches the Refining Heaven mood, it also has the opportunity to go. Temple of Heaven.

In contrast, Ye Mo obviously has some disadvantages.

Firefly Heavenly Venerable See Ye Mo, his face is slightly weird, regain his gaze, see the surrounding Heavenly Venerable and deal with him, he is also one after another.

With the passage of time, the Heavenly Venerable gathered in the public square is also more and more, at least three times more than the banquet held by Ye Mo.

It can be imagined that Tianjun’s appeal is still very horrible, not to mention that this time it was ordered by Tiangong.

“You Heavenly Venerable, Primal Chaos Heaven has been waiting in Heavenly Venerable for a long time, you can go in!”

At this time, in the Tianjun government, came out a gray robe old man, looking at all Heavenly Venerable, loudly said.

Many Heavenly Venerables entered the Tianjun House from the door.

Little Jing and Lin Qiuer, seeing this scene, there is some excitement in the heart, this is the real big scene.

Moreover, they are also about to see, the legendary reverse heaven powerhouse.

Soon, a group of Heavenly Venerable, they entered the Tianjun House, came to the martial arts field, all around the martial arts field, there are many Heavenly Soldiers guarding, standing there, like a statue.

In front of the martial arts field, there is a Giant High Platform, which is extremely majestic, and on the high platform, only a throne is placed.

On the left and right sides of the throne, there are several powerhouses, each of which is aura strong, at least seven Heavenly Venerable strengths.

Especially one of the young people, looking around at all Heavenly Venerable, with a calm gaze in the eyes.

Many Heavenly Venerables have paid attention to him. Several other powerhouses, they all know, are the captains of Tianjunfu. They are all well-known captains. Their strength is stronger than the average seven Heavenly Venerable.

As for the youth, they were the first to see, very strange.

“The youth, will not be an expert who will airborne with Tianjun?”

Many Heavenly Venerable, whispered.

They are all able to feel that the youth are not ordinary.

Just when all Heavenly Venerables were gathered in the martial arts field, a form didn’t know when it suddenly appeared and sat directly on the throne.

It is a middle-aged image of a man with a hint of majesty on his face. The Tianjun robes on his body are already proof of his identity.

“See Primal Chaos Heaven!”

All Heavenly Venerables have come to see each other, and the sounds of Heaven and Earth are incomparably shocking.

After tens of thousands of years, the Primal Chaos Heaven field has finally ushered in a new Primal Chaos Heaven, and it is still a powerhouse.

The third Primal Chaos Heaven smiled and waved all the Heavenly Venerables in front of the scene: “Today this Monarch invites you to come, except to familiarize yourself with the situation in the Primal Chaos Heaven domain, and secondly, I want to meet you. You don’t need more gifts!”

“many thanks Primal Chaos Heaven!”

Many Heavenly Venerable once again arched their hands and stood on the side.

“This Monarch listens to the commander, our overall strength of Primal Chaos Heaven is far less than other celestial spheres. For the next development, this Monarch intends to change a little rule, and I want to pick out a Heavenly Venerable from among you. For this Monarch, give Heaven’s command plate, and he will become the spokesperson of this Monarch.”

Primal Chaos Heaven is indifferently said.

His remarks contain a lot of intentions. He has just become Primal Chaos Heaven, and even if he is strong, it is not so easy to control the whole field.

He did this, one is to win over the hearts of the people, the second is to see, what kind of powerhouse is in this Primal Chaos Heaven domain.

Some Heavenly Venerable heard the words of Heavenly Venerable, but it was also secretly shocked. Just taking office, it was a direct play of this trick, which was really powerful.

Moreover, he also directly gave the Tianjun command plate.

“You can vote directly, you can also recommend yourself. In front of this Monarch, you don’t have to be too restrictive. You can have Heavenly Venerable with innate talent.”

Primal Chaos Heaven Jun said with a smile : “You should know what the Tianjun command plate means.”

The words fell, all the Heavenly Venerables in the room were sensational. They thought that the strength of the competition is definitely not as good as the Heavenly Venerable. As for the innate talent, there is no more than Ye Mo.

This time, they can only become spectators.

However, this time there have been a lot of hidden Heavenly Venerable, which may lead to a lot of them.

“Little Jing, Qiuer, this time, you can seize the opportunity!”

Ye Mo said to the two gods behind him: “After a while, the true body will leave the Heavenly Venerable House. Therefore, the development of Heavenly Venerable House depends on you to work hard. This time, it is your chance to show your face!”

Today, Lin Qiuer has been cultivation to five Heavenly Venerable. As for Little Jing, it is four Heavenly Venerable. Among many Heavenly Venerables, the strength can also be ranked in the middle and upper reaches.

It is not impossible to fight for it!

“Boss, so many experts, I can’t!”

Little Jing is playing a retreat directly.

Lin Qiuer turned a blind eye at Little Jing, with a hint of contempt, Little Jing was shocked, immediately patted his chest and said: “Boss, you can rest assured, my wife will not give you face.”

“Master, don’t know how they will pick.”

Lin Qiuer whispered.

“Just look at it and you’ll find out!”

Ye Mo looked towards Primal Chaos Heaven. I always felt that this Primal Chaos Heaven was familiar and seemed to have a feeling of deja vu, but he couldn’t remember it anyway.

“Okay, don’t waste time, what do you recommend, just come on!”

Primal Chaos Heaven Jun martial arts field Noisy, with a wave of sleeves, all the heavens are blown back a few steps.

I saw that at this time, Ye Mo stepped forward and looked towards Primal Chaos Heaven, cup one fist in the other hand. “Tian Jun adults, true body wants to recommend the true body of the discipline, I don’t know, can you?”

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