The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5099

The Taoist in the Temple of Heaven is equivalent to the handyman disciple of the Secular Academy. They can only do some sundries. As long as there is nothing about cultivation, they do it.

Under each Heavenly Throne, there are several Taoist children. Some Taoist children are responsible for cleaning the Tianjun Pavilion. Some Taoist children are responsible for conveying some news to Tianjun.

Dao Tong is in a low and low position in the Temple of Heaven.

Along the way, Ye Mo stood behind the road boy and couldn’t help but ask: “Don’t ask how to call it?”

“Our Taoist children are in Tiangong. There is no name. You only need to call me a Taoist. If you have anything to ask, I can tell you.”

Daotong is replied.

“What can you pay attention to when you take venetian nectar?”

Ye Mo is very curious. In this temple, there is such a particular emphasis on the teacher. You must use venetian dew as tea to worship tea.

There must be a story in it!

“This rule is actually a legend from the Heavenly Palace!”

Daotong indifferently said: “And this legend is about the legend of Dragon Blood.”

It turned out that this Dragon Blood Emperor once received a discipline, and his recipe, he took the tea from the venetian nectar to the Dragon Blood.

Dragon Blood After drinking tea, Emperor Tian is in a good mood and rewards his disciples!

After this incident spread, over time, it became a custom in Tiangong. In the Heavenly Palace, you must go to the venetian nectar.

Listening to Dao Tong’s remarks, Ye Mo is also nodded, and enlightens: “originally is this way.”

“Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, this is the venetian nectar, but it is also very particular.”

Dao Tong continued to explain to Ye Mo: “This venetian nectar is in a waterfall in the louvered bamboo forest. Every day, only five gods are allowed to take it. I am rushing over and should just catch up with the time.”

Ye Mo listened in silence, this temple is still too strange for him, he came here, completely a newcomer.

If you are a god who lives in Tiangong from an early age, I am afraid that this so-called exposure is very well understood.

“When you take it out, you try to do what you can, but don’t lose face to Cang Tianjun.”

The Taoist said, after a while, they came to a bamboo forest.

Two days ago, God came down from the cranes and walked in. After a while, one side of the waterfall appeared in a colorful Profound Light, falling from the top.

On the side of the waterfall, there are three gods waiting patiently, and they are all out of the ordinary.

I want to come here, and most of them are to be exposed.

“Who is this child? Actually wearing the Heavenly Venerable robe of Divine World? Was it just specially recruited? Was it accepted as a discipline by Tianjun?”

“Is it just a Heavenly Venerable? So innate talent?”

Three Gods saw the Taoist boy leading Ye Mo and whispered that they were all gods born and raised in Tiangong. It was naturally amazed to see Ye Mo.

“Dao Tong, who is this child?”

One of the gods came up and asked the Taoist beside Ye Mo.

He is the disciple of Tianfu, called Yang Jian, because in a trial, the performance is outstanding, and he is taken by a Tianjun. This time, he is going to expose the teacher.

As for the other two gods, it is also the Tianfu’s discipline.

“He is Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, should you have heard of it?”

道童said with a slight smile.

“What? Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable? Is he a prominent genius in the war of God? Is it a youth that many Heavenly Kings want to accept?”

“It is said that he has the strength of the seven Heavenly Venerable, which is really powerful. Even if you look at the whole temple, these innate talents can also be ranked first.”

Three gods looked towards Ye Mo, but also showed a surprised expression.


Ye Mo greeted the three gods, and in this palace, one more friend, one more way out.

“Hello there!”

The three gods did not think that Ye Mo was so polite. In their view, geniuses like Ye Mo, who were very proud of their existence, would actually say hello to them.

“Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, I heard that there are many Heavenly Venerables in the Temple of Heaven that want to accept you as a disciple. I don’t know which Tianjun you are a teacher for?”

Yang Jian asked curiously.

“Cang Tianjun!”

Ye Mo replied.

“What? Cang Tianjun?”

Hearing this statement, the faces of the three gods are all unbelievable expressions. This is in the Heavenly Palace, but a high-ranking Tianjun.

They did not expect that Ye Mo actually worshiped Cang Tianjun as the Master.

“Hey, what is Cang Tianjun?”

At this time, a young man slowly came over, holding a folding fan in his hand and being handsome.

Three days God saw the youth, his face changed slightly, this Tianfu enchanting, finally took a look at the Master?

“You are Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable?”

The young man asked.

“Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, he is called Wong Tai Sin, Tianfu’s strongest Elite Disciple. It is said that he has succeeded Refining Heaven. In Tiangong, many Tianjun want to accept it, but he has never been. Decided, now that he is here, I am afraid that he is already a teacher!”

The Taoist boy saw the youth and his face changed. This Wong Tai Sin, in the outer palace, has some notable fame, and can become the strongest Elite Disciple in Tianfu. No matter the strength or the is innate talent, it should not be underestimated.

“Who are you?”

Ye Mo asked, this Huang Daxian, even if the strength is strong? Without actually putting his Master in his eyes, he would naturally not be polite to him.

“Who am I, you will know it later!”

Wong Tai Sin is coldly smiled, so I walked aside and stopped talking.

At this time, an old man did not know when it appeared, and fell on the boulder next to the waterfall. He said: “Since five gods have come, then they will begin to take exposure. As for the rules of dew, true body I will explain it to you again.”

“Every god has only three chances to take out the bamboo leaves that need to use the bamboo forest, and the dew that has been removed three times can be taken away directly.”

Old man said, it was on the bamboo next to it, took off a piece of bamboo leaves, he flew directly to the side of the waterfall, two fingers sandwiched with bamboo leaves, scooped up directly on the waterfall, a little waterfall dew, by him Spoon out.

Ye Mo looked at the dew on the bamboo leaves, and the face was also showing an incredible expression. The bamboo leaves were very soft. As for the waterfall, the impact was terrible. It was difficult to use the bamboo leaf spoon to make the waterfall dew. .

Even, it is possible that one drop can’t be found!

The general god, let alone use bamboo leaves, even if you take a big spoon, it is difficult to channel dew.

“If you can’t do this, you don’t have to apprentice!”

Old man with a big hand, lost five transparent bottles to five gods, loudly: “Who are you starting first?”

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