The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5101

Take the squash Ganlu respect Master, in the Heavenly Palace, there is a saying, that is, do not forget the grace of the rain, even if it becomes Tianjun, it is also Master.

In the Temple of Heaven, how to look at a status of a monarch, but also depends on his disciles, whether there is a discipline of the Tianjun level in the discipline.

Rain dew is the breeding of all things, a truly powerful Tianjun, able to teach a lot of powerful fragments, those disciplines will become a heavenly king, and will teach many disciplines.

This is like rain and dew, with the kindness that breeds everything.

In Tiangong, there are rules that will make people respect.

When Dao Tong took Ye Mo back to Tianjun Pavilion, Cang Tianjun had already sat in the pavilion to reach their level. Meditation was a cultivation, cultivation of his own Heavenly Dao.

When he noticed the movement outside, he was directly out of the state of refinement, and opened his eyes: “disciple, come in!”

Ye Mo enters the attic and sees Cang Tianjun, who is also squatting down and saluting: “disciple meets Master.”


Cang Tianjun said, the Taoist on the side is the tea cup that came to the door and handed it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took the rain dew bottle and poured the venetian syrup into the cup.

Cang Tianjun saw the rain dew bottle and was surprised: “Good young fellow, actually installed 70% venetian nectar, not bad!”

Ye Mo kneelly, respectfully holding the cup with both hands and handing it to Cang Tianjun, saying: “Master, drink tea!”


Cang Tianjun smiled nodded, took the cup with one hand, drank it directly, put the cup on the table on one side, he also said with a smile: “Drinking the venetian nectar, this Monarch officially became your Master, later You are the disciple of my heavenly king.”

“See Master!”

Ye Mo once again cup one fist in the other hand, this time, it is the real Master.

Carefully counted, Ye Mo from the secularcontinent to the present, worshipped a lot of Master, so formal apprentice, is the first time.

The child consciously went out, Cang Tianjun’s face was also dignified a little: “disciple, when you left the Temple, asked this Monarch some things, do you know what?”

“Master, I do know something. I just want to know why the war broke out in that year. Why did Dragon Blood fall? Why is he killed?”

Ye Mo asked a lot of things in a row, and he had no jealousy in front of his Master.

Since he has already worshipped the Master, Cang Tianjun should not hide anything from him.

“Disciple, there are some things that you don’t have to know so clearly, but there is a bit of this Monarch that I want to tell you.”

Cang Tianjun stood up and carried his hands behind his back. He said: “In the Heavenly Palace, it is not as beautiful as imagined, especially in the Heavenly Palace, where the heavenly king, holding the power, has the right, naturally there is a struggle, some Tianjun, in order to Fighting for rights and making some violations of Heavenly Dao, and some Tianjun, for the stability of the Heavenly Palace, also made some violations of Heavenly Dao.”

Between the conversations, Cang Tianjun looked at Ye Mo deeply and said: “All in all, it is extremely complicated. This Monarch accepts you as a disciple. You don’t have any background in it. I hope that you will not be confused by those rights.”

Many gods born with dignitaries have been brainwashed by their fathers very early, and they only have to pursue their own names.

“Right, is it really important? Is it more important than strength?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“Rights are really more important than strength. Because mastering rights is equal to mastering powerful strength. Otherwise, they will fight for fame and fortune. What is the point?”

Cang Tianjun shook his head and said: “In the future, you will know.”

“Yes, Master!”

Ye Mo points nodded.

“Now, you can be regarded as the god of the Heavenly Palace. When you come to the Heavenly Palace, there are some rules, you still have to keep it.”

Cang Tianjun expression is solemn.

“Master, please let me know!”

Ye Mo listened carefully.

This Tiangong is indeed no more than the outside, and there are many rules.

“In the Heavenly Palace, you can’t do it with other disciplines. Once you violate the rules, even this Monarch can’t protect you. This is the most important thing.”

“Secondly, if you go to Divine World in the future, or other places, you must not misbehave, deceive people, and shame the Temple.”

The Temple of Heaven is the center of Divine World, and all the gods have a respect for the Temple of Heaven.

Naturally, the gods of Heaven Palace will be respected no matter where they go.

Of course, they can’t use this identity to deceive people.

“I remember!”

Ye Mo points nodded, he came here, and there is no idea, just want to cultivation as soon as possible to the opposite world.

As long as others don’t come to provoke him, he can’t take the initiative to provoke others.

“This Monarch has given you a three-year holiday. It’s been more than a year since you’ve been back. It’s less than two years from the beginning of the birthday party. This time, this Monarch will personally point you to your cultivation. Mood.”

Cang Tianjun nodded, said: “Dao Tong will take you to the status of the throne.”


Ye Mo nodded, he followed the Taoist to register his identity and put on a new robe.

This time, Ye Mo truly became the god of the Temple of Heaven.

Going to Cang Tianjun again, Cang Tianjun is also satisfied with nodded, saying: “Go, this Monarch takes you to a place!”

With a wave of sleeves, Cang Tianjun rolled up Ye Mo directly and turned it into a green man, flying directly into the distance.

Ye Mo was carried by Cang Tianjun, feeling the speed, the heart was shocked, the powerhouse against the heavens was really unusual, the speed was too fast, and the building in front of him, Hua La was in front of him.

Ye Mo has never felt this speed.

“In the outer palace, in addition to the palace, the most is the cultivation place, everywhere is the cultivation center, there is a place to help integrate the power source, and there is also a place for the comprehend Heavenly Dao. In short, here is the cultivation Holy Land. It’s not the day Divine World can compare.”

Cang Tianjun flew and introduced to Ye Mo: “Of course, if you want to get a perfect cultivation place, you must rely on your own efforts. The so-called Master leads the door, the cultivation is in the individual, in the Temple, all cultivation resources I must rely on my own efforts.”

The battle between disciple, if lost, reported to the Master, the Master will not be out of his own disciples, it is a shameful thing, unless the other party really did something that violates the rules.

Two days ago, God moved toward the south side of the Temple of Heaven and passed over the south gate of the Temple of Heaven. Slowly, at the end of Ye Mo’s line of sight, there was a valley suspended in Void.

The valley, surrounded by the blue and blue rays, is very beautiful.

Here, it is a place in the Temple of Heaven, a place of comprehend, called Xuanqing Glen.

“Here, it’s amazing!”

Ye Mo landed down and looked at the valley in front of him, feeling the Spiritual Qi all around, and couldn’t help but marvel.

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