The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5103

The implication of Wong Tai Sin is that with your innate talent, Divine World may be a slap in the sky, but in the Heavenly Palace, it is not worth mentioning.

Cang Tianjun expression is slightly ugly, this Wong Tai Sin’s innate talent can indeed stand out in Tianfu, and, taking venetian nectar, actually can get 80%.

“Stars Tianjun, Cang Tianjun, are you here?”

It was at this time that a middle-aged man fell with a young man.

The middle-aged man, with a burly body and a huge fire red weight behind him, is very powerful and a heavenly king.

As soon as he appeared, he greeted the two Tianjun directly and greeted him slightly. Obviously, his status was weaker than the two Heavenly Kings.

As for another young man, it is Yang Jian.

“Is it a fire, do you have a crime?”

Xingsu Tianjun saw that Huo Tianjun came with a discipline and could not help but ask.

Generally speaking, Tianjun will personally bring his own disciples to Xuanqing Glen, and choose the Xuanqing boulder cultivation.

“Yes, he achieved excellent results in an assessment of Tianfu, and this Monarch accepted it as a discipline!”

Road fire day Jun nodded, then walked to the front of Cang Tianjun, arched: “Cang Tianjun, congratulations you received a good discipline, my discipline Yang Jian in front of this Monarch, but praised him.”

“Oh? How do you know the discipline of this Monarch?”

Cang Tianjun asked curiously.

“Cang Tianjun, the venetian nectar I took with Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, but witnessed the process of his exposure, terrifying, I have never seen such terrifying control.”

Yang Jian arched his hand and looked toward Ye Mo. His face was also showing his admiration.

In this sentence, I heard that Wong Tai Sin and Stars Heavenly Venerable were unhappy, and took 70% venetian nectar. What can be boasted?

“Only 70%!”

Wong Tai Sin did not agree.

“Wong Tai Sin, you took 80% venetian nectar, it is really very powerful, but in front of Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, it is nothing, he only took one time, he got 70% venetian dew.”

When Yang Jian’s words fell, all the gods’ faces suddenly changed. Once they took one, they took 70% of the venetian dew. How is this possible?

“what did you say?”

Stars Tianjun thought that he had got it wrong, and he did not believe it.

“Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, he took the venetian dew once and got 70%.”

Yang Jian said: “Of course, you don’t believe it is normal. After all, if you don’t see it with your own eyes, no god will believe that God can get 70% venetian dew at one time.”


Wong Tai Sin slammed and his eyes sparkled incredulously: “How can I get 70% of Herba nectar in one go, really powerful control?”

At one time, 70% was taken, and it has not happened in the history of the entire temple!

“disciple, have you taken it only once?”

Cang Tianjun is also unable to withstand the excitement of the heart, directly ask Ye Mo.

“I am afraid that you are proud, take it once!”

Ye Mo shrugged helplessly.

“You bastard, what is afraid of this Monarch pride, in the Heavenly Palace, there is an innate talent to be displayed, so as not to be looked down upon by some gods.”

Cang Tianjun screamed, and the light was looked at towards the stars, and his face was full of pride.

I saw that the star of Tianjun was so bright that he smiled and smiled. He found a reason directly. With Huang Daxian, he left the Xuanqing Valley.

Today, his face is completely lost.

“Stars, how do you go? We are not going to talk?”

Cang Tianjun saw the starry Tianjun sneak away, could not help but shouted, my heart is very happy, his discipline, today can be said to really give him a long face once, very cool.

He has never been so cool for so many years!

On the way, Wong Tai Sin’s face was ugly, and brace oneself said: “Master, I’m shameful…..”

Stars and stars seem to have slowed down and said: “disciple, you don’t have to say more, this Monarch doesn’t blame you, and this Monarch doesn’t think that you are not as good as Ye Mo.”

“Disciple, you have to understand that in the Temple of Heaven, the decision of a god status is always innate talent and strength.”

Xingsu Tianjun seems to be worried that Wong Tai Sin has been hit by this incident. He said: “That Ye Mo can get 70% Herbs, you really think that there is such a control of the gods under this day? He must use some kind of magical Treasure, or what, seize every opportunity, only to achieve this result, in fact, he embarked on a road, without real strength and innate talent, it is difficult to establish a foothold in the Temple.”

When Stars and Heavens want to go and think about it, they feel that this is something unbelievable, or that it is impossible to do it by their own means.

If Ye Mo really has that strength, why only take it once, he is absolutely afraid of Tianjun detection.

Once this matter is overwhelming, it will definitely shock the entire Tiangong.

Hear this, Wong Tai Sin is relaxed inside, I want to come, Ye Mo will only seize every opportunity.

“Ye Mo, only a few seize every opportunity, can not be a climate, in the future, I will let you know what is called a true genius.”

Huang Daxian smiled secretly.

“Da Xian, you don’t want to worry about anything with Ye Mo. What you have to do is to work hard to cultivate and fight for the early breakthrough. So, not only Ye Mo, all the gods will be left behind by you.”

Stars Tianjun once again reminded.

“many thanks Master!”

Wong Tai Sin arched the hand, indeed, only the real breakthrough through the heavens, is the king, as for the rest, all are clouds.

Xuanqing Valley!

“Disciple, and not proud, understand?”

Although Cang Tianjun said this, but his eyes are full of pride, I can’t wait for Ye Mo to give him a long face several times!


Ye Mo nodded, you old man, really proud!

Several Tianjun confessed to the discipline and also left directly.

Ye Mo saw the Master leaving, and when he was in the heart, he couldn’t help but ask: “Thousands of Senior Brothers, that starry Tianjun, seems to be very powerful.”

“He is not so powerful, he is one of the Eight Heavenly Kings in the outer palace.”

Thousands of feathers said: “Your Master and my Master are also the Eight Great Heavens. They can be one of the Eight Great Heavens. They are all Rank 4. They are unfathomable. However, I have never seen him.”

“originally is this way !”

Ye Mo secretly nodded, Rank 4, is really very powerful, I don’t know when he really breaks through the heavens, will he choose a few orders of Heavenly Dao?

However, it is too far away to think about this matter now. With his current strength, let alone a few orders of Heavenly Dao, even if it is Rank 1 Heavenly Dao, he will die.

“Ye Mo, since the uncle Shi gave you to us, then I will introduce you to you. Here is the Xuanqing Valley. Every incoming discipline can choose a piece of blackstone as its own cultivation meteorite for cultivation. Mood!”

Thousands of feathers said that they took Ye Mo into the depths of the valley and found that there were quite a few disciples inside. They were all sitting on the Xuanqing boulder and closed their cultivation.

Visually, at least there are more than fifty disciplines.

“Go, I will take you to the Stone Forest to pick your own mysterious boulder!”

Thousands of feathers whispered, with Ye Mo, passing these disciplines and heading in the other direction.

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