The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5104

The huge stone forest is a stone forest in the mysterious valley. There are a lot of black and white boulder in different shapes. It absorbs the mysterious energy in the valley and evolves a boulder capable of cultivation.

As long as you enter the discipline of Xuanqing Glen, you can pick a piece of black cultivating cultivation until the breakthrough is reversed, and the boulder will be put back into the megalith.

As long as there is no breakthrough, the boulder, once selected, no god is not qualified to snatch.

Thousands of feathers took Ye Mo, and they came directly to the huge stone forest. Ye Mo looked at a large piece of strange stone in front of him and was secretly surprised.

“Ye Mo, there are all kinds of mysterious boulder, you can choose one directly, as a meteorite for your future cultivation.”

Thousands of feathers pointed at the boulder forest in front of them, indifferently said: “Of course, the Xuanqing boulder is not able to be picked casually. You must use your own mind to communicate and choose your own boulder.”

“What is the difference between these huge stones?”

Ye Mo’s eyes swept, and the boulder here had no more than a thousand pieces.

“Of course, every boulder has different concepts. The Xuanqing boulder that I have chosen is called the mortal stone. This boulder can let me enter the world of mortals, and feel the mortal world warm and warm, to temper my own state of mind. “”

Thousands of feathers said: “However, the boulder I have chosen is nothing. There are a lot of boulder in it. The former Tianjun used it to pick it. For example, the Xuanqing boulder that your Master used to cultivation is the one. Heavenly stone!”

Ye Mo looked at the past by the thousand feathers. There, there is indeed a huge stone, squarely squared and engraved with the words “Tian Shishi”.

“As long as the name is carved on the boulder, it was all selected by the Seniors. Look at the boulder.”

Thousands of feathers pointed to a huge stone.


Ye Mo was shocked and said: “Is it the black stone that was once the stone of the cultivation of the Emperor?”

“Yes, the Xuanqing boulder is also the Xuanqing boulder known as the first stone slate. After all is the boulder of the emperor of the emperor, but unfortunately, many geniuses want to communicate the boulder, but it fails.”

Thousands of feathers could not help but say: “Don’t say it is the East Emperor Stone, even your Master’s Heavenly Stone, there is no discipline to communicate.”

Among the megalithic forests, some of the megaliths have been cultivated by the seniors. Many of them are very powerful, but it is very difficult to communicate.

Of course, there is also a mysterious boulder that has not been communicated by the gods. As for its formidable power, no one knows.

“You can communicate carefully. Generally, you can communicate with any boulder. You can see the creation of the gods. Moreover, the Xuanqing boulder has its own temper. Once it is communicated to the Xuanqing boulder that you cannot control, you may encounter backlash.”

Thousands of feathers finally reminded me.

If you fall, Ye Mo can’t help but poke a deep breath.

It seems that it is not so easy to choose the Xuanqing boulder. Moreover, these mysterious megaliths have strong and weak, powerful boulder, cultivation, and certainly like a tiger that has grown wings.

However, you must communicate the boulder that you can control. Otherwise, there is no good consequence.


Ye Mo point nodded, eyes swept, those boulder, because of the absorption of the mysterious energy all year round, the whole body azure, emitting azure ripple, in addition to the shape is somewhat different, the other is no difference at all.

Which one should I choose?

Ye Mo’s face is dignified, picking a boulder, and definitely picking a bit more, it’s all about his future cultivation speed.

Although the gods have enough cultivation time, the sooner the cultivation proceeds to the point of rebellion, the sooner they can enjoy more natural resources.

So, no matter what, he will not pick too bad a rock this time.

No one would have thought of what would happen in the future. Only with strong strength can they protect themselves.

“Thousands of feathers, the black marble you chose, are the ones that Senior has chosen before?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“Shi Lei and Chen Xing’s selection of the Xuanqing boulder are selected by the Seniors. As for my mortal stone, I chose it from thousands of boulder.”

Thousands of feathers said: “generally speaking, if a brand new black and white boulder is born, the Valley Lord of the Dark Green Valley will come in person, check the stone, and be included in the megalithic list.”

The list, in the Tiangong, is a very important data, many things, there are lists.

Once there is a list, there is tremendous competitiveness.

“This Xuanqing boulder also has a list?”

Ye Mo’s eyes squinted and couldn’t help but marvel. It seems that all the powerful black and white stones are recorded in the list.

“Of course, Tiangong has a lot of lists, and any genius is honored by the list.”

Thousands of feathers said: “This Donghuangshi is currently listed in the first stone list. Since the completion of the Eastern Emperor’s cultivation, there has never been a god, able to control it. As for the second place, it is the Dragon Blood stone, which is the dragon emperor. Heaven and Earth The boulder that has been cultivated. As for the other lists, you can look at the stone, listed one after another.”

“However, I want to remind you that the boulder on the list may not be the best for you.”

Millennials continue to add, he used to find some megalithic communication on the list, almost encountered backlash, and eventually he communicated a nameless boulder.

Finally, the mortal stone appeared, Valley Lord also included mortal stone in the list, ranked 205, although the ranking is not very close, but it is his own communication.

Ye Mo looked at a stone monument at the entrance to the Stone Forest. It did list a lot of mysterious boulder.

The ranking of the boulder is recorded above. The boulder was the first to be communicated by whom, and then, who is in charge of cultivation.

Moreover, the most shocking thing is that the top ten boulders have never been controlled by the gods.

“Then let me try it!”

Ye Mo was deeply exhaled and went straight into the huge stone forest. Ye Mo’s eyes swept away, and instantly locked the top ten boulder in the top ten, using the mind, one after another to sweep away.

“This little fellow, the appetite is not small!”

An old man hidden in the depths of the huge stone forest, watching Ye Mo, could not help but secretly, when he came in, he directly locked the top ten Xuanqing boulder.

This kind of appetite is indeed not small.

Of course, all the geniuses who think they are innate talent out of the ordinary will try the top ten boulder.

However, in the end, they all know how difficult it is to retreat. You must know that the top ten megaliths are all communicated by the famous great figures in the Temple of Heaven, but they are not controlled by the general gods.

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