The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5105

Ye Mo spurred the mind, and went on the top of the ten boulders. He was able to enter the space of the boulder with no difficulty, only to find that the space was not suitable for himself.

Especially the Donghuangshi, once entered, there was a strong, shocking, and he directly bounced out.

These mysterious megaliths, if forced to communicate and control, may backlash to themselves.

Instead of this, it is better to communicate with other megaliths. Among the huge stone forests, there are countless megaliths, and thousands of feathers can communicate with their own boulders. Why can’t they?

Thinking of this, Ye Mo sat down, both eyes slightly closed, calmly felt, began to communicate with the boulder in the huge stone forest.

Soon, he found that there was a huge stone in it, which caused a kind of fluctuation and he felt each other.

Ye Mo did not hesitate to lock the boulder, and God thought directly into it. Immediately, he felt himself in another space.

This space, only Heaven and Earth, nothing, the sky is also the kind of gray color, as for the ground, it is the sky yellow sand.

In this space, Ye Mo suddenly felt a great Desolate aura, as if this Heaven and Earth was the initial state of Great Desolate.

“This space is strange, I seem to find that in this space, I can sense the aura of Great Desolate.”

Ye Mo was secretly surprised. The space of this boulder is indeed very strange. He has a hunch that if he is cultivating, he will not only be able to upgrade Heavenly Dao, but even tempering the Great Desolate aura.

This mysterious boulder is definitely the best for him.

However, it is not so easy to really control this space. If you want to really get this mysterious boulder, you will have to master it and refining this space.

This mysterious boulder is probably not explored by the gods.

Thinking of this, he continued to use his own thoughts and penetrated into this Heaven and Earth. Fortunately, he has reached the Refining Heaven mood, and his mind is strong enough. It is not difficult to explore this space.

However, what amazes him is the power of is Heavenly Dao, which can evolve this boulder, and there are various spaces in the boulder.

He continued to explore….

Hong long long !

In the nothingness of Heaven and Earth, the endless Great Desolate, the powerful aura, turned into a path of ripple, screaming in the empty Heaven and Earth.

A runes appeared, it was a day runes.

At this time, Ye Mo finally understood that it was this Heaven and Earth that had Heavenly Dao.

Later, the rune of Heavenly Dao turned into a stream of a path of, constantly bombarding Ye Mo, and seemed to drive Ye Mo out of the space.

Ye Mo knows that the real test is coming. As long as he can withstand these Heavenly Dao attacks, this space will not be rejected, and he will really control this Great Desolate space.

Bang bang!

Those streamers, gathered together, turned into torrents, hiding the sky and covering the earth’s blast to Ye Mo, constantly oscillating.

For a long time, Ye Mo felt that the Sea of ​​Conscioussness began to fluctuate. Those divine glows were too terrifying, and they were not something that the gods could bear.

If you don’t reach the Refining Heaven mood, God will immediately pop this space.

Hong long long !

Ye Mo took a long time, the day runes, actually once again condensed a path of lightning, stunned, directly flashed down, and continued to beat Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s Sea of ​​Conscioussness is starting to fluctuate again. Sea of ​​Conscioussness is very important to them. Once the shock is so intense that it hurts the source, it is really troublesome.

“A good attack!”

Ye Mo sighed and directly spurred the Heavenly Dao dragon, rolling in the Sea of ​​Conscioussness, constantly resisting.

Soon, the time of a musk will pass.

Ye Mo sits in the boulder forest, his eyes are slightly closed, and his face shows a painful expression.

Qian Yu saw Ye Mo has not been moving, could not help but walked over, seeing his expression pain, is also frowned.

“A moment of fragrant, is Ye Mo still not finished? Isn’t he trapped in the space of the Xuanqing boulder? This is not a great event.”

Thousands of feathers changed slightly and entered the Xuanqing boulder. Under normal circumstances, if they are unable to control, they will be directly popped up in the boulder space.

However, it is not impossible to be trapped in the boulder space.

Once, there was a genius who wanted to control the emperor’s megalith. As a result, he was trapped by the emperor’s huge stone. Finally, he had to ask several Tianjun to take it out and pulled it out of the emperor’s boulder.

Of course, Ye Mo is not trapped, but is constantly under attack by Heavenly Dao.

He can feel that the space of his own communication is absolutely out of the ordinary. Can the space of tempering Great Desolate be ordinary?

I am afraid that even the East Emperor Boulders may not have this effect.

The more powerful the boulder, the more you want to really control, the nature is not so easy.

Of course, Ye Mo can’t just give up like this. He must control this mysterious boulder.

In the future, with this boulder cultivation, it must be a thousand miles, not only to enhance Heavenly Dao, but also to tempering the power of rebellion.

“Valley Lord, I still look forward to shooting, he may be trapped into the boulder space!”

Thousands of feathers felt bad, and they snorted. He knew that the Valley Lord of Xuanqing Glen was here.

“Let’s watch again. If the situation is in crisis, I won’t be late!”

An old voice came from him, and he could feel that Ye Mo was in control of a brand new black and white boulder, and it was not weak.

Once success is in control, perhaps, in the top 100 of the stone list, there may be a piece of mysterious boulder.

Of course, all of this depends on the next performance of Ye Mo.

At this moment, Ye Mo also reached a very dangerous state, and Heavenly Dao became more and more horrible. It turned into a fire, turned into a Fireball for each and everyone, and suddenly went to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo continues to bear and is completely angry. Instead of passively accepting it, it is better to fight back directly. His body moves and his mind directly turns into a giant dragon, screaming at Heaven and Earth as if he had a fight with Heaven and Earth. Imposing manner.

Those skyfires were actually shunned by the power of the giant dragon, and no matter what attacks were carried out in those days, it was useless.

In the end, Heaven and Earth began to calm down, and those days runes disappeared, no longer attacking Ye Mo’s mind, Ye Mo completely mastered the space.


At this time, Ye Mo also opened his eyes fiercely. The whole body was weak, his hands were on the ground, and his mouth was wide and gasping. The consumption of God was too horrible.

If he does not resist in time, he may be able to make room.

“Ye Mo, you? Are you successful?”

A thousand feathers on the side, seeing Ye Mo wake up, the color of worry disappeared instantly, and it turned into a deep shock.

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