The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5106

Xuan Qing Valley Lord saw this scene, he was originally scheduled to be shot, is also relaxed, in the current situation, Ye Mo is mostly success.

However, Ye Mo communicated with what Xuanqing Boulders, he is not clear.

“hu, success!”

Ye Mo breathed, and the gods consumed too much, causing him to be unable to spirally recover recovers.

Although the Eternal Realm’s powerhouse is the most important thing, the Sea of ​​Conscioussness is equally important.

Once the Sea of ​​Conscioussness is broken, it must be re-aggregated and re-cultivation from the Prying Heaven mood. It is very troublesome and takes a lot of time.

“Ye Mo, your success in communicating with the mysterious boulder? Is that huge stone?”

Qian Yu curiously asked.

“come out!”

Ye Mo waved his hand, and among the huge stone forests, an oval boulder rose from the ground and flew directly to float in front of him.

Ye Mo stroked this boulder and couldn’t help but wonder: “I don’t know the extent of this mysterious boulder that I have mastered!”

At this time, an old man wearing an azure robes also appeared. He licked a white beard, said with a smile: “Ye Mo, congratulations on success. Mastered a brand new black boulder, as a mysterious Valley Lord, very pleased. Now, the old man will help you detect the formidable power of this boulder.”

Communicate to the new Xuanqing boulder, which means that there will be an extravagant boulder in the list of giant stones.

“it is good!”

Ye Mo points nodded, the opponent is actually the Valley Lord of the mysterious valley, should be able to help him detect its formidable power.

Xuanqing Valley Lord reached out to the palm of his hand and placed it on the boulder. His thoughts permeated. His face changed slightly and finally returned to normal. He said: “Your mysterious boulder, formidable power is not weak, and it ranks first in the megalith list. ,how is it?”

“What? Only one hundred?”

Ye Mo felt incredible. He clearly felt that the boulder he mastered was not ordinary. There were only one hundred. Could it be that the top 100 was even worse?

“Do you still have to insist that the old man’s judgment is not successful? Moreover, this is the mysterious megalith that you feel, and what ranks are second. In the future, you can only cultivation on this boulder, and you will engrave one on this boulder. Name it.”

Xuan Qing Valley Lord said.

Hearing this, Ye Mo also felt that there is some truth. Anyway, he knows that this black and white boulder is not weak, but not to be tempering Great Desolate aura.

For him, being able to tempering Great Desolate aura is not bad.

“That is called Mo Shi!”

Ye Mo took a name from one of his own names.

“Mo Shi, very good!”

Xuan Qing Valley Lord waved his arm and a ripple on the stone tablet. At the end of the day, there was an extra ranking on the stone tablet.

Rank first 100: Mo Shi, the master, Ye Mo!

Later, he directly sketched the two characters “Mo Shi” on the boulder.

“Now, you can take this boulder and leave the huge stone forest, you can cultivate in the mysterious valley, but the Xuanqing boulder can not bring out the canyon.”

The Valley Lord reminded me.


Ye Mo directly put “Mo Shi” on his shoulders and returned to the valley just now, putting “Mo Shi” on the side of the mortal stone.

At this time, Shi Lei and Chen Xing were also waking up from the cultivation.

“Ye Mo, have you picked your own stone?”

Shi Lei looked at Ye Mo’s boulder and engraved with the word “Mo Shi”. He couldn’t help but be surprised: “Mo Shi? What kind of stone is this? Looks like the list, there is no such a huge stone!”

“This is a new mysterious boulder that Ye Mo communicates. It is now ranked first in the ranking by the Valley Lord.”

Thousands of feathers said.

“What? First hundred?”

At this moment, Shi Lei is completely convinced about Ye Mo, and has a feeling of prostrate oneself in admiration.

The Xuanqing boulder that he communicated with is still a boulder that has been controlled by others, and more than one god is in control, called the fighting stone, but the ranking is very backward.

Even Chen Xing, the prostrate oneself in admiration that Ye Mo admire, is worthy of being a genius with outstanding performance in God. It is so powerful. This control of the boulder can also indirectly explain some problems. That is to repair the Refining Heaven. They are also stronger than them.

Moreover, the Xuanqing boulder controlled by Ye Mo is stronger than theirs. The speed of repairing the Heaven Road is faster than them. The stronger the powerhouse is, the reason is.

“It’s a man who has been collected as a discipline by the world!”

Shi Lei secretly marveled.

“Well, I am going to cultivation now, feel the effect of this Mo Shi.”

Ye Mo didn’t waste his tongue, floated directly on Mo Shi and started cultivation.

Ye Mo’s thoughts once again entered Mo Shi. At this moment, the space of this Great Desolate no longer repels Ye Mo. Ye Mo’s mind is in it and begins to cultivate.

At the same time, Ye Mo secretly integrated the power of rebellion into the mind of God, entered the space of Mo Shi, and began cultivation.

Sure enough, the Great Desolate aura in this space began to continually tempering, making the Great Desolate aura stronger and stronger.

At this time, Xuan Qing Valley Lord secretly left the Xuanqing Valley, entered the inner palace, through the layers of notification, he entered a huge palace.

Ling Tiandian!

This great hall is the most solemn and magnificent hall of the inner palace, and is the great hall of the inner heaven palace.

Only now, this great hall is empty!

Xuan Qing Valley Lord entered the great hall, one knee and the ground: “See the right heaven!”

“What is it?”

A majestic voice is passed on, and the voice contains the ultimate majesty.

“Today, the Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, communicated with a brand new black and white boulder, the old man explored and found that the space seems to contain the Great Desolate aura, and the space is not weak.”

Xuan Qing Valley Lord said: “If you really want to rank, I am afraid it can be ranked first in the Stone List.”

Even without the Great Desolate aura, Mo Shi was able to rank among the top ten in the Stone List, plus the Great Desolate aura, which completely surpassed the East Emperor.

“What? Is there such a huge boulder?”

The majestic voice was shocked.

The boulder with Great Desolate aura is absolutely incredible, and there is never such a boulder, it has such a miraculous effect.

Nowadays, it is actually mastered by a fledgling young fellow.

Moreover, the birth of this boulder is likely to prove that the power of Great Desolate will be born.

At that time, the three owners of the four Great Desolate forces were all died, and the power of Great Desolate was broken. Sooner or later, the power of Great Desolate will be born again.

And this day, finally is coming.

Of course, they can’t think of it anyway, Ye Mo itself is the owner of the power of Great Desolate.

After all, only the real anti-world powerhouse can surrender the power of Great Desolate.

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