The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5108

When Wong Tai Sin saw that the black marble that Ye Mo communicated was only in the 100th place, he really understood that his Master was right. Ye Mo could reveal it once and reach 70%. Some kind of magical treasure, he does not have that kind of strength.

Today, this communication of boulder shows everything.

Although Ye Mo has mastered a brand new Xuanqing boulder, but the ranking is in the list of one hundred, as for the Huangquan stone he masters, it is ranked tenth nine.

One hundred and nineteen, the gap is not a little bit two.

“Junior Brother, you can communicate with Huang Quanshi, which is enough to show that your innate talent is amazing. I am afraid that your innate talent is even stronger than Eldest Senior Brother!”

Jiang Qing’s faint said with a smile.

Over the years, there has been no shortage of apprentices, but there are almost no ones who can communicate with the top 20.

Wong Tai Sin is able to communicate with the nine-ranked Huang Quanshi, which is enough to disappoint all peers’ disciples.

“Jiangsu Senior Brother is so much praised, how can I mention the same terms with Eldest Senior Brother?”

The words of Wong Tai Sin are so, and there is no disguise in expression.

Mastering the ranking of Tenth Nine, the Xuanqing boulder is enough to brag about life and can be his master’s talk in the future.


Thousands of Shi Lei and Chen Xing, when they heard the news, were shocked. They did not expect that this Wong Tai Sin was so terrible that it could reach this level.

Several gods smiled and went to another cultivation.

Among the mysterious valleys, there are quite a few canyons, and some recognized disciplines will choose cultivation together.

Looking at their backs, the faces of Qian Yu, Shi Lei and Chen Xing are not very good looking.

This time, Wong Tai Sin is afraid to really glory for the Stars.

“Ye Mo, let’s take a good cultivation. Otherwise, we really have to be pulled down by other disciplines.”

Thousands of feathers said: “After a long time, it is a birthday feast without the beginning of the king. At that time, many Tianjun will go with their own disciples, and we can no longer let our Master lose face.”

“How to say?”

Ye Mo is a bit puzzled.

“The banquet of the beginning of the king, it is a gathering of Heavenly Kings, those Heavenly Kings, get together, what can you do? Isn’t it more innate talent than who’s the identification?”

Thousands of feathers said: “The uncle did not receive the discipline before, naturally there is nothing. Now I have received the discipline. Absolutely many Tianjun will compare their own differences with you.”

“The old fellow, it’s really free!”

Ye Mo shook his head with a smile, I am afraid, those cultivation bases of Tianjun have reached the extreme, or the cultivation base is difficult to upgrade, and only the cultivation of the discipline can be used for recreation.

“Now, the boulder you master is far less than that of Wong Tai Sin, Wong Tai Sin and you are almost at the same time, and the Star King will definitely compare this matter.”

Thousands of feathers continue to say.

“Compared to it, the ranking is not as good as others. How can I do it? I can only beat them in other places.”

Ye Mo is very open, and the Xuanqing boulder that he communicates is not as good as Wong Tai Sin on the list, so he can only work hard in other places.

For the list, he actually looks very open, and that Mo Shi, for him, has a huge help.

Although his innate talent is tough, but here is the Tiangong, the place where the real enchanting gathers, stronger than his innate talent, and definitely not.

What he has to do now is to work hard to cultivate, and to strive for further progress before the beginning of the feast.

No matter how you compare, strength is the last word.

Cang Tianjun does not want to lose face, he also does not want to lose to the gods of his peers, especially Wong Tai Sin, really to the birthday feast of the beginning of the king, he has the confidence to defeat it.

“The strength of Wong Tai Sin can be out of the ordinary. Look at him, at least to the extent of Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation.”

Thousands of feathers shook their heads and were able to move from Tianfu cultivation to this level.

In his opinion, Ye Mo is afraid that Refining Heaven is not, Huatian and Refining Heaven, although it is only a step away, the general god, want to cross this bottleneck, it is very difficult.

“Ye Mo, you still try to cultivate, and fight for Refining Heaven. But how long have you been cultivation? If you want Refining Heaven, you can’t breakthrough without a decade of time.”

Thousands of feathers said, no longer talked, continue to cultivate.

As for Shi Lei and Chen Xing, they also said that if they encouraged, they would continue to develop.

“I didn’t show Heavenly Dao right now, I’m afraid they don’t know that I’ve already broken through Refining Heaven, and I also cultivated to Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation.”

Ye Mo moved quietly. Next, he was once again immersed in the cultivation. Now, he cultivated to the Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation and continued the cultivation. It only felt that it really slowed down.

Even in the cultivation of Mo Shi, its speed is not going anywhere!

In a month’s time, I rushed past.

At this time, a Taoist girl flew over the sky crane and fell to the front of the four gods.

“Thousands of feathers, Shi Lei and Chen Xing, Huang Tianjun have a life, let you quickly go to Tianjun Pavilion.”

The child said directly.

“What? Master has a life? What happened? Could it be that there is no task?”

The three gods are all very surprised.

“Then I won’t be clear.”

The child shook his head and turned his eyes to Ye Mo. He said, “You are Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable? Cang Tianjun also lets you go together.”

Four days God sees the Taoist expression anxious, and did not hesitate, it is directly left, leaving four Xuanqing boulder.

These four black sapphire stones are placed here, and there will be no gods coming. There are clear rules in the sky, and no god can cultivation on other megaliths controlled by the gods.

“Dao Tong, is it something?”

Shi Lei could not help but ask.

He seems to feel that there should be a major event, otherwise his Master can’t be so anxious to summon them.

“I don’t know this. It should be something happened. I heard that your Master has called many ombudsmen.”

Dao Tong said.


Three gods are shocked. His Master will call the ombudsman, and it is definitely what a major event has happened.

“What is the Ombudsman?”

Ye Mo curiously asked.

“Ye Mo, my master Huang Tianjun, he is the leader of the supervision, has a great power, has the right to investigate everything, and in Divine World, many cases of unknown causes, or unknown mysteries, will send an ombudsman to investigate. This time, I am afraid I have encountered a major event.”

Thousands of feathers said.

Four Heavens also stopped the time and speeded up. It directly opened the Taoist boy and flew to Huang Tianjun’s attic.

Soon, the four gods came to the front of a pavilion, but a Taoist child came out and said: “Shi Lei, take them with you and go directly to the supervision court.”

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