The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5109

The Supervisory Academy is the military center of the Inner Heaven Palace. The general gods can’t go in. Even some Heavenly Kings will be blocked if they are not allowed.

However, Shi Lei is Huang Tianjun’s big discipline, or his messenger, who has Huang Tianjun’s command plate in his hand, and can naturally enter the supervision court with no difficulty.

This time, absolutely what happened to the major event, Huang Tianjun rarely came to the hospital.

“Let’s go, let’s go to the hospital!”

Shi Lei said:


Four gods once again shuttled through the sea of ​​clouds. After a while, they entered the scope of the Inner Heavenly Palace and landed. At the end of the line of sight, they saw the three characters of the “Inspection Institute.”

Moving on, Ye Mo saw a huge yard, the yard all around, is a row of tall palaces.

“Let’s go in!”

Shi Lei took out the command plate, and with no difficulty, he entered the supervision center.

In the hospital, a large number of supervisors have been gathered, wearing uniform service, standing neatly, and visually testing the past, with more than one hundred.

“A lot of powerhouses seem to be seven cultivation foundations of Heavenly Venerable.”

Just as Ye Mo was amazed, a middle-aged man came over. He was the only one of these monitors who was wearing a different service. He was the supervisor of the supervisor and had the right to command these supervisors.

Being able to become an ombudsman basically reaches the level of Refining Heaven 7 Tribulation!

“Shi Lei, you are finally here!”

The middle-aged man walked over and communicated with Shi Lei.

“what happened?”

Shi Lei asked directly, obviously, the seriousness of the matter has completely exceeded their imagination.

“I don’t know, I also received the order of Huang Tianjun, and I gathered the supervisors, gathered here, waiting for the order.”

The middle-aged man said, his eyes shifted and found Ye Mo, and he couldn’t help but wonder: “Is this the fourth disciple that Huang Tianjun received?”

“Then you guessed it wrong!”

Thousand feathers started talking: “He is called Ye Mo, the name you may be strange, but he also has a title called Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable.”

Speaking of Ye Mo, naturally there are not many gods who have heard of it, but when it comes to Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, it is naturally like thunder piercing the ear.

You must know that the god war that destroyed the battlefield, but many gods are concerned, if it is not Ye Mo, the day of Divine World, it is really worth losing face.

It can be said that Ye Mo helped them pull back a layer and let them lose some dignity.

This ombudsman naturally recognizes Ye Mo.

“It turned out to be Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable. It is said that you have been accepted as a discipline by Cang Tianjun. Congratulations, I am the Ombudsman of the Omiya Ombudsman, called Zhu Kun.”

The middle-aged man took the initiative to say hello to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo also responded with a smile: “Fortunately, I will be lucky!”

“Okay, let’s not waste time here, let’s go ahead, Huang Tianjun should have arrived!”


Then, the five-day god went into the palace of the center of the supervision center.

Among the palaces, there is a huge hall of deliberation, with many seats on both sides, and they are all filled with gods.

“Who are those people?”

Ye Mo curiously asked.

“They are all ombudsmen. However, they don’t care about anything. They usually hold meetings, they will appear, and they will come up with ideas. Their strengths can be determined by the degree of Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation.”

Thousands of feathers whispered.

When he comes here, he has to behave well. Many of the ombudsmen here are Old Antiques, because there is no confidence in the Church Deva Path, and they have been staying at the Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation.

Many Old Antiques are a lot older than Huang Tianjun Cang Tianjun.

With the arrival of Zhu Kun, Ye Mo and other gods, the three daoist silhouette also appeared. Their appearance, all the ombudsmen, all stood up.

One of the gods is Cang Tianjun. As for the other two, Ye Mo has not seen it.

“Who are the two heavenly kings?”

Ye Mo whispered.

“In the yellow robe, it is my Master, which is your Master’s Junior Brother, Huang Tianjun. As for wearing the azure clothes, it is my Master’s Junior Brother, Qingtianjun.”

Thousands of feathers are replied: “They are three of them, the most famous of the three fellows apprentices in the Temple of Heaven, Qingtian, Huangtian and Heaven.”

In fact, these three Heavenly Kings have mastered many rights, but Qingtian and Heaven rarely use their rights.

Huang Tianjun, there is no way, in his position, there are things that have to be done.

Huang Tianjun was sitting directly on the throne at the top of the great hall. As for Cang Tianjun and Qing Tianjun, he was sitting next to him.

“You, today, convene you to come because of the eternal era, something strange happened, and these strange things have seriously affected the normal operation of the eternal era.”

Huang Tianjun said.

As soon as his words fell, many ombudsmen talked about it and wondered what was going on.

“According to the information transmitted by the Heavenly Dao ball, there are many eternal epochs that have not passed on the power of life. That is to say, the operation of the eternal era has already had problems, and Xingyu is no longer shattered.”

When Huang Tianjun’s words fell, the entire great hall was sensational.

Xingyu is no longer shattered, which means that the Heavenly Dao of the eternal era has problems and must be repaired in time.

It is no longer shattered, which means that the power of living will be less and less. It is important to know that the power of living is very important to Tiangong.

However, there is a problem with Heavenly Dao, and it is not a major event. In the whole film of Heaven and Earth, there are tens of thousands of eternal eras, one or two eternal era Heavenly Dao problems, very normal, normal repair can be.

“Huang Tianjun, this kind of thing, shouldn’t it be necessary to call us over?”

“Yes, and, repairing Heavenly Dao is not our business.”

“You don’t bother, Huang Tianjun must have any major event, it is impossible to just be this problem!”

Many ombudsmen have said one after another.

Indeed, if there were problems with individual eternal eras, such as the eternal era in which Ye Mo was, Heavenly Dao was polluted by evil, and although a Heavenly Venerable could fix it.

There is no need to alarm them at all.

“The Heavenly Dao of these eternal eras had problems. At first, the Heavenly Palace did not care. However, as time passed, the eternal era of Heavenly Dao’s problems became more and more, and almost every month, there would be many The Eternal Era has gone wrong. Today, the eternal era of Heavenly Dao’s problems has reached more than a thousand.”

Hua la !

In the moment when Huang Tianjun said this sentence, the whole piece of great hall broke out with a shocking sound.

There are more than a thousand eternal epochs of Heavenly Dao, which is too horrible.

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