The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5111

Mixed black, very incomparable!

The star of the eternal era is no longer like Xingyu, because the normal stars are all blue, and there are Xingyu particles everywhere.

Today, this piece of star, but the empty pitch-black, a lot of Xingyu particles, there is no gas field.

Moreover, they can clearly see that the day Runes of the eternal era has suffered serious damage and has been unable to maintain the normal operation of the eternal era. Many of the Xingyu particles are born without gas, and the interior cannot be evolved. spirit.

If we continue to develop like this, this eternal era will be born without a birth, and Xingyu will not be broken.

Xingyu will not be broken, and only one Eternal Realm powerhouse can be born.

“Those days runes seem to be eroded!”

Ye Mo rushed straight up and probed and found that the edge of those days runes was actually contaminated with the Aura of Great Desolate.

These aura, the average person may not be so sensitive, but Ye Mo is very familiar, it is Great Desolate aura, and this Great Desolate aura is very strong.

The Great Desolate aura on Ye Mo’s rebellious power is completely different from this one.

Moreover, the Great Desolate aura also contains another unique aura, which is completely different from his power of rebellion.

“Thousands of feathers, Shi Lei, Chen Xing, you see, this day epoch of the eternal era has been eroded.”

Ye Mo said.

At the same time, the three gods looked at the past and found that the rune of this eternal era really eroded.

“It seems that the power of Great Desolate has really come out. He must have been corrupted in this eternal era. We must find it and then wipe it out. Otherwise, this eternal era of Heavenly Dao, will be completely corroded, and it is very difficult to repair it.”

Thousands of feathers said.

His expression is extremely dignified. He represents the Heavenly Palace. He also comes out to perform a lot of tasks. He has never had a mission, which makes him feel so tricky.

“We split our actions and use this as a coordinate point to find the creatures controlled by Great Desolate aura!”

Shi Lei said.

“You don’t have to act separately, they have already appeared!”

Ye Mo looked up, suddenly found that there are large beasts, densely packed, flying in the stars, like beast tide, those beasts, are all powerful beasts, because The power of Great Desolate has been controlled, and the body has skyrocketed by a dozen times.

Those strange animals, all of which are mouth-sucking, a Purple Qi, rushing to Xiang Xingyu, and the day Runes of Mibu Xingyu, were washed by the Purple Qi, and instantly corroded, as if they were watered by hydrochloric acid.

“Those beasts should be controlled by the power of Great Desolate, eroding Heavenly Dao, and shot them together, killing them all.”

Shi Lei said, without saying anything, he rushed straight to the past. He grabbed a big hand and appeared a heavy stone hammer.

Hong long!

Under this circumstance, the bodies of dozens of different animals were directly smashed.

“These beasts are also too weak!”

A hammer erased more than a dozen different beasts, and his face was also showing a disdainful expression.

“Shi Lei, these strange animals are being controlled, and the Lord has not appeared yet!”

Thousands of feathers found that these exotic animals did not have spiritual wisdom, just in the continuous injection of Purple Qi polluting Heavenly Dao.

Obviously, these alien beasts have powerhouse control behind them, and that powerhouse is the real source.

“Resolve these strange beasts first!”

Four gods moved at the same time, and a fight was launched.

Four gods, are the powerhouse of Refining Heaven’s state of mind, the strength is terrible, plus those exotic animals, will only spray Purple Qi corrosion Heavenly Dao, even the resistance will not.

Soon, those strange beasts were all wiped out by the four gods.

“Ye Mo, good strength!”

Shi Lei sees Ye Mo and also kills more than a dozen different beasts, not allowed to say with a smile.

“It’s far worse than the Senior Brother!”

Ye Mo smiled faintly. Then, his face changed and he used the heart of Refining Heaven. He clearly felt that there seemed to be a very strong fluctuation in the front, which was sweeping over.

“Who is this, dare to kill this king’s subordinate?”

At this time, a tall voice flew from Void.

He was wearing a purple armor, and the entire body of Purple Qi was rolling, especially his eyes, with two groups of Purple Qi, like a fire, burning.

Behind him, not only the only beasts, but also a respected Human Race, are controlled and their expressions are sluggish.

“Who are you?”

Shi Lei asked loudly.

“This King is the Pluto!”

Man laughed heartily: “You slaves of Heavenly Dao, dare to be right with this King, go to hell!”

With a big hand, the beasts behind him and the Human Race Martial Artist rushed to the past, turning into torrents, roaring, and swaying the whole star.

It is a real army of alien animals, at least with a few thousand.

Looking at the army that rushed over, even Shi Lei Qian Yu, they are also pupils flashing, the strength of these exotic animals and Human Race Martial Artist, although not very strong.

However, the number is too much.

“Who is the self-proclaimed Pluto? Actually controlled so many different animals and Human Race?”

Chen Xing marveled.

“What do we do? This number is too terrifying. Even if it has been killed, it is very difficult to kill. It is said that every piece of Xingyu can produce countless creatures. If this continues, he will probably want to bring all the creatures.” , all become his subordinate.”

Thousands of feathers said.

“It is very difficult for him to want a large area of ​​corrosion of Heavenly Dao by his own strength. Therefore, he will think of controlling those creatures first and let them help him to erode Heavenly Dao. The self-proclaimed Pluto is the real leader. It was controlled by the power of Great Desolate, Pluto……….”

Ye Mo was faint, and then a fierce shock: “Who is the power of the four great Great Desolate, the power of the dynasty!”

“What? The power of Pluto?”

Thousands of feathers and three gods were shocked. As the god of the Heavenly Palace, they are still very familiar with the power of the four Great Desolates. The power of the four Great Desolates is like a team.

The power of the East Emperor is the strongest attack power. Mastering this Heaven and Earth, the most powerful attack, and urging an ability, are Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering.

The power of Pluto is the power of the East Emperor. It is a defensive force. All kinds of abilities are the means of attacking the defense. Unless you really encounter any powerful attack, you will not be able to break the defense of Pluto.

“Yes, but we are not talking about this now. We want to kill those strange animals and Human Race. It is impossible. We must kill the self-proclaimed Pluto!”

Ye Mo indifferently said, and sure enough, the power of Great Desolate was finally born, and when it was born, it produced this vision, threatening the entire Heaven and Earth.

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