The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5114

In ninety-nine years, even in the hundreds of thousands of years, it is a very famous chaotic Supreme Treasure.

This magical treasure, in the Chaos Supreme Treasure, is definitely the top of the magical treasure.

Pluto was in the Great Array, but did not resist again. He knew that it was almost meaningless to continue to resist with the power contained in this embarrassment.

He also carried his hands behind his back and said: “I don’t think that after so many years, Tiangong is a talented person, but unfortunately, unfortunately!”

“What a pity?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s a pity that you are nothing but a slave to Heavenly Dao!”

Pluto said.

“Heavenly Dao slave? What do you mean by this?”

Ye Mo screamed, the power of Pluto, absolutely knows.


Pluto laughed: “When you know it later, and you kill a Pluto, there is no use at all. This King will take advantage of this opportunity to come out and ruin all the Eternal Era. You can block this Pluto, can you block all Pluto?”

The advent of the power of Pluto will erupt into an unprecedented power that will drop the Pluto.

The reason why the Pluto was controlled was because it was controlled by the Great Desolate aura of the Pluto.

However, with the advent of the world, Pluto will be more and more.

“That will die!”

In the midst of the ninety-nine, the divine glow of a path of is released directly, and the hole is worn away, and the prince is directly broken.

A piece of dark purple stone emerges.

Ye Mo took a move and took the stone out directly and grabbed it in his hand. He said: “This stone should be the root!”

When San Tianshen saw Ye Mo and suddenly grabbed a stone, he could not help but ask: “Where is the Pluto, you are killed?”


Ye Mo said: “He was directly obliterated by my within the body.”

Aaaaaahhhh ah!

At this time, the army of all around also made a miserable cry. Both the beasts and the Human Race Martial Artist made a painful sound. Finally, a path of Purple Qi, swept out from their bodies. And out, slowly dissipated in Xingyu.

Those animals and Human Race Martial Artist, their body shape is slowly shrinking, and finally returned to normal, they look at all around, they do not know what happened.

“Let’s fix this epoch-era Heavenly Dao first, then return to the Heavenly Palace to return.”

Shi Lei said.


Four Gods acted at the same time and began to repair the Heavenly Dao of this eternal era, bringing the eternal era back to normal.

One day later, when God returned to the Heavenly Palace, he went to the Supervisory Hospital.

At this moment, the atmosphere of the hospital’s great hall is very dignified.

A real big man appeared in the temple. He was wearing a robes of heavenly robes, and he was full of brilliance. Behind the robes, he carved a huge “left” character.

He looks very majestic, seemingly only about twenty years old, but gives a very oppressive courage.

If Ye Mo is here, he will be able to recognize this person, and he is the left-winger who rules the absolute rights of the Heavenly Palace.

As for his side, Huang Tianjun frowned. “Zuo Tianjun, the situation is very serious. Pluto is still emerging. Those who are living in the Pluto, will turn them into Pluto.” His Pluto is very powerful, even the god of Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, it is difficult to beat it!”

“How is it now?”

Zuo Tianjun asked.

“There is no god yet, you can kill the Pluto. If you can kill the Pluto and bring back the Pluto, we will be able to search for the power of Pluto.”

Huang Tianjunhui reported.

“If you can’t do it, go directly to Tianjun and forcefully kill a Pluto, and you can’t continue to delay!”

Zuo Tianjun’s face is also extremely dignified. At present, the eternal era of Heavenly Dao’s destruction, more and more, as time goes by, the degree of damage to the eternal era is becoming more and more serious.

Continue to delay, for their Divine World, the impact is huge.


Huang Tianjun immediately said: “The powerhouse against the heavens goes to the eternal era and can’t bear it completely, and it will be completely broken in an instant.”

“Do you still have to watch all the eternal eras of Heavenly Dao destroyed?”

Zuo Tianjun is the eternal era to save all of them. He must be broken and broken. As the highest authority of the Heavenly Palace, he is not an indecisive temper.

For a moment, the entire great hall was immersed.


At this time, an inspector rushed over and when he saw Zuo Tianjun, he immediately said one by one, saying: “See the left heaven.”

“What, let’s talk!”

Zuo Tianjun asked.

“The three supervisors who teamed up with me were all controlled by Pluto.”

The Ombudsman’s face was so ugly that he didn’t think that things were so tricky.


Zuo Tianjun snorted, and with the bad news of each and everyone passed, he finally couldn’t help it. He said: “Huang Tianjun, time can’t be dragged any more, you can directly take a hand to get a Pluto.”


Huang Tianjun nodded and was preparing to go out.

At this time, Cang Tianjun appeared at this time, directly blocking Huang Tianjun, saying: “Let’s wait! Give up an eternal era directly. For Tiangong, the loss is huge. Perhaps, next, there will be good news.”

The good news he thinks is naturally Ye Mo. He knows that Ye Mo has mastered the power of Great Desolate. He has the power of Great Desolate and will never fear the power of Pluto.

The reason why those Pluto is so powerful is because of Pluto Aura.

“Cang Tianjun, do you think there will be good news?”

Zuo Tianjun could not help but ask.

He also wants to have good news, but the bad news that has been repeated has completely lost his confidence.

Discarding an eternal era is the best way.

“Abandoning an eternal era, although the method is feasible, but for Tiangong, the loss is still very large!”

Cang Tianjun said: “At present, although things move towards very bad directions, they have not reached an irreparable level.”

“Then wait a second!”

Although Zuo Tianjun has a high status, he is quite polite to Cang Tianjun. He has great rights. However, where the strength of Cang Tianjun is placed, he has to respect the opinions of the other side.

However, the next few hours, the bad news after another, left Zuo Tianjun completely lost patience.

“Cang Tianjun, this Monarch thinks that there is no need to wait for any good news, Huang Tianjun, act now!”

Zuo Tianjun’s tone is very firm. Under this one, whoever comes forward to oppose his orders will not work!

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