The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5116

Eighteen gods came to this eternal era, explored and found that all around Heavenly Dao, the degree of destruction is even more terrifying, almost half of the day runes, all destroyed.

This eternal era, almost impossible to function properly, all kinds of Spiritual Qi, it is difficult to be born normally, let alone the operation, Martial Artist in Particle World, they want normal cultivation, it is very difficult.

“Heavenly Dao is even more horrible!”

The head of the ombudsman is a high-ranking Senior, known as the Dryly Heavenly Venerable. He has a good reputation in the Supervisory Academy. He looks at the space around and cannot be leftowned.

The epoch era he came to, the extent of the damage, was not much, only destroying the 10% of Heavenly Dao, now almost halfway through.

You must know that the space of an eternal era is very big. If you want to corrode and destroy so many Heavenly Dao, you must have many souls to work together.

“What about Pluto?”

Shi Lei all around looked around and immediately noticed the distance, with a path of strong fluctuations.

As for the other ombudsmen, they are also aware of it.

Sou sou sou sou!

They did not hesitate, flying directly over the past, discovering the space in the distance, surrounded by the aliens and the Human Race army, they are still spraying Purple Qi, madly eroding Heavenly Dao.

As for the army, there is a shadow in the air. It is a beautiful and tall woman. Her body is rolling Purple, and the Purple Qi of her eyes is burning like a fire. It is a princess.

“What about evil gods?”

Heavenly Venerable saw the scene in the distance and could not help but wonder.

Before, he clearly saw the god of evil, and came to this eternal era, and surrounded the Pluto.

In a twinkling of an eye, when they returned, those gods had disappeared.

“Maybe they have already escaped, Pluto, but the ordinary gods can compete, a little careless, very likely to be controlled!”

Shi Lei is actually fighting with Pluto. He naturally knows the power of Pluto and wants to defeat Pluto. If there is no means to restrain the power of Pluto, even if the strength is strong, it is of no use.


Many of the ombudsmen are nodded, agreeing that they can’t cope with Pluto, and the gods of evil will not be able to deal with them.

“I’m not right!”

Ye Mo looked at the distant Pluto, and said: “The Pluto is not right, it seems to be controlled.”

“What? Is it controlled?”

All the gods are a glimpse, do not understand the meaning of Ye Mo.

“With the spiritual wisdom of Pluto, it is easy to find us in this position.”

Ye Mo faintly analyzed: “But it does not find us, but stands there, seems to be waiting for something, I suspect that this Pluto, has been controlled by the evil path, has become their embarrassment, is Waiting for us to hook!”

Ye Mo is such an analysis that all the gods are awake.

“What do we do next?”

Dryly Heavenly Venerable could not help but ask.

“Of course, it will be counted. Since the evil gods want to design us, we will design them and kill them.”

Ye Mo said very decisively: “At the moment, the King of Pluto has not found us, so they have not found us. I am now directly attracting them. You will take them together and kill them all.”

Ye Mo said that naturally, there are some private messages of their own. In each of the Pluto, there are a lot of Pluto’s anger. These Pluto’s qi can not be wasted.

Once he really waited until the Temple of Heaven found the whereabouts of Pluto’s power and conquered it, he would not have this opportunity.

“Ye Mo, would it be too risky?”

Qian Yu worried and asked.

“Yeah, although you are not afraid of Pluto, but the strength is just the ordinary Heavenly God Realm powerhouse, in case…”

Chen Xing naturally fears that those evil powerhouses will shoot Ye Mo in one fell swoop and kill Ye Mo directly.

“You don’t have to worry!”

Ye Mo waved his hand, said with a smile: “We are so many seniors, are we afraid that those evil days will not be achieved? Even if we plan to fail, we will not be able to compete with them.”

“Ye Mo said it’s good, how can we be gods, and I’m afraid they won’t?”

“Ye Mo is not a disciple of Cang Tianjun. Whether it is timid or intelligent, it is the leader of his peers. You can rest assured that audacious, we will protect you.”

…… ..

More than a dozen ombudsmen said.

With the consent of all the gods, Ye Mo also said: “You are temporarily ambushing, I will go through the situation first!”

When the words fell, his body moved directly to the past, turned into a ray of light, directly fell to the front of the Pluto, without hesitation, a punch directly hit the past.

Whether or not there is an ambush, this fist is enough to verify it.

The Pluto felt the attack, but did not speak. With a wave of his hands, Purple Qi swept out again and turned it into two trainings. He directly attacked Ye Mo and actually directly smashed Ye Mo.

“The power of Pluto, don’t you recognize me?”

Ye Mo was bound by Pluto, but did not panic, but asked directly.

However, the Pluto did not respond.

Obviously, this Pluto has been controlled, confirming this, Ye Mo directly spurred Saint Physique, a powerful force burst out, directly broke through the two Purple Qi.

At the same time, behind him, he also floated the dragon phantom, which directly slammed out, and the ten strokes of the ancestral 70 II burst out together and rushed to Pluto.

The king of Pluto, constantly playing the power of Pluto, blasted to Ye Mo, however, Ye Mo was not afraid at all, letting Pluto’s gas invade the body, and finally Xingyu Dragon Soul Claw, Huang Quanlong Emperor, Dragon 18 Boxing, etc. Means, all outbreaks, the star-shaped star is a mess, completely broken.

Those attacks fell on the Pluto and slammed back and forth.

“It’s Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable !”

Many evil deities ambushing in the distance, looking at Ye Mo from afar, recognized him at a glance. After all, the identity of Ye Mo Nazuo inheritance is well known.

They absolutely did not think that the ambush set, actually attracted Ye Mo.

“It’s him?”

A surprised voice rang out, and his face showed a strange expression.

“The emperor’s evil deity, your old opponent appeared. At the beginning, because of the rules of the war, you can’t shoot him. Now, we will give you a chance to kill him directly!”

Hearing this statement, the face of Emperor Bone’s face is also a disdainful expression: “true body is now the powerhouse of Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation, that young fellow, I am afraid that Refining Heaven is not, to kill him, it is a self-destructive identity. ”

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