The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5117

The Emperor Chou was originally in the battlefield of Refining Heaven, and now it is cultivation to Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation.

Originally, he intended to directly kill Ye Mo in the battlefield of destruction. However, Tiangong and the evil palace simultaneously issued the sky, and did not allow the powerhouse of Refining Heaven to take action.

This time, seized such a good opportunity, the Emperor Benedict intended to shoot directly, but he is not an impulsive person, Ye Mo will appear here at this time, it is no accident.

“The god of Heaven Palace, definitely ambush here, Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable will deliberately appear, I am afraid I also know that the Pluto is controlled by us, he wants to count the plan, design us a wave.”

The king of the evil spirits coldly smiled, said: “Only, he is not afraid of the power of Pluto, but it is beyond the expectations of true body.”

“What? You mean the god of the Heavenly Palace, have you noticed an abnormality?”

An evil singer makes a sound of surprise.

“true body will go directly to him, you will ambush here, wait for the true body to kill him directly, forcing other experts to come out!”

The Emperor’s evil definitely determined the plan, and it was directly shot. This Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, he had long wanted to kill.

Today is the best time.

He directly attacked, and a black bone stuck out of his palm, sharp and incomparable, directly assassinated.

Ye Mo was originally killed with Pluto, constantly absorbing the power of Pluto. At this time, he suddenly noticed the killing aura behind him. He turned sharply, and Huang Quanlong emperor smashed the past.

Great Desolate !

Huang Quanlong Emperor’s sword qi directly collided with the black bone of the Emperor’s evil spirits, and the sword qi of Huang Quanjian actually broke directly.

However, this sneak attack by Emperor Bone is also directly blocked by Ye Mo.

“It’s you?”

Ye Mo saw the emperor’s evil deity, and his face was also surprised. It was really enemies on a narrow road, actually encountered in this place.

This emperor evil deity, but the rule of the emperor evil spirit, innate talent is very strong, now encountered here, Ye Mo can not let him live alive.

“Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, it’s the true body, the god of your heavenly palace, has been ambushing nearby!”

Emperor Bian Zun held both bones in his hands and looked at Ye Mo. In the eyes, the strange light shone.

“Your god, isn’t it also ambushing here? I don’t think you can control Pluto, but unfortunately, you still can’t kill it!”

Ye Mo faint said with a smile.

“How do you think we can’t kill Pluto?”

The crown of the goddess is coldly smiled, his face is unusually fascinating, and people can’t see his inner thoughts.

“Great Desolate is not something that ordinary gods can deal with!”

Ye Mo smiled and said: “In fact, true body is intended to lead you out, but did not expect that only you a god came out, and if so, the true body will directly kill you!”

“Will the true body be erased? Do you have that strength?”

The emperor’s evil deity is almost to laugh, let alone Ye Mo does not have Refining Heaven, even if he succeeds Refining Heaven during this time, it is not likely to be his opponent.

“You should be glad that the Tiangong set the rules and did not allow the Powerhouse of Refining Heaven to be released. Otherwise, you will have died.”

Ye Mo faint said with a smile.

At the beginning, if it was not the rule, he would indeed find the Emperor’s evil deity directly and wipe it out.

“hahaha, kill the true body, great tone!”

The emperor was laughed, suddenly rising into the sky and directly attacking Ye Mo.

The ambushing ombudsman in the distance, when he saw this scene, was also slightly surprised. It seems that he did not expect that the evil palace actually only showed an expert.

Moreover, the identity of this expert is not unusual.

“It is the emperor of the Emperor, the descendant of the Yellow Devil. It is said that his innate talent is very powerful. It is the destruction of the battlefield, only one after another success refining Heaven.”

Dryly Heavenly Venerable was secretly surprised.

“Do we want to shoot?”

Shi Lei saw this scene and was shocked. He was afraid that Ye Mo would be killed by the Emperor. The Emperor was in the battlefield and he had already succeeded Refining Heaven. Now, he is afraid of Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation.

Ye Mo is not afraid of Pluto, but his true strength is not enough to fight against the Emperor.

“For now, don’t act blindly without thinking!”

Heavenly Venerable said: “At the moment, we are ambushing, they are also ambushing, who will appear first, who will really fall into the wind, not to mention, the other party also controls Pluto, Ye Mo is not afraid of Pluto, but we can’t “”

“Yes, let’s take a look and say, I always feel that Ye Mo is not simple. Heavenly Dao, which is faintly passed on him, is very powerful. I suspect he has already Refining Heaven.”

“What? Has Refining Heaven been? How is this possible? How long has he been cultivation?”

… ..

Many of the ombudsmen were shocked. They all knew that Ye Mo had not had much time from the eternal era to Divine World.

Ye Mo’s strength reaches seven levels of Heavenly Venerable, which is not very surprising. After all, as long as there is enough power source, once the comprehend is in the mood, the innate talent will be cultivated to seven Heavenly Venerable within a few years. Not very difficult.

However, if you want to succeed Refining Heaven, even if the innate talent is strong, it will take 10 or even 100 years to do it.

Don’t look at the emperor’s evil deity in the battle of the battle of Refining Heaven, he used to comprehend the mood, it also took a lot of time.

“If you don’t know, if you don’t, we will shoot again, and by the way, the royal bones will be wiped out. The fellow innate talent is very strong. Once it grows up, it will become our enemy in the future.”

Killing genius, whether it is for the Heavenly Palace or the evil palace, is a commonplace. If it is a powerhouse against the heavens, there is also a very powerful genius, let them choose one to kill, they will definitely choose the latter.

At this moment, Emperor Bone has begun to attack the most fierce attack on Ye Mo. His 70 three-dimensional force source appears, the pitch-black bone blade of both hands, not waving, Sword Dao’s Profound Truth is contained in it. .

The reason why the Emperor’s evil spirits can be accepted as a discipline by the emperor evil spirits is that its innate talent is definitely tested. No matter his means, the underlying, and the evil path, it is the first existence.

His evil day Sword Dao, there are three strokes, each of which contains the rules of Heavenly Dao. When you shoot, you combine the three tricks together.

The two bone blades waved wildly, breaking Heaven and Earth. Immediately, various visions appeared in chaos, and finally they condensed into a huge disaster picture.

The rules of Heavenly Dao, which evolved from his Sword Dao, were awesome, natural, and all contained in this sword technique.

Many gods saw this trick, but they were also secretly surprised. They did not expect that the Emperor’s evil spirits were so powerful that they could cast Sword Dao to this extent.

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