The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5118

The emperor’s evil hand is a fierce means. It is not that he hates Ye Mo. For Ye Mo, he simply dismissed it. However, he knew that all around still ambushed the powerhouse of the Temple.

He offered this trick, that is, he wanted to directly kill Ye Mo, and let the powerhouse of Tiangong not even have the chance to rescue.

“This emperor’s evil deity is really decisive. Directly showing such a powerful means, is it necessary to directly kill me?”

Ye Mo was secretly shocked. If it was before, he would have been very difficult to resist. He could feel that the Heavenly Dao of the Emperor’s evil spirit had been cultivated to a very high degree, and I am afraid that it also reached the Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation.

However, the current Ye Mo, also the Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation, and his condensed Heavenly Dao, is more powerful, is a rare Heavenly Dao dragon!

“The emperor is evil, since you want to die, true body will now be yours!”

Ye Mo’s body was shocked, and Heavenly Dao’s aura was also bursting out. It was like a powerful gas field. It directly hit the sky. He grabbed the Emperor’s gods directly in his hand, and the smashing bombardment went out. The violent storm madly swept through the bombardment. On the picture of the emperor.

A stick is played, and the force is broken, and the picture is broken directly.

In this scene, the experts of both sides were shocked and looked at Ye Mo incredibly.

This Ye Mo has actually reached the mood of Refining Heaven, and the power of Heavenly Dao is stronger than that of the Emperor.

“The wind is raging!”

Ye Mo’s entire body is huge, and now he has no need to hide his strength.

Intense storms, crazy sweeps, densely packed, all directions are storms, constantly spreading, all around some of the beasts and Human Race Martial Artist, being stormed, directly broken.

The beasts instantly fall, as for the Human Race Martial Artist, after the body is broken, the body re-agglomerates and returns to normal.

Martial Artist is condensed into martial arts. It is basically difficult to fall, even if it is a god, it is difficult to kill it without special means.

Emperor Blessed felt Ye Mo’s imposing manner, his face was slightly ugly, and he did not expect that Ye Mo actually reached the Refining Heaven mood, but the strength was stronger than him.

However, he is also completely calm down. In any case, he will not lose to Ye Mo in this battle. This is the glory of being a genius of evil.

“Big bones crossing!”

The Emperor’s evil hands waved again and again, and the root-pitch-black bones contained the power of Heavenly Dao, constantly piercing through them, bombarding the whirlwinds, blocking the storm’s offensive.

“Emperor, now you should know that the strength of the true body is far above you. Today, the true body will kill you completely.”

Ye Mo’s eyebrows also flashed a strange ray of light, apparently using real tools.

A huge Heavenly Dao dragon swept directly from his eyebrows, and then the phantom of Ten Zulong emerged, all of which were swallowed up by Heavenly Dao Dragon.

For a time, the whole piece of Xingyu was filled with the pressure of a royal power.

“Ye Mo is able to combine the dragons of ten ancestral dragons and combine them with Heavenly Dao. How is this possible?”

“Is this too great? He used this trick to seem to raise the power of the enhanced Heavenly Dao.”

“He has already reached the level of Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation. Is this possible to be comparable to Refining Heaven 3 Tribulation?”

“It is a genius who has achieved outstanding performance in the war of God!”

“It seems that our fears are superfluous. On the contrary, it is the evil side of the road, and we must start to worry.”


The gods such as Heavenly Venerable, each and everyone marveled.

As for the gods of the evil world, their faces are not so good-looking. Their original plan was to let the emperor’s evil spirits force the appearance of the temple’s expert. In this case, they had to take the shot.


Ye Mo gathered all the dragon spirits into the Heavenly Dao dragon and directly attacked them. They rushed to the Emperor.

Rolling, this is definitely rolling.

The emperor is so strong that in the face of such a dao force, he knows that he is already in danger.

However, he did not panic, his body directly bursting out of the black glow, showing Saint Physique, his body, directly turned into a skeleton, the whole body of the pitch-black.

This is the evil body, the evil bones and spirits!

In the evil list, the tenth evil is ranked.

This sin is directly applied to the perfect body. He waved his hands and the whole space, and grew a large sacrum like a bone cage to protect himself.

The Heavenly Dao dragon hits directly, and between the collisions, the all around of the bone cage, there are traces of broken layers everywhere, the horrible Heavenly Dao dragon, the release of Heavenly Dao energy, bombarded on the bone cage, making The bone cage is in a state of smashing.

Even if Emperor Blessed exhibits Saint Physique, it is difficult to compete with Ye Mo’s Tian Dao force.

“Evil bones are born again!”

Then, the emperor’s evil spirits still do not give up, his body, once again swept a root spur, four sides impact, actually blocked the Ye Mo’s Heavenly Dao dragon.

“Do you think this will block the attack of true body?”

Ye Mo sneered, Heavenly Dao The dragon circled in Xingyu, shouted and slammed again.

Hong long!

The bone cage was completely shattered, and Saint Physique, the emperor’s evil spirit, was also broken at this moment.


Emperor bones respected the new being returned to the original shape, a mouthful of blood sprayed directly, facing the crushing attack of Ye Mo, he finally could not bear it.

His pride, his conceit, was completely shattered at this moment.

In retrospect, Ye Mo is just a genius in front of him. It is not an expert. Now, the other party actually crushed him, and there is no room for a handful.

“The emperor’s evil spirits, true body to want to see, how do you resist it!”

Ye Mo coldly smiled said: “Your evil body, true body is set!”

Between the talks, Heavenly Dao Dragon is once again shocked, to kill the Emperor.

However, at this time, the Pluto was once again moving, flew to the front of the emperor, and a large number of Purple Qi, like a mountain, poured out.

It is the powerhouse of the evil world, which controls the Pluto, and wants to block this attack for the Emperor.

However, Ye Mo saw this scene, and the inner evil qi up, directly motivated the chaos, opened the with the body World, and absorbed all the power of Pluto.

Ye Mo laughed, the long stick in his hand slammed into the body of Pluto, and blew it up. A huge Pluto stone was also thrown away.

The experts of the evil path saw the Pluto stone, and finally couldn’t help it. Each and everyone burst out of the powerful Heavenly Dao and rushed out.

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