The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5119

As long as you get a Pluto stone, you can find the whereabouts of Pluto.

Today, Ye Mo has directly broken the Pluto, and the expert of the evil path is naturally unbearable.

Sou sou sou sou!

There are twelve forms in full, and the madness rushes out, all of which are powerful and powerful, Heavenly Dao.

“We also shot!”

The glory of Heavenly Venerable slammed and plucked out. As soon as he shot, he directly displayed a Mid Level celestial technique.

The entire space, suddenly turned into a dead wood Domain, to exclude those evil deities.

However, those evil deities are also not weak, especially one of them, holding a evil blade in the hand, slamming it, a black glow, enough to break the heavens, and split the dead wood domain directly into two.

In the face of this chaotic scene, Ye Mo was not affected at all. He sucked his hand and sucked Pluto directly into the palm of his hand.

“Leave the Pluto Stone!”

A sinister rushed straight over, punched Ye Mo, and wanted to kill Ye Mo, and snatched the Pluto.

He is the powerhouse of the real Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation. The sky dao force is very terrifying. This fist goes down. It is the majesty of Heavenly Dao, which is enough to shake Ye Mo.

However, Ye Mo didn’t care very much. He didn’t look at the other side and flew directly to the distance.

Because, there is already an ombudsman to take the shot, blocking the blow for him.

The number of each other’s powerhouse is far less than theirs.

Pluto is already in the hands of Ye Mo. It is almost impossible for those evil sages to snatch. The two sides fight together. Those evil sects are simply invincible to the ombudsmen of the Heavenly Palace. In the end, they can only choose to retreat.

“Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable, you wait and see, one day, today’s account, true body will come back with this profit.”

The emperor’s evil spirits looked at Ye Mo. Today’s battle, he did lose, and the losers were powerless. The losers could not be refuted.

However, he believes that one day sooner or later, he can wash away the humiliation of today.

However, in the face of the emperor’s disappointment, he is said with a smile: “true body think, I am afraid that there is no day.”

Although this time I couldn’t kill the Emperor, but it’s not a pity, I can beat it. In the future, even if I run into it again, the other party can’t be his opponent.

What’s more, the evil path will not let him kill the emperor, unless he can annihilate the other party.

Looking at the evil sacred sacred escaping, the sacred Heavenly Venerable could not help but say: “Ye Mo, I can’t think of you reaching the Refining Heaven mood, and also defeating the descendants of the emperor evil spirits, but also helping us, success won the Pluto. This time, you have made a big contribution.”

The gods returned to the Heavenly Palace to cross the border, and there were already many ombudsmen who returned, because the power of Pluto has been discovered by the powerhouse of the Temple.

Right Tianjun dispatched the Eight Heavenly Kings together to prepare to seal the power of Pluto.

However, the specific news has not yet arrived, and they can only wait patiently.

Tiangong, among some free pavilions.

A few gods gathered here, but it was quite leisurely.

“Ye Mo, now, the power of Pluto will soon be sealed, and all the eternal era will gradually return to normal. You should be the greatest hero.”

Shi Lei said to Ye Mo.

Originally, he only thought that Ye Mo was a Heavenly Venerable that had just entered seven levels, but did not expect Ye Mo success to reach Refining Heaven.

Not only that, Ye Mo also helped Tiangong success to get back to Pluto, and without this Pluto stone, Tiangong could not find the position of Pluto.

“Should it be a little reward?”

Ye Mo did not ask tentatively.

“Of course there are rewards. Anyone who contributes to the Temple of Heaven will have a contribution. In addition to adding merit, there are some special rewards.”

Thousands of feathers with a smile.

Four Heavens rested here for a half moment, just preparing to return to Xuanqing Glen cultivation, the ombudsman Zhu Kun flew over, with a happy face: “Ye Mo, Shi Lei, Qian Yu, Chen Xing, good news came, Tiangong finally will be the power of Pluto. Success sealed, and you quickly returned to the Supervisory Academy. Zuo Tianjun would like to make meritorious deeds.”

Such a message is passed on. For Tiangong, it is definitely a happy event.

Although the Eternal Era was greatly affected by the birth of Pluto, it was finally shocking.

Success Sealed the power of Pluto, the whole Temple will be celebrated, and Ye Mo, will undoubtedly become the biggest hero in this matter.

“What? The power of Pluto is sealed? So fast?”

Ye Mo was a little surprised, the power of the Pluto, came out to create such a big movement, in the end, was still sealed by the Heavenly Palace, after all, it is just a source of dao force.

“The shot by the Eight Great Heavens, the power of the Pluto is strong, and only the end of the seal, do not know, how this Pluto will deal with!”

Zhu Kun said back, “Well, let’s go, all the ombudsmen have gone to the supervision.”


Four gods did not hesitate to follow Zhukun and returned to the Ombudsman.


Inner Heaven Palace, Supervision Hospital!

A large number of ombudsmen gathered in the great hall, and some of the ombudsman’s aura were very unstable, apparently not completely expelling the Pluto with the body.

Of course, in this mission, there is also a fall ombudsman.

When Ye Mo and other gods entered the great hall, he had already become the audience of the whole scene. Many ombudsmen, looked towards him, all gave thumbs up.

This time, if you don’t have Ye Mo, it will be very troublesome.

Almost all the gods of the supervision institute were present, and then they waited for the arrival of Zuo Tianjun and Huang Tianjun.

About half the time of the incense, with the sound of a briefing, Zuo Tianjun, Cang Tianjun Huang Tianjun and Qing Tianjun, together into the great hall.

All the ombudsmen are also getting up!

Zuo Tianjun went straight to the high platform and smiled on his face. He said: “This Monarch is calling you for the purpose. You should know that the power of Pluto has been properly sealed by the Eight Heavenly Kings. It was perfect to complete this mission, and all eternal eras began to return to normal…..”

“All the gods who participated in this mission added a thousand merits. In addition, Ye Mo performed most prominently in this mission. This Monarch will represent Tiangong and give him some special rewards. You should have no problem. What?”

Hua la !

All the inspectors were shocked, and all the gods added a thousand points of merit, which is not a small merit.

In the Temple of Heaven, merit is equivalent to currency, which can be circulated in the Temple of Heaven. It is also possible to purchase natural resources in the city outside the sky.

A thousand merits, but you can buy a top quality Primal Chaos Heaven treasure!

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