The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5121

As soon as Cang Tianjun asked, Ye Mo’s face was slightly embarrassed, replied: “Top 100!”

“What? Ranked first in the hundred? Is it so low?”

Cang Tianjun frowned, Ye Mo’s ranking seems to be beyond his expectations. Originally, according to his speculation, the metaphysical boulder that Ye Mo communicated should at least be in the top 20 of the list.

Nowadays, it is actually one hundred in the list. This is indeed what he expected.

However, no one is perfect, no matter how talented, it is impossible to do everything.

However, the ranking of the communication boulder is so low that it will have a small impact on the growth speed of Ye Mo.

“Try your best!”

Ye Mo shrugged helplessly, ranking 100, he can only accept this fact.

“No, disciple, you are good enough, this Monarch will now take you to register the Saint Physique list, with your Saint Physique, enough to rank in the first place of the Saint Physique list, by the time, 哼hmph!”

Cang Tianjun did not continue to say it. What he said in his words is naturally a banquet of the beginning of the year.

Not long ago, when their Eight Heavenly Kings joined forces to seal the power of Pluto, Stars and Heavenly Kings showed off his discrimination in front of him, and said that Huang Daxian communicated with the Xuanqing Stone, ranking tenth.

The smug look made Cang Tianjun feel very flat.

“it is good!”

Ye Mo nodded, followed by Cang Tianjun, to register the Saint Physique list.

In the Temple of Heaven, the list does not know how many, every genius, for a list, can be the head of the battle.

Being able to be on the list represents honor, and can be listed in front of the list, that is the real glory.

At the same time, Ye Mo’s help to the Tiangong, the news of the seal of the power of Pluto, is also completely transmitted, almost no one knows to everyone.

“This Ye Mo, it’s really amazing, can you beat the Pluto?”

“It is said that if it were not Ye Mo, the Heavenly Palace could not find the whereabouts of Pluto.”

“This Ye Mo, really amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, just made it to the Tiangong soon, and made such a move.”

“Oh, defeating Pluto, it’s that the Inspectorate didn’t let us shoot. I also have the means to defeat Pluto and make a contribution.”

Some of these geniuses are amazed at the performance of Ye Mo, but there are also some geniuses who are dismissive of Ye Mo and think they can do better.

When Wong Tai Sin learned about this matter, it was also a fist, and even some could not believe that Ye Mo could do this.

Originally, he thought that Huang Quanshi, who was able to communicate with the stone list tenth nine, could sensation the outer palace.

Moreover, this thing has indeed shocked a lot of gods, because every other month, the Stone List will have a copy of the day, sent to the city outside the heavens, or the hands of the great Tianjun.

Not long ago, he communicated with Huang Shishi, the tenth of the stone list, and spread it all over the outer palace.

However, this incident has just sensationalized, and it has been overwhelmed by the events of Pluto’s power. There is no such thing as the gods talking about him. They are talking about Ye Mo.

He clenched his fists and was very unwilling in his heart: “Damn, the limelight was robbed by the fellow.”

Huang Qing around him is comforting: “Junior Brother, you don’t have to care, Ye Mo that fellow is just a bullshit luck, you can do it, you can do it, and your strength is king, you In the Stone List, the Temple of Saint Physique is ranked in the top 20, how does Ye Mo compare with you?”

Wong Tai Sin boarded the Heavenly Palace Saint Physique list very early, and also ranked tenth five, plus the stone list tenth nine.

The top 20 of the double sticks, these two rankings alone, are enough to make Wong Tai Sin a top genius.

“Yes, what about it, everything is the strength to say!”

Wong Tai Sin point nodded, the mood is better than a lot.

At this time, a white clothed youth slowly came over, his pace was very calm, like a giant beast.

When Wong Tai Sin and Jiang Qing saw the youth coming, their faces changed slightly, and they immediately shook hands: “Eldest Senior Brother, have you come out of the cultivation of the heavenly soul?”

Come, it is a big discipline of the stars, and is known as the genius who has the best chance to become a star-studded celestial, Tian Hao, known as 寅 Heavenly Venerable!

“Yes, just out of customs, I heard that there is something that is being sealed around the power of Pluto. What is going on?”

Tian Hao point nodded, then asked.

This field, very handsome, dashing eyebrows star, face inadvertently revealed a taste of aloof and remote.

Moreover, Tian Hao is really powerful, can get a Heavenly Talisman, enter the cultivation of the soul, enough to prove that his innate talent is very unusual.

“Eldest Senior Brother, that’s it.”

Jiang Qing told Tian Hao that the whole sequence of events of the matter, Tian Hao heard, but did not put Ye Mo’s deeds in mind, but instead of a reward for Ye Mo, there was a bit of interest.

“Zuo Tianjun rewarded him with a Heavenly Talisman?”

Tian Hao could not help but ask.


Jiang Qing point nodded, said: “Eldest Senior Brother, your Heavenly Talisman, or after a lot of hard work, Ye Mo just went to bullshit luck, but it helped Tiangong get the Pluto stone, Tiangong actually Just reward a Heavenly Talisman.”

Heavenly Talisman, that’s what all geniuses dream of. Under normal circumstances, only one will be released a year.

“I am in the cultivation of the Heavenly Spirit for a year, it is already the degree of cultivation to Refining Heaven 7 Tribulation. If I am cultivation for one year, I may be able to reach Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation !”

Tian Hao was secretly thinking about how to get the Heavenly Talisman in the hands of Ye Mo.

… ..

As for Ye Mo, under the leadership of Cang Tianjun, he came to a great hall. This great hall all around stood a statue of a tall statue. These statues are not statues of the gods.

Some statues are a pair of long swords, some statues, and a respectable giant beast.

“Saint Physique Hall!”

Ye Mo looked at the huge plaque and was slightly surprised. He looked at the statue of the great hall all around. Presumably, the statues were statues of Saint Physique.

“Here is the Saint Physique Hall, which records the powerful Saint Physique between Heaven and Earth. Any new Saint Physique, want to register in the Saint Physique list, must come to the Saint Physique Hall, by the Heavenly King of Saint Physique Hall. To test.”

Cang Tianjun said: “Although your chaos is integrated, you can deserve to be the first Saint Physique, but still need to detect it.”

Ye Mo followed Cang Tianjun into the Temple of Saint Physique and found that there were many gods in it, wandering inside.

When they saw that Cang Tianjun came with Ye Mo, they all cast their eyes on it, and the eyes were flashing and surprised.

“This, is that the Ye Mo? Cang Tianjun just received the discipline?”

“What did he do here? Could he also tempering the brand new Saint Physique?”

Many gods have been talking about it.

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