The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5122

When you come to the Saint Physique Hall, you are tempering out the new Saint Physique. Come and register, once you get on the Saint Physique list, you will be rewarded with merit.

If you can be in the forefront, you can get countless attention, a lot of discipline, if there is no big game, they want to get the attention of Tianjun, only to be on the list, various lists.

You know, in the Temple of Heaven, there are not only the list of the Stone List and the Temple of Heaven Physique, but also a lot of lists. These lists, Tianjun will pay attention.

As long as you are on the list, it is very likely that you will be taken by the powerful Tianjun and will be taken as a disciple.

“Go there and queue up!”

Cang Tianjun pointed in one direction and found that there were several ten gods in the queue.

“Yes, Master!”

Ye Mo walked straight and was in the last place.

“After registering Saint Physique, you can return to Xuanqing Glen cultivation. If you have any questions, you can ask a few Senior Brothers. If there is no major event, don’t look for a teacher.”

When Cang Tianjun finished speaking, he left directly.

Ye Mo stood behind and waited patiently. As each and everyone entered the secret room, it was the turn of Ye Mo.

Inside, a middle-aged man came out wearing a robes of Heavenly King. When he saw Ye Mo, he couldn’t help but ask: “Ye Mo?”

The middle-aged man is also Tianjun, Montenegro Tianjun, the deputy Palace Lord of the Saint Physique Hall. Of course, he still has an identity, that is, the discipline of the beginning of the king.

Ye Mo killed No Young Master Ye, and Montenegro Tianjun might not know him?

“Not bad!”

Ye Mo arched his hand slightly, and he was very polite in the face of Tianjun.

“You will come back next month!”

Montenegro Tianjun asked directly.

This sentence, let Ye Mo directly glimpse, did not think that the other party, but let him come again next month.

He clearly saw that many gods have gone in, why is it his turn, but he wants him to come again next month. Isn’t this a deliberate attempt to marry him?

“They went in, why can’t I go in?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

Montenegro Tianjun had a stern face and could not help but say: “You are the god who just came to the Temple of Heaven, and can’t register Saint Physique immediately.”

“My Master brought me here, but I didn’t say that I can’t register Saint Physique right away. Are you deliberately harassing me? I don’t seem to offend you.”

Ye Mo’s face was completely cold.

As for some of the gods behind him, they are not afraid to breathe.

This Montenegro Tianjun is in the temple of Saint Physique, but the famous temper, and the famous teacher, this Ye Mo, actually dare to talk with Montenegro Tianjun, really do not know the sky is thick.

Could it be that he really thought that he was the discipline of Cang Tianjun, and he was in the eye?

You must know that this Montenegro Tianjun was very early without the discipline of the beginning of the king, and then the success breakthrough against the heavens, it is officially out.

“Hey, this Monarch has said it very clearly, come back next month, since you are so unruly, you don’t have to register Saint Physique!”

Montenegro Tianjun coldly said, in the heart, is also a hint of coldness, a cursed god, dare to confront him, is completely act recklessly.

“Senior Brother, how can you treat our big hero in the Heavenly Palace like that?”

At this time, another young man came over and said: “He just helped Tiangong and got Pluto. If it weren’t for him, our Tiangong would like to seal the power of Pluto. I am afraid it is not so easy.”

When you come, you can see the jade, your eyes are sharp, and you have a mark of flame in your eyebrows.

“Mo Li is coming, is it that he succeeded tempering out of Saint Physique?”

“In the past few years, Mo Li has put all his energy on the tempering Saint Physique. With his innate talent, I am afraid to tempering the very strong Saint Physique.”

Many gods saw the men gone, and they let the road open. This Mo glass is also the discipline of the beginning of the king. It also ignores the Tianjun discrimination, and the innate talent is enough to rank the top three.

“Mo glass Junior Brother, are you successful? This Monarch listened to the Master and said that you have been retreating for a few years, tempering a Saint Physique, it seems that it should be success.”

Montenegro Tianjun did not pay attention to Ye Mo, but greeted Mo Li.

Mo Li is getting started earlier than Young Master Ye. As for innate talent, it is comparable to No Young Master Ye.

However, Mo Li grew up in the Temple of Heaven and got more training. Nowadays, it is tempering out of Saint Physique. Once he tempering Saint Physique, he can be on the forefront of the Saint Physique in the Temple of Heaven, and he will definitely receive great attention.

The list shows everything!

“Not bad!”

No glass, nodded, said with a smile: “This time tempering Saint Physique, Master he also gave me great help, let me success tempering out the glass fire Saint Physique.”

“Glass Fire Saint Physique?”

Montenegro Tianjun was shocked and said: “Master, how can this Saint Physique reach?”

“Master only gave me a conservative position, the top fifteen. As for what position I can really achieve, I can only wait for the Palace Lord to test it.”

Mo Li said that his face is full of pride. The first fifteen is conservative. That is to say, the ranking may be more advanced. Of course, entering the top 20 is stable!

After the surrounding gods heard it, each and everyone showed an incredible expression, keeping the top fifteen Saint Physique, which is too strong, too?

There is no discipline in the beginning, and it is not simple. Everyone does not show any innate talent at first. Nowadays, directly tempering such a powerful Saint Physique is absolutely amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.

“Ye Mo, let’s go in with us!”

Mo glass looked toward Ye Mo and smiled.


Ye Mo smiled and didn’t care. He followed Mo Li to the secret room. As for Montenegro, he did not stop him.

“Hey, wait for the Junior Brothers to be a foil!”

Montenegro Tianjun looked at the back of the gods for two days and sneered.

Mo Li is also a discipline without a beginning, how could it be missed the opportunity to fight Ye Mo?

Entering the secret room, Ye Mo saw a lot of gods standing inside. As for the top of the secret room, there was an old man holding a book in his hand and seemed to be recording something.

“Well, your Saint Physique this Monarch has been recorded. After three days, the new list will be re-released. You will know that Saint Physique is tempering, and it is ranked in the Saint Physique list!”

This old man is the Palace Lord of the Temple of Saint Physique.


The five gods nodded, and they left.

Next, five gods went up, and the Palace Lord glanced at them and said, “You five days together to promote Saint Physique!”


At the same time, the five gods spurred Saint Physique, and the body burst out of various rays of light. The powerful imposing manner broke out and saw the Palace Lord’s palm wave. The ray of light was all included in his sleeve.

“Not bad!”

The Palace Lord is satisfied with the nodded, ask the first god: “What is your tempering Saint Physique?”

“Back to Heaven, my tempering Saint Physique is called the Thunder Vajra body. I was cultivation for ten years in the thundering abyss. After a lot of thunder tempering, I cultivated Saint Physique!”

God replied that day.

“Yes, it is estimated that you can enter the top two hundred!”

Tianjun nodded, and then asked the other four gods, he also one after another made a record.

Next, it is a group of five gods. The last one in this group is Mo Li, so Ye Mo is the only god that comes out. It will not be tested until the next group is reached.

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