The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5123

The process of registering Saint Physique is as simple as stimulating Saint Physique. The Palace Lord of Saint Physique is very sensitive to Saint Physique. Any Saint Physique can analyze its formidable power with no difficulty. There have been no faults.

“You five gods, and at the same time motivate Saint Physique!”

Palace Lord looked at the five gods, and then, his eyes fell on Mo Li’s body, and said: “Mo Li, actually you? Could you succeed tempering out Saint Physique?”

“Yes, Sir Palace Lord!”

Mo glass nodded, this Palace Lord and his Master, there are some intersections, naturally know him.

“Well, this Monarch wants to see how much you can tempering Saint Physique.”

Palace Lord nodded, a look of anticipation on his face.

Next, the five gods also spurred Saint Physique, but Ye Mo could clearly feel that Saint Physique of Mo Li was very powerful. When he broke out, his rays of light completely obscured the other four gods.

Generally speaking, Saint Physique is released, the stronger the rays of light, the stronger the formidable power.

In front of Saint Physique of Mo Li, the other four gods are completely eclipsed.

The other four gods felt the Saint Physique of Mo Li, and they were secretly surprised. They all thought that the tempering Saint Physique was not weak, but in front of Mo Li, it was not worth mentioning.

The Palace Lord waved all the rays of light into the sleeves and said: “You all leave your own name for Saint Physique, and how to tempering yourself Saint Physique, you can leave, three days later, You can view your rankings from the Saint Physique Hall.”

“My Saint Physique is called Sirius Saint Physique …..”

“My Saint Physique is a ruined body…”

With each and everyone’s report, in the end, Mo Li is also indifferently said: “I tempering out the Saint Physique, called the glaze fire Saint Physique, which is made using 10,000 years of glass fire calcining tempering.”

“What? Wannian glass fire calcination?”

A few of the gods complexion greatly changed, but they know that this year’s glazed fire is a very powerful skyfire, the general seven Heavenly Venerable, may not be able to withstand.

This Mo glass, actually dare to let Wanli glaze fire calcined, simply terrifying.

No wonder, this Saint Physique is so powerful!

Mo Li looked at the expression of God for four days, and his face was full of self-confidence. Then he couldn’t help but look at Ye Mo, but found the other expressionless, not frowned. Why is this fellow not surprised?

Even the other four gods, I feel very surprised, facing Saint Physique like Saint Physique, actually expressionless, is it that he himself tempering the more powerful Saint Physique?

“This fellow may not know the formidable power of the glazed fire, yes, it must be like this.”

Mo Li thought so much in her heart.

“It’s not a discipline without a beginning, this time, you are completely glory for him!”

Palace Lord smiled with a beard and praised him. “Okay, you can go out.”

Mo Li fainted and looked at Ye Mo. The corner of his mouth picked up a curve and said, “Good luck!”

“many thanks !”

Ye Mo came back indifferently.

“When you come in four gods, you can test it!”

The Palace Lord sat down again and ignored Ye Mo. He said: “Saint Physique, another powerful Saint Physique, is coming out. The nearest Heavenly Palace is really talented.”

After a while, there are more than a dozen gods coming in.

“A group of five gods, release Saint Physique at the same time!”

That day, Jun once again stood up, indifferently said.

Ye Mo went up and couldn’t help but say: “Sir Palace Lord, I still let me check it out and release it together. You may not be able to detect the formidable power of Saint Physique.”

Can’t detect the formidable power of their Saint Physique? The Palace Lord is slightly unhappy, he has tested thousands of Saint Physique and has never made a mistake.

“You can release Saint Physique directly, regardless of whether this Monarch can detect the formidable power of your Saint Physique.”

Said the Palace Lord.


Ye Mo sighed, he even his own Saint Physique’s formidable power, once released, the other Saint Physique that must be suppressed, simply can not be released.

However, since the Palace Lord insisted on letting them test with the five gods, he could only do it.

Five gods lined up in a row, releasing Saint Physique at the same time!

However, the whole space did not produce a variety of rays of light, only one kind of rays of light, that is chaotic rays of light, the powerful imposing manner emanating from the body of Ye Mo, the other four gods of shock, They have stepped back a few steps.

Palace Lord saw this scene, complexion greatly changed, he swung his sleeves and said: “Return Saint Physique quickly!”

Ye Mo took back Saint Physique, and the entire secret room was calm.

The gods waiting to be tested, each and everyone are horrified, and I look at Ye Mo incredibly. What exactly is Saint Physique, so powerful?

“Palace Lord, I said, it’s best to let me test alone!”

Ye Mo has a calm face, indifferently said.

“What is this about you, Saint Physique? How is tempering out? How could it be so powerful?”

Palace Lord immediately asked, Saint Physique in front of this Saint Physique, completely unable to withstand a single blow, and even Saint Physique on the Saint Physique list is not as good as Saint Physique.

“My Saint Physique is called Chaos, but it is the tempering of Saint Physique with the chaotic Supreme Treasure and the eternal body.”

Ye Mo said truthfully.

“What? Using Chaos Supreme Treasure is a combination of body and body? How is this possible? Is it too horrible?”

Palace Lord can’t be sucked in a cold breath, he has never heard anyone say that he can fuse chaotic Supreme Treasure and body.

You should know that Chaos Supreme Treasure is a magical treasure of the Tianjun level. Only Tianjun can play forformable power.

Nowadays, this man is directly integrated into the body, and tempering out Saint Physique, it is also too afraid right?

“This Ye Mo, really horrible, is not the disciples of Cang Tianjun. He just made a great contribution to the Tiangong. Now, tempering such a powerful Saint Physique, he is destined to be the most shining existence.”

One of the gods was shocked.

“Oh? You are Ye Mo?”

Palace Lord came back to his senses, said: “originally is this way, this Monarch heard that you are not afraid of the Pluto, killing the Pluto, it seems that you also Saint Physique played a role.”

“Not bad!”

Ye Mo points nodded.

“Very good, you can leave, after three days, you can check out your Saint Physique rankings.”

Said the Palace Lord.


Ye Mo left the Chamber directly and went to the great hall of the Saint Physique.

“Ye Mo, what is your Saint Physique? Can the Palace Lord disclose your ranking in advance?”

Mo Li has never left, seems to be waiting for Ye Mo, want to know, his ranking of Saint Physique, took the opportunity to hit Ye Mo.

“You will know after three days!”

Ye Mo left a sentence and left.

“It’s really arrogant. After three days, I really want to see how you lost your face for Cang Tianjun.”

Mo Li is sneered, all the good plays, all in three days.

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