The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5124

“Junior Brother, ignore him, it’s just a good luck.”

The Montenegro Tianjun, who was at the entrance of the secret room, looked at Ye Mo and left, and could not help but greet him.

“He should be some innate talent. Otherwise, Cang Tianjun will not accept him as a disciple. Perhaps, his tempering Saint Physique will not rank too low.”

Mo Li looked at the back of Ye Mo, slowly said.

“Junior Brother, you don’t have to put him too seriously, this Monarch, but I heard that the Xuanqing boulder that he communicated is only ranked in the first hundred. You should know that the ranking of the slate list is the most tested innate talent. “”

Montenegro Tianjun said.

In the Tiangong, there is a saying in the Stonehenge, which is the innate talent list.

Innate talent, the boulder of communication, the more powerful.

As for the Saint Physique list, tempering Saint Physique, there are many factors, such as timidity, heritage and Destiny.

“Just because he was accepted as a discipline by Cang Tianjun, he is destined to be regarded as an opponent by many geniuses. If he does not have that kind of innate talent and connotation, he will only let Cang Tianjun lose his face.”

Mo Li smiled and left the Saint Physique Hall directly.

Everything is waiting for the results after three days. As soon as the results come out, the Saint Physique list will be passed to various places, and the top ten Taikoo Tianyu will also know the new list.

Ye Mo returned to the mysterious valley, but saw thousands of cultivations there. As for Shi Lei and Chen Xing, they were not here.

Thousands of feathers perceive the coming, and they are also waking up from the state of cultivation. “Ye Mo, are you coming back? How is the test of Saint Physique?”

“The results will be known after three days, but the rankings should not be too bad!”

Ye Mo faint said with a smile.

“You are taking time to catch up. The Saint Physique list in Tiangong will update the list once a month. Therefore, it will be tested at the end of the month. After three days, you will know the result. It is really exciting.”

Thousands of feathers, but I heard from Zuo Tianjun in person, Ye Mo’s Saint Physique, will definitely rank in the top ten.

This ranking is absolutely horrible.

The so-called top ten is to squeeze the ten places of Saint Physique, all of them.

Many Saint Physiques were at the forefront, but over time, each and everyone’s mighty Saint Physique was born, and their rankings were squeezed by the new Saint Physique.

The more you go to the back, the gold content of this Saint Physique list is getting higher and higher, want to enter the top ten, ease said than done?

“Shi Lei and Chen Xing?”

Ye Mo didn’t want to continue talking about this topic, and suddenly found that Shi Lei and Chen Xing were not there, could not help but ask.

“They are two, dating, go!”

Thousands of feathers licked their heads and could not help but say.

“can not tell!”

Ye Mo smiled and was about to sit down and continue cultivation. He now has two aspects, and he has to finish quickly.

First, it is the perfect body of breakthrough, and the second is to awaken the spirit of Great Desolate.

Now, his conditions are mature, and he only needs time to breakthrough.

However, just as he was just preparing for cultivation, he saw three gods coming.

Two of the gods, Ye Mo, have seen two disciples of the stars, Huang Daxian and Jiang Qing. As for another god, Ye Mo is very eye-catching.

However, God was standing in the middle of the two gods that day. Obviously, it was a powerful character.

“It is Tian Hao!”

Thousands of feathers frowned.

This Tian Hao, but the star of Tianjun’s big discipline, is very terrifying, and just last year, he also got a Heavenly Talisman in a big game.

These three gods came together, apparently not good.

“This gorge is our cultivation site. What are you doing?”

Qian Yu asked directly.

Tian Hao lightly smiled, said: “You don’t misunderstand, I am here, but I want to find Ye Mo to talk about a deal.”


Ye Mo frowned, said: “I don’t know you, what deals can I talk about?”

Moreover, he is not interested in trading with each other.

“Ye Mo, how do you talk to our Eldest Senior Brother? Our Eldest Senior Brother came to talk to you personally, is to give you a face, don’t you understand? Don’t think that you are a disciple of Cang Tianjun, you can be seen.”

Jiang Qing said coldly: “In Tiangong, you innate talent, can’t be considered anything. In the end, it will only be shamed to Cang Tianjun.”

“What? Is it because you Eldest Senior Brother came to me to talk about the deal, I must be gracious to talk to him? Why?”

Ye Mo sneered again and again, his face was full of irony, this Jiang Qing, really has a problem with his head.

“Just by my Eldest Senior Brother innate talent, the cultivation base is better than you.”

Jiang Qing was angry with his words.

“Oh? As you said, if I let you go eat, you are not going to eat it?”

When Ye Mo’s words fell, Jiang Qing’s face turned red, and a sulking sigh was stuck in his throat.

Because Ye Mo’s innate talent is indeed stronger than him, according to his logic, he really wants to eat.

“Okay, don’t talk to him.”

Tian Hao waved his hand and his face still smiled. “Ye Mo, I am really sincere to talk to you about trading. I heard that you got a Heavenly Talisman. I hope you can sell it to me. I can use it. Ten thousand merits trade with you.”

Ten thousand merits, equivalent to ten top-level Primal Chaos Heaven treasures.

This Tian Hao was able to come up with 10,000 merits and Ye Mo trading Heavenly Talisman, which is so scary.

However, this Heavenly Talisman is not a general thing, even some Tianjun, I really want to get it.

Being able to enter the five cultivation cultivation for a year, this is definitely a rare opportunity.

“Let’s go, I won’t trade with you.”

Ye Mo refused directly, not to mention tens of thousands of merits, even if he was a hundred thousand merit points, he could not trade.

“I hope you can think about it.”

Tian Hao said again: “The tens of thousands of merits are very important to the gods that you have not reached in Refining Heaven.”

“Heavenly Talisman is more important to me.”

Ye Mo smiled and didn’t agree.

On the side of Wong Tai Sin, with both hands clasped, play with a smile: “Ye Mo, this Heavenly Talisman is indeed valuable, in the Deity Hand with innate talent, is invaluable, but in the Deity Hand without any innate talent, It’s a piece of waste. Obviously, you are the first one in the list of the top stone, the latter.”

The voice of Wong Tai Sin is that Ye Mo got Heavenly Talisman, which is equivalent to a useless symbol, because it is not useful to enter the five cultivation secrets.

On the contrary, it is used to trade 10,000 merits, which is more valuable.

“How do you know that this Heavenly Talisman is not useful to me?”

Ye Mo’s eyes are cold.

“In the battlefield, you went to the secrets of the five cultivation mysteries. Didn’t the comprehend fail? This is the best evidence, it’s hard, you want to fail again?”

Wong Tai Sin sneered again and again, this Ye Mo holding Heavenly Talisman is a violent thing.

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