The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5126

The sound of the Palace Lord fell, and the atmosphere of the entire great hall was completely solidified. After a long time, the violent sensation broke out.

a path of incredible gaze, all directed at Ye Mo, in the heart, only one word: How is this possible?

In the top 20 of the list of Saint Physique, there was no such thing as Mo, but Ye Mo was on the list.

Could it be that the Palace Lord got it wrong?

“What the hell? The glass glaze fire Saint Physique, did not enter the top twenty? It is said that no one can say, his Saint Physique can enter the top fifteen.”

“I don’t believe it anyway, and what is Saint Physique of Ye Mo’s young fellow? Is it so powerful? Can you actually get into the top 20?”


In the hearts of many gods, it is impossible to accept this. The most vocal Mo glass does not rank in the top 20, but Ye Mo, who is on the top 20 of the Saint Physique list.

“Palace Lord, are you mistaken, my glass fire Saint Physique, did not reach the top 20 of the Saint Physique list?”

Mo Li could not help but ask.

“Your glazed fire, Saint Physique, has entered the top 20 of the list. Originally, your glazed fire Saint Physique, according to its formidable power, can rank in the twentieth of the Saint Physique list, but the chaos of Ye Mo Put it all together and squeeze you down.”

Said the Palace Lord.

Mo Li’s face turned white for a moment, and he was able to climb the top 20 of the Saint Physique list, but because of Ye Mo’s Saint Physique, he pushed him directly to the list.

“How is this possible? Can the fellow tempering Saint Physique in the top 20 of Saint Physique?”

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!”

Whether it is Wong Tai Sin or Jiang Qing, it is difficult to accept this matter. In their view, Ye Mo is just an ordinary genius, and the Stone List ranks first with 100 gods.

The tempering of Saint Physique can actually rank in the top 20.

“The Saint Physique list of the Temple of Heaven, the top three positions, has not been shaken by the gods. Now, this Monarch wants to announce one thing, the chaos of Ye Mo, the success squeezes the Dragon Blood Physique of the Dragon Blood and becomes the Guardian Saint Physique. List first of Saint Physique.”

Palace Lord said, with a wave of his hands, a huge light curtain appeared in front of the gods, above which is a list of the new Saint Physique list.

And chaos is one, none of which has become the most kind of existence, and the Dragon Physique of the Dragon Blood tempering can only be ranked second, and the third East Emperor Limitless Body is ranked third.

Chaos is integrated into one, using the chaotic Supreme Treasure to merge with the eternal body, and then tempering out of Saint Physique.

Ye Mo is not the top twenty, but the real first!

All the gods are awake from the shock, and they all have a sense of awe in Ye Mo. The tempering Saint Physique can be on the list first, which is enough to get the attention of the Heavenly Palace.

No one will say that Ye Mo is only able to make a name for himself in Divine World, even in the Temple of Heaven, it is still standing.

Although the Saint Physique list is not representative, Ye Mo will achieve high achievements in the future, but at the very least, his heritage will be much stronger than the average god.

At the same time motivate Saint Physique, who can be enemies?

“first !”

Tian Hao, Wong Tai Sin and Mo Li, staring at the most conspicuous place, his eyes flickered.

In their hearts, accepting a huge blow, Ye Mo, which was not in their eyes at all, is now the most dazzling existence.

As for Mo Li, he originally wanted to use this registration list to increase his reputation, but he was directly obscured by Ye Mo and his own rays of light.

“This list will be sent to various places within three days, and any god who climbs the list will reward a thousand merits.”

Palace Lord said again.

Ye Mo looked at his list, smiled and left.

As for Qian Yu, Shi Lei and Chen Xing, they are also very excited. They squinted at Tian Tian, ​​and could not help but recall the words of the other party three days ago. Thousands of feathers could not help but say: “Tian Hao, you said that this Heavenly Talisman fell into the hands of Ye Mo, what is the value? ”

Before, Tian Hao completely looked down on Ye Mo and thought that Ye Mo got Heavenly Talisman, but it was a violent thing. Now, Ye Mo is on the list first, it is a complete blow to their faces.

Jiang Qing’s face is red, I don’t know what to say, but Tian Hao’s mouth is a bit of a slap in the face: “Come on the Saint Physique list, only to show that his Destiny is good, the chaotic Supreme Treasure and true body are merged. It’s really terrible to get up. If the gods try it, they will die.”

“And even the top ranked Saint Physique, if it doesn’t make it to its fullest, formidable power won’t be really powerful!”

Tian Hao continued to add one sentence.

Obviously, he still doesn’t care too much about Ye Mo, Saint Physique is strong, and can’t explain anything, innate talent and heritage, can explain everything.


Ye Mo left the Saint Physique Hall, and the news of chaos to win the top of Saint Physique in Tiangong was spread throughout the outer palace. Soon, even Divine World, the evil path will know.

Cang Tianjun also passed Ye Mo summon and handed a card containing special energy to Ye Mo. “Disciple, this card is the merit card of Tiangong. There are exactly two thousand merit points in it. As the currency in the Temple of Heaven, you have to take it well. In the future, if the Temple of Heaven rewards you for your merits, it will be automatically added to the merit card. You can explore it when you infiltrate the past.”

Ye Mo looked at the card, the size of the palm, and the golden ripple of the whole body, and his thoughts penetrated into it, and it really showed a data of two thousand.

“It’s amazing, this day will really play!”

Ye Mo exclaimed.

“What are you going to do next year?”

Cang Tianjun asked directly.

In another year, the birthday banquet of Wu Shi Tian Jun is coming. No Shi Tianjun is one of the Eight Heavenly Kings of Tiangong. His generation is high and his reputation is extremely high. His birthday feast can be said to be the most important in the Heavenly Palace. Major event.

“Master, I have already planned, I am going to go to the heavenly secret, cultivation Saint Physique. At present, the chaos has reached the complete body of Peak, this time into the heavenly secret, perhaps breaking through to the perfect body.”

Ye Mo indifferently said.


Cang Tianjun nodded, said: “You have your own ideas on the line, enter the cultivation of the heavens, do not care if there is a harvest, know?”

“many thanks Master reminder!”

Ye Mo is slightly diminished. He understands the meaning of Cang Tianjun, the five cultivation secrets, and it is not so easy to get in and get some benefits.

“Go, let the teacher take you directly to the heavenly secret!”

Cang Tianjun waved his hand and left Ye Jun directly with Ye Mo. In a twinkling of an eye, he came to a tall building.

This tall building has an octagonal roof, which corresponds to eight orientations, like a gossip.

At its center, there is a huge statue, a dragon, is the Saint Physique!

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