The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5127

This tall building, on the top of the sky, under the clouds, all around the sea of ​​clouds, do not know what power, suspended it.

“This is the secret of heaven!”

Looking at the high-rise building in front of him, Cang Tianjun said: “This day, the Holy Spirit, was the Dragon Blood Emperor who moved from Great Desolate Era that year, as a cultivation mystery, because this cultivation mystery is extraordinary, it is difficult to comprehend, so, Only open to special gods.”

“Do you mean Heavenly Talisman?”

Ye Mo indifferently said.

Those who can get Heavenly Talisman are not ordinary gods!

“Not bad!”

The point that Cang Tianjun agrees with is nodded: “generally speaking, can get Heavenly Talisman, innate talent will not be weak, let them enter the five cultivation cultivation, for their help, very big, but if, let some innate talent Ordinary gods enter, it is just wasting energy.”

Between the talks, Cang Tianjun floated directly above the attic, saying: “This day, the Holy Secret, in fact, more than a battle, called the heavenly gossip, every orientation, for gossip, heaven, earth, Wind, Thunder, Water, fire, mountains, and Ze, together with the eight characters, really touched the origin of Heavenly Dao.”

Listening to the words of Cang Tianjun, Ye Mo seems to understand the nodded, he probably guessed that this day, the Holy Secred, after the blessing of Heavenly Dao, became a cultivation Saint Physique.

“Hold Heavenly Talisman and go straight to the attic. After a year, wait for your good news!”

When Cang Tianjun finished, he left directly.

Ye Mo did not hesitate, holding the Heavenly Talisman and landing directly at the door of the attic.

The attic gate is open, but has an energy ripple that blocks the outside world.

If you motivate God to explore, you will be able to perceive that this energy ripple, in fact, is also Heavenly Dao condensed, Heavenly Dao’s rune, densely packed.

If you only look at the naked eye, you can only see a ripple.

Ye Mo held Heavenly Talisman and walked straight in. When he really entered the attic, he found that Heavenly Talisman had slowly disappeared.

Entering the attic, Ye Mo has found it and entered another space.

The space underground presents a gossip pattern.

At this moment, Ye Mo is in the very center of the gossip pattern. He did not realize the benefits that this space can bring to him. Instead, he directly sacrificed a Saint Physique.

This Saint Physique is the six-eared Saint Physique. From the Temple of Heaven, he has never had the opportunity to refining this Saint Physique. Now, entering this cultivation mystery, the first thing to do is to refining Saint Physique. With the energy of this Saint Physique, it’s a perfect body.

Once the perfect body is reached, he can transform his body into a Great Array just like any other god.

The so-called perfect body is to transform the eternal body into another form.

For example, the six ears, turned themselves into the battle of the Great Sage monkey.

And once Ye Mo is cultivating to the perfect body, he can turn himself into a nine-nine, and no longer have to introduce his opponent into his with the body Great Array.

However, as Saint Physique, who just appeared on the first Pierre of the Saint Physique list, it is obviously not that easy to cultivate to perfection.

Today, Ye Mo enters the celestial world, and really wants to tempering it to perfection, so that he will not waste cultivation time on Saint Physique in the future, just need to fully cultivate the mind.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo no longer wastes time, breaking the statue of the Guardian Saint Physique directly into a burst of golden energy, he just prepared to inhale the body for tempering Saint Physique.

However, it was discovered that the gossip pattern on the ground began to rotate. The eight characters of Heaven, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire, Mountain, and Zee on the gossip were shining with golden rays of light.

Those golden energies were forcibly absorbed by the eight characters, and all of them were absorbed.

This scene made Ye Mo unexpectedly unexpected.

At this time, the eight words, also floated from the Gossip Great Array, suspended in the body of Ye Mo, and finally, the eight characters, constantly release the rays of light, bombarded in the body of Ye Mo.

The first is Tianzi. The word hits his body that day and immediately feels that there is a power of heaven and earth, and it is suppressed in his body.

The word, there is a force buried by Hell, to drag Ye Mo directly into the boundless Hell.

As for the other six words, almost every word contains different concepts and is constantly bombarded.

Ye Mo continued to bear, feeling that his body would collapse, and when he was about to bear it, the eight words stopped attacking.


Ye Mo is light exhaled, wondering: “What is going on?”

This mystery, he has not known what is going on now, but he will also absorb the energy of Saint Physique.

Not only him, but Hong Ling and Hei Feng are not clear.

“However, it was very thrilling just now. If the eight words continue to be bombarded, I may not be able to bear it!”

Ye Mo has a feeling of avoided a catastrophe. If the eight words continue to attack, he is really unbearable. Once he can’t bear it, the eternal body may be broken directly.

“Ye Mo, this is the secret of heaven, used to cultivate Saint Physique. Could it be that the eight words just used to tempering you Saint Physique?”

The black front could not help guessing.


Ye Mo shook his head and said: “The eight words are bombarding my body. Every word contains a special concept. It is not something that the average god can bear. If it is not my cultivation. Chaos is one, I am afraid, the body has long been broken!”

Sighed, Ye Mo all around, explored, illusory, as if in the endless starry sky.

As for the foot, it is the gossip method.

In other words, the mystery in this mystery is in the Eight Diagrams.

“The energy of Saint Physique was absorbed by the Great Array just now, that is, any energy that is motivated may be absorbed.”

Ye Mo thought of this, could not help but frown. I have to say that this secret is really difficult. If I don’t understand it thoroughly, I am afraid that in this year of mystery, I will truly return.

Sure enough, these five cultivation mysteries are not so easy to cultivate.

Ye Mo tried some, urging chaotic divine strength, and sure enough, those chaotic divine strengths condensed out, they would absorb the gossip, and the eight characters continued to bombard him.

He immediately withdrew his strength and stopped the attack of the formation.

“How to do?”

Ye Mo frowned, he can’t sit in this secret place for a year?

Just as Ye Mo was at a loss, a wild voice was passed from his within the body.

“Stupid, you are still a fateful person, have you forgotten your housekeeping skills?”

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