The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5128

This voice, old and old, carries a hint of hateful iron.

Ye Mo heard this voice, his face with an incredible expression: “You? You are the power of the opposite?”

Because, he can feel that this voice is transmitted from the power of rebellion.

In other words, the power of rebellion is already awakening the spirit of Great Desolate.

what’s the problem?

Ye Mo is very puzzled and simply doesn’t understand what is going on.

“Yes, this seat is the power of rebellion!”

The sound came again: “In the past few days, when you used the power of Pluto, tempering against Qi of Life, this seat has already awakened, but at that time, this seat did not dare to wake up, once awake, the outside world is bound to Producing a vision of Heaven and Earth may even affect the eternal era. At present, you have not really mastered the power of rebellion.”

“So, you only waited until I came to this secret, and I woke up?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes, this secret, completely isolated, the wake of this seat, did not let the outside Heavenly Dao feel it.”

The sound of the power of rebellion is passed on.

“You are finally awakened, and now the power of rebellion is the real power of Great Desolate?”

Ye Mo sighed.

At first, he was told by the powerhouse sealed in the black arm that his power of rebellion requires tempering to truly have the Aura of Great Desolate.

Now, after so many years of hard work, especially the power of Pluto, he has gained a lot of Pluto’s temperament, and it is completely reviving the power of Great Desolate.

“Now the power of the real Great Desolate is almost far!”

The power of the reverse force can not help but say: “The power of Great Desolate, according to the strength of Great Desolate aura, is divided into four levels of Heaven and Earth Great Desolate. Now, the Great Desolate aura of the power of defeat is only the Heavenly Grade. If you reach the ridiculous level of Peak, you can count on the real power of Great Desolate, and you can compete with the power of Pluto who was born.”

The original Pluto, the kind of Pluto, is only a scent of Pluto, and formidable power is less than one ten thousandth of Pluto’s power.


Ye Mo was a little surprised, but he soon woke up, and now the power of rebellion has awakened, and it will certainly help him in his future cultivation.

“Okay, don’t talk nonsense, start cultivation!”

Said the power of rebellion.


Ye Mo points nodded, from the reminder of the power of the rebellion, he already knows how to do it.

Since this Great Array will absorb energy and attack him, he will directly infuse the power of the reverse into the Great Array and then reverse it. The Great Array will naturally not be like him again.

Ye Mo waved with one hand, and a lot of reverse Qi of Life, swept out of his cuffs, all poured into the gossip array.

The gossip array was just ready to go. The eight characters were ready to attack him, and they were reversed. A lot of energy, swept out from eight characters, continually washed Ye Mo’s body.

This kind of energy, for Ye Mo’s eternal body, no longer hurts, but is constantly tempering his eternal body.

Ye Mo spurred Saint Physique and began to enjoy the tempering.

Time flow, day after day, one year, soon passed.

In this way, Ye Mo is also in a very smooth state with a reversal of the power of rebellion, with the help of the gossip Great Array, tempering Saint Physique.

At the last moment, Ye Mo’s Saint Physique was finally tempering to the extreme, bursting with a cicada.

Followed by!

Ye Mo’s body began to change, illusory, and finally turned into a Great Array, the Great Array, with 81 light column.

The beam of light, in the Great Array, seems to be slowly spinning in a very wonderful wave.

Any god in this Great Array will feel a huge oppression, as if there is no way to go, there is no door to the ground.

“Chaos is integrated, and finally it is the degree of tempering to the perfect body. I Ye Mo, finally reached this level.”

In the midst of the ninety-nine, a voice of excitement was delivered.

Then, the Great Array gradually began to illusion and re-created the silhouette of Ye Mo.

“This is ninety-nine, but it is comparable to the chaotic Supreme Treasure of the powerhouse. Now, my Saint Physique can be directly transformed into this Great Array. Those Heavenly God Realm’s powerhouses are simply not my opponents. ”

Ye Mo’s faint said with a smile, he can now reach the Refining Heaven a few robbers, once the sacrifice method, the opponent will die.

“Ye Mo, you are too whimsical!”

At this time, the words of the power of rebellion are like a basin of cold water, which is directly poured on him.

“Your array is really powerful, but you can’t really play the formidable power that belongs to the chaotic Supreme Treasure. With the estimate of true body, with the extent of your current Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation, you can kill a Refining Heaven 5. Tribulation’s powerhouse should be without any difficulty.”

The power of rebellion said: “And, you have a fatal flaw in this Great Array.”

“What are the disadvantages?”

Ye Mo was surprised. He didn’t think that his Great Array had any shortcomings.

“You are a Great Array, and the interior is truly invincible. Even a reversible powerhouse, inside the Great Array, can’t hurt you, but if the other person is outside the Great Array, you really can’t help.”

The power of rebellion said: “Once you put your opponent outside, don’t say the powerhouse against the heavens, even the powerful Heavenly God Realm powerhouse can directly hit you.”

The array method is always very strong inside, but external, but very fragile.

After Ye Mo heard it, it was also darkly nodded. It seems that I will notice this later.

“Ye Mo, once you go out, you will be self-enclosed. Otherwise, you will be aware of the powerhouse of this temple. In addition, your Master is a good god.”

The power of rebellion continues.

“You have to hide again?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“Well, this seat knows what you want to ask, but if you know it now, it doesn’t make any sense. Try to cultivate and go to the opposite world.”

The power of rebellion said: “In the future, this seat will only show up when it really feels safe. So, don’t expect this seat to help you, understand?”

Speaking, the power of rebellion no longer speaks, and completely sleeps.

Now, the spirit of Great Desolate has regained consciousness, and Ye Mo itself does not have enough things. If the power of rebellion does not sleep, it will be easy to be noticed.

The current Ye Mo is not enough to protect the power of rebellion.

The year of cultivation has ended, and Ye Mo has also come out of the heavenly secret.

This Heavenly Talisman, let him directly break through to the perfect body of Saint Physique, the harvest is not small.

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