The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5129

Ye Mo left the Tiansheng secret, and also sighed: “This day, the holy world is really powerful. The foundation of the Heavenly Palace is too strong, and I don’t know, the day of the tomb, there are strange places.”

In addition to the heavenly tombs, the other four mysteries have the god comprehend. As for the heavenly tomb, there is no benefit from the gods.

Ye Mo is naturally very curious about the tomb of the day, and even has an idea to go in and try.

“Ye Mo, have you finally come out? The birthday banquet of Wu Shi Tianjun is about to begin, and Uncle Shi let us wait for you here.”

At this time, a forms came out of the sea of ​​clouds, it was a thousand feathers, presumably, he has been waiting here for a long time.

“Is it going to start?”

Ye Mo glimpsed, he came to the Temple of Heaven, and it was almost a year.

There is no beginning of the birthday of the banquet, is it finally to start?

“Well, there are still a few days, but there is no birthday banquet for the first day, we have to hold three days and three nights, we have to enter a few days in advance, and the rules of the birthday banquet, and the rules you imagine, It can be a bit different.”

Thousands of feathers smiled and looked at Ye Mo. He couldn’t help but ask: “Ye Mo, it seems that you have gained something in this day’s secret.”

“Well, I have succeeded in merging chaos into a perfect body.”

Ye Mo is nodded, but he is not too excited. He knows how much effort he has made to impact the perfect body.

He has no big bottleneck from the ordinary body, impacting the mature body and the complete body. Only the perfect body consumes too much time, so he has been very calm now.

However, it is very strange that Qian Yu sees Ye Mo so calmly. It is very difficult to know that the Saint Physique list on the Saint Physique list is the top Saint Physique. The more difficult it is to cultivate to perfection.

“Ye Mo, you are still so calm, you don’t know, what happened in the past year, Wong Tai Sin often yells in front of us, saying that your innate talent is not good, even if tempering chaos is integrated, it is difficult to cultivate to perfection. Body, not reaching perfect body, and then the powerful Saint Physique, is also awe.”

Thousands of feathers said.

Saint Physique, the only form of the formidable power is the only one that is truly cultivating to the perfect body.

Even Ye Mo’s Saint Physique, if only the full body, does not spell some perfect body Saint Physique.

And the powerful Saint Physique, naturally it is difficult to tempering to the perfect body.

“Don’t worry about him, this time, I will let them know how strong I am!”

Ye Mo indifferently said.

After they talked for a while, they left directly.

In a pavilion in the inner palace, a dozen days, sitting around, with delicious food in the middle, of course, there are all kinds of fine wine.

“No, I can’t drink any more, and then drink it, I will miss the birthday feast of Wu Shijun.”

An old man said drunk, his body is full of alcohol, and it is the Valley Lord of the Xuanqing Valley.

He drank this drink and was actually drunk for a few days.

Some Tianjun, basically no matter what, has been retreating, and if they do not have a birthday party, they will not be able to leave the country in advance.

Then, when I met the Valley Lord, I want to get together, and this drink is endless.

“There is no beginning of the birthday of the banquet. At the beginning, it was only the gathering of the little fellow. Later, we were on the scene. We were not in a hurry and could drink for a few more days.”

One of them, Tian Jun, took the Xuan Qing Valley Lord, very enthusiastic, just did not want them to leave.

Xuan Qing Valley Lord suddenly took a picture of his head and said: “Oops, this Monarch’s list of megaliths has not been updated yet, don’t drink with you, let’s get together at the party.”

Between the conversations, he also hurriedly left. In a year, the new discipline will surely communicate with the Xuanqing boulder. He must update it. Otherwise, he will be punished once he is blamed.

Ye Mo followed thousands of feathers and returned to Xuanqing Glen, Shi Lei and Chen Xing, where they waited.

When the two gods saw Ye Mo appearing, they also jumped directly from the Xuanqing boulder. Shi Lei said: “Ye Mo, how was cultivation this year?”

“success breakthrough perfect body!”

Ye Mo said with a slight smile.

“It’s really envious. Just after entering the Temple of Heaven, I have achieved such a result. You can have a good performance at the birthday party without the beginning of Heaven.”

Shi Lei thought of it here, and there was a sigh of relief in his heart. The Wong Tai Sin and Tian Hao, from time to time, came to look for them to suffocate and provoke them.

“Oh? I heard that there is no birthday feast for the beginning of the king, and it is not the same as the ordinary birthday feast. What is the difference?”

Ye Mo asked directly.

“There is a big difference. In the Heavenly Palace, the significance of holding a birthday banquet is not just to give birthday to Tianjun, but also to the gathering of younger generation disciples. Their older generation is just our foil!”

Chen Xing lightly covered his lips and smiled.

Moreover, Tianjun’s birthday banquet is not the most sensational. The birthday banquet of the Emperor is the most sensational.

“Our younger generation, who want to participate in the birthday party of Tianjun, must register in person.”

Chen Xing went on to say: “As long as it is Tianjun’s discipline, you can participate, but when you sign up, you need to record some of our basic rankings and cultivation base.”

“What is this?”

Ye Mo curiously asked.

“Nature is to compete, more powerful than anyone else, and this data is completely undisclosed, because the disciple who really attends the banquet, unless really familiar, you can’t know which Tianjun’s discipline will be.”

Chen Xing said: “And, in the banquet, the outstanding manifest, as the host of the beginning of the king, will certainly reward something to us.”

“The most important point is that it is a gift, since it is a birthday banquet for the beginning of the day, as a discipline, it must be a gift, and the gifts we receive are not too expensive, pay attention to a kind of mind.”

Thousands of feathers are also added.

Disciple gives gifts to Tianjun. Even if it is financially worthwhile, in the eyes of Tianjun, it is only a drop in the ocean. Therefore, the birthday gift they sent is a kind of mind.

To put it bluntly, it means that the meaning is better.

Moreover, the gifts between the disciples are also exquisite, and the gifts that are sent are more meaningful, and will naturally be praised.

Therefore, like Duobao Heavenly Venerable, Mo Li, as the discipline of the beginning of the king, it is necessary to carefully prepare the birthday ceremony.

At that time, the Great Desolate, which was not auctioned by Young Master Ye, was prepared for him to be a birthday gift.

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