The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5131

The difficulty of the assessment of the garden this day basically determines the base of the discipline participating in the banquet.

In the past, some Tianjun’s birthday banquets basically reported the name of the discipline, and the 80% disciple was able to participate in the birthday party.

However, this discipline believes that its own strength, in the same level of the gods, is considered the level of the middle reaches, he can not pass the assessment, nature, in the same level, with half of the discipline, unable to pass the assessment.

On the high stage, the assessment goes on, and it will hardly stop. One after another, whether it is success or failure, their expressions will not change much.

Unless there is something unexpected, or an upset, it will cause a sensation.

For example, some weaknesses of the discipline, success passed the assessment.

Because there are too many disciples in the assessment, Ye Mo is not in a hurry to participate in the assessment. Even thousands of Shi Lei, they did not participate in the assessment, but looked at one side.

Because, many of the disciplines are all looking at it, there are seven disciplines, wearing uniform service.

“Tiangong Qilong has finally appeared, and I don’t know how far they have reached.”

“It is said that Tiangong Seven Dragons has also invited Ye Mo to become the Tiangong Eight Dragons. However, in the end, Ye Mo became the discipline of Cang Tianjun.”

“It is not bad to be the Tiangong Eight Dragons. After all, the Master of the Tiangong Seven Dragons is also one of the Eight Great Heavens.”

Many gods saw the Seven Dragons of the Heavenly Palace come out and burst into arguments.

Ye Mo saw that the seven dragons appeared, and his face was smeared with different colors. He came to the Heavenly Palace for some days, and naturally cleared the bottom of the Chu Tian Palace.

Their Master of the Seven Dragons is Shenglong Tianjun, also one of the Eight Great Heavens.

Moreover, Shenglong Tianjun has a very special identity, that is the discipline of the Dragon Blood Emperor.

Tiangong Qilong, as the disciple of Shenglong Tianjun, will naturally receive great attention. Moreover, these seven representatives, all of them are Zulong inheritance, can be regarded as a banner in the Temple of Heaven.

The Tiangong Seven Dragons, even if they are evil, can hear their names. If they change some innate talents than their Tiangong Qilong strong disciples, their reputation may not be comparable to them.

As soon as they came, they walked straight to Ye Mo. On the face of the seven dragons, they all smiled, and the headed Heavenly Venerable walked over to Ye Mo and said, “Dragon Blood Heavenly Venerable , long time no see I can’t think of you being able to make such a reputation in the Heavenly Palace. Saint Physique is the first, tsk tsk. I don’t know how much surprise you can bring us?”

“Good luck!”

Ye Mo reluctantly loosened his shoulders.

“I hope you can pass the assessment!”

Dragonly Heavenly Venerable said that he left.

A small storm, this is the end, many disciples, once again turned their attention to the high platform.

Ye Mo has watched the second high platform on ten disciplines, basically eliminating five, that is, half of the disciples will be eliminated.

“Isn’t this the Ye Mo of our first Saint Physique list? Can you think of you reaching the level of Refining Heaven?”

At this time, the three fellow apprentices of Wong Tai Sin, Jiang Qing and Tian Yu came over.

“What else do you want to say?”

Asked Ye Mo.

“On the birthday banquet, you’d better hide behind Cang Tianjun, don’t make any show, because that doesn’t belong to your stage.”

Wong Tai Sin reminded.

“Ye Mo, we are really kindly reminding you that the megalithic list you communicate with is even better than Wong Tai Sin. This time, the discipline of participating in the birthday banquet has the existence of the top 20 in the double list, for example, Ye Wuhen!”

Tian Hao said, looking at one side.

Ye Mo looked at the past and saw the distance. It was surrounded by a circle. Many female disciplines, like the stars, were surrounded by a handsome young man.

This young man, white and temperamental, is very conspicuous among many gods and gods. He does not take care of the greetings of all around female disciples.

It seems that everything that is all around is hard to arouse his interest.

Ye Mo saw it at a glance, and Ye Wuhen’s out of the ordinary, just the female disciples of that many, was enough to show that he was extraordinary.

In the top 20 of the double list, this is indeed very scary.

For example, Wong Tai Sin, although he communicated with Huang Quanshi on the list of nine, but his Saint Physique did not have a very high ranking.

It’s not that easy to want to double the top 20.

This represents the foundation and innate talent, both of which are leading.

If there is a discipline like Huang Daxian and Tian Hao, genius, then the crime of Ye Wuhen is genius.

“In addition to this Ye Wuhen, there are two top 20s in the list?”

Asked Ye Mo.

“It’s not as good as Ye Wuhen. It’s not that he doesn’t necessarily attend the party. Of course, we are not sure.”

Wong Tai Sin said: “We are just reminding you that if you really want to perform, you don’t need Ye Wuhen to take the shot, we will also suppress you, because there is no birthday party, I don’t want you to be too bright. It is.”

There is no need for Ye Mo to deal with Ye Mo. Even if it is because of his own face, he can’t do it, and he doesn’t want Ye Mo to be too bright.

Ye Wuhen has been in a state of retreat, intending to save the reserves, and then prepare for the challenge Deva Path.

This time, he was also under the pressure of the Master to pressure the field, and Ye Wuhen’s Master is also one of the Eight Great Heavens.

“My rays of light, no one can stop it!”

Ye Mo smiled disdainfully. Seeing the second downfall, there was no more discrimination challenge. He didn’t hesitate. He jumped up.

“Ye Mo, he jumped directly to the second high platform, did he reach the Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation?”

For many gods, Ye Mo is able to break through the Refining Heaven mood, which is very rare. Today, it has reached the Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation.

Many gods have cast their eyes on it. Even Ye Wuhen has also cast a gaze.

For this success, Ye Mo, who is on the top of the Saint Physique list, will naturally receive great attention.

They want to see if Ye Mo can pass the assessment.

“I only have three moves, you have to take my three moves, and the third move is not allowed to lose, otherwise, directly eliminated!”

The appraisal officer is coldly said.

“come on!”

Ye Mo stepped back a few steps and did not sacrifice the weapon. He has observed more than a dozen battles. This level of combat is not enough to make him lose.

The so-called defeat is the other side of the suppression, for example, Ye Mo is stepped back, this is also a defeat.

Therefore, this kind of assessment is a test of the general genius.

“Young fellow, then you will pick up!”

The invigilator grinned and smiled, and the horrible Heavenly Dao condensed and punched Ye Mo’s head.

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