The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5133

When I heard Ye Mo talking about Ye Wuhen, the face of the three gods changed, especially Shi Lei, his face turned red: “The fellow, we must not go to offend, his mind is small, slightly offended him, he will Trying to deal with you, the small friction between the differences, although there is nothing, but lost face, in the face of those disciplines, will inevitably be pointed.”

Genius, the most important face, every genius disciple, is extremely confident, if you are humiliated in front of the discipline, it is more painful than killing them.

“Who is his discipline? So powerful?”

Ye Mo is observing and observing. Most of the guesses are that Shi Lei must have been humiliated by Ye Wuhen. In the top 20 of the list, he is very curious. Which Tianjun received such a powerful discipline.

“Ye Mo, the Eight Heavenly Kings in the Temple of Heaven, are actually divided into two camps. Although they cooperate on the surface, they have a fight in private.”

Shi Lei said that he told Ye Mo about some of the things of the Eight Great Heavenly Kings and let Ye Mo have a deeper understanding of Tiangong.

The Eight Heavenly Kings of the Temple of Heaven are the eight Rank 4 Heavenly Kings, all of which are the inverse of the powerhouse that challenged Rank 4 Heavenly Dao and success breakthrough.

Cang Tianjun, Huang Tianjun, Qing Tianjun and Hui Ji Tianjun are a camp.

And there is no beginning, the stars, the heavenly king, the holy dragon and the Wandao Tianjun, is a camp.

Ye Wuhen is the discipline of Wan Dao Tian Jun. Wan Dao Tian Jun is the eighth of the eight kings, the smallest Tian Jun, but Divine Vision knows the beads. As long as Ye Wuhen has not grown up, he found him. The potential to be taken as a disciple.

Nowadays, a genius in the top 20 of the double list is cultivated by him.

Ye Mo hearing this is also dark nodded.

With their conversation, each and everyone’s discipline, also entered here, especially the arrival of Ye Wuhen, but also caused a burst of sensation, no one thought that Ye Wuhen will go out to attend the banquet.

After all, Ye Wuhen’s innate talent, no longer need to prove it, and many disciples know that Ye Wuhen is ready to attack the world.

Many disciplines have been waiting for a long time, and all the disciplines have already entered the market. In the past, there have been at least a thousand.

“You are the disciples, since you have all arrived, then you will wait patiently. For about three days, the Heavenly Kings will debut together, and the birthday feast of the beginning of Heaven will begin.”

An old man suddenly appeared, leaving a sentence, it was left directly.

Next, a lot of disciplines, two 20% groups, are talking.

Many disciplines have placed themselves in the cultivation of Xuanqing Glen. They rarely talk to some familiar disciplines. Now, when they gather together, they will naturally not miss this opportunity.

Many of the disciples, voluntarily greeted Ye Wuhen, then returned to their place and waited patiently.

As for Ye Mo, it is sitting under a smallpox tree, closing his eyes and thinking, and turning a deaf ear to the outside world.

Soon, three days, just passed!

With a hustle and bustle, Ye Mo opened his eyes and saw a number of disciplines, moving forward.

At this time, a robe old man appeared, shouting loudly: “The Tianjun birthday feast represents a happy event in our Tiangong, and it also symbolizes that our Tiangong will become stronger and stronger. Today, it is no beginning. The longevity of Jun, let us have no time to start.”


The words fell, many disciplines, are looking towards towards the palace in the distance.

The disciples were blurred in the front, and the next moment they saw a silver robe silver man, appearing directly above the palace.

His whole body seems to be undulating all the time, as if the entire space is running around him.

Behind him, there are three gods, and the three gods, Ye Mo, are still very familiar.

The first one is a woman wearing a Heavenly Venerable robe, and it is a Healy Heavenly Venerable.

The second one is the training officer of the Rank 3 section of the eternal training camp of the year, Scorpion Silver.

The third is naturally Mo Li.

These three gods, as the disciple of the beginning of the king, naturally followed the beginning of the beginning.

“This time this Monarch has deliberately improved the difficulty of the assessment. I don’t think there are so many disciplines to come in. I have to say that the discipline of our outer palace is getting more and more powerful.”

No beginning Tianjun said a word, his face showed a very gratifying expression.

He was sitting directly at the banquet in front of the palace. As for his three disciplines, he stood behind.

With the debut of the beginning of the king, many of the heavenly kings entered each other and everyone.

Basically, as long as there is no retreat, Tianjun will come to participate in the birthday feast of Wu Shi Tian Jun.

With each and everyone’s admission, Ye Mo finally saw his master, he and Huang Tianjun Qing Tianjun, and a female Tianjun, joined the field, and finally sat on the right side of Wu Shi Tianjun. side.

As for the stars Tianjun, Shenglong Tianjun and Wandao Tianjun, they are sitting on the other side.

In addition to the Eight Great Heavens, the left and right Tianjun also appeared at the same time, sitting on one side.

It can be said that in the entire Tiangong, in addition to the Emperor of the Emperor and the Emperor of the Emperor, basically, the Tianjun, who can be called the name, was all present.

Other Tianjun is seated in the seat of the public square all around, visually checking the past, and saying that there are more than 10,000 Tianjun.

The number of Tianjun is ten times more than the discipline. I have to say that this day’s counter-powerhouse is a lot of powerhouse.

Moreover, it is not a remnant of Tianjun.

Tianjun was present, all the disciples, also bowed to the ceremony: “See you Tianjun.”

“Now, please have all the disciplines, go to the respective Master!”

A voice fell, and those disciplines, each and everyone couldn’t wait to fly to their respective Masters.

Those Tianjun, seeing the discipline flying, his face filled with a smile, as for some Tianjun, his face was slightly embarrassed, his disciples failed to attend the banquet, and naturally fell a bit.

Cang Tianjun saw Ye Mo flying and fell in front of him. He also included with with a smile: “disciple, this time, how do you feel?”

“Master, the appraisal officer seems to be able to target me, the assessment of me, the attack has at least doubled, otherwise I have more means, I am afraid to give you elderly shame.”

Ye Mo indifferently said.


Cang Tianjun was shocked and said: “disciple, you can rest assured, for the division will be the master for you, right, this Huang Tianjun and Qingtianjun have seen you, this is Hui Ji Tianjun, you can quickly see.”

Cang Tianjun pointed to the beautiful woman sitting next to her, slowly said.

Ye Mo walked over and handed over: “See Hui Ji Tianjun!”

However, Hui Ji Tianjun is coldly snorted, and did not look at Ye Mo. The sky is a little bit stunned, and he could not help but say: “Hui Er, how do you give me a face? This is the discipline I just received.”

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