The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5135

“Master, don’t worry, this birthday gift promises to give you a long face, and you can still be angry with it, and he has nothing to say.”

Ye Mo faint said with a smile.

“Oh? It’s very curious to be a teacher. What kind of birthday is you prepared for him!”

Cang Tianjun’s face is smiling, Ye Mo’s birthday gift, but it’s very particular. Let the two Tianjun’s faces be satisfied, and let the ignorance of Tianjun’s inner anger. This is not the ordinary birthday gift. Arrived.

Therefore, Cang Tianjun is looking forward to the birthday gift from Ye Mo.

As time went by, each and everyone disciple was sent to the birthday ceremony, and did not cause too much fluctuations. Instead, it was the several disciples of Stars, the Wong Tai Sin, Jiang Qing and Tian Wei, and sent a few birthday gifts. Ingenuity, let no beginning Tianjun laugh.

Of course, the birthday of the Tiangong Seven Dragons is also out of the ordinary. Each god uses its ancestral strength of Dragon to refining a ancestral dragon, because the seven dragons are different ancestral inheritors, so they refining The pill medicine, which carries the dragon, is also different.

Seven Zulongdan, no beginning Tianjun also received all.

As for the stars and stars, the dawn is turned, looked towards Cang Tianjun and Huang Tianjun, faintly smiled and said: “Huang Tianjun, Cang Tianjun, your disciples, can never be heard, no, is there no special preparation for the beginning of the king gift?”

Many Tianjun and Disciples have turned their eyes to Huang Tianjun and Cang Tianjun.

They all know that there is no peace between the beginning of Heaven and Cang Tianjun. This time, the gift is mostly to make Huang Tianjun embarrassed.

However, Cang Tianjun smiled and said: “This Monarch’s discipline pays great attention to this birthday banquet, and naturally prepares a birthday ceremony. However, the assessment just was too difficult. He almost couldn’t attend the birthday party. Now, he didn’t want to understand what this is all about!”

The implication is that it is very difficult for Ye Mo to participate in the assessment. This kind of difficulty is not heard in other Tianjun’s ears. However, listening to the ears of the first day is extremely harsh.

Because it was for his appraisers to deliberately increase the difficulty of evaluating Ye Mo, but did not expect that Ye Mo still passed the assessment and entered here.

“Thousands of feathers, Shi Lei, Chen Xing, what kind of birthday gifts have you prepared for Wu Shi Tianjun? Take it out and show them to you.”

Huang Tianjun said this time.


At the same time, the three gods were nodded, and they went up. Every god, they took out a birthday gift.

What a thousand feathers took out was a strange flower, and Shi Lei took it out, it was actually a Spirit Beast, and Chen Xing took it out, it was a fruit.

These three birthdays are not rare treasures, but they are very rare, and they have meanings.

Many Tianjun, who have a broad knowledge, have never seen what this flower is. What is this beast, what is this fruit, but when I look at it, I feel strange.

“hehe, have a heart!”

No beginning Tianjun smiled and immediately passed the Taoist.

“The three disciplines of Huang Tianjun, I really don’t know where to get things, although rare, but there is no such thing as a snack. I am afraid that it is passing by, picking a flower and picking it up?”

Xingsu Tianjun could not help but start to fall down the stone, his face full of drama.

As for the Wandao Tianjun on the side, he smiled and said: “What fruit, I am afraid it is also picky.”

A few Heavenly Kings, you can say one sentence, let thousands of three gods, some ashamed and unable to show one’s face, but they dare not collide, after all, those are Tianjun, their elders, they can only return to Huang Tianjun Behind him.

The birthday rituals they prepared were not picked up by hand, but they were really looking for a lot of time, only to find them.

However, Wu Shijun did not seem to have the patience to listen to them.

Wong Tai Sin stood behind the stars and stared at Ye Mo, then staring at Ye Mo, then faintly smiled and said: “Ye Mo, you are the first genius of the Saint Physique list, you will not give them a birthday gift for the first day. The same thing, pick something up, come to flicker without the beginning of heaven?”

Wong Tai Sin deliberately aggravated the tone of the “Tiangong Saint Physique list first”. His genius, presented to the birthday of the beginning of the king, should not be shabby.

At this time, Ye Mo came out unhurriedly and said: “I have really forgotten the life of the beginning of the king!”

Many Tianjun and discice, all are pupils shrank, this fellow, really dare to say it, even if you just take the piece of birthday, it is better than empty hand to participate in the birthday ceremony.

In doing so, isn’t it obvious that it’s embarrassing for the beginning? Even if it is Cang Tianjun, his face changes slightly. Doesn’t this bastard have prepared a birthday gift?

Could it be that he did not say that he could not take the shot for his birthday?

For a moment, the face of Wu Shijun was completely pulled down, and the atmosphere of the whole birthday party was dignified a little.

As for the Wong Tai Sin, Jiang Qing, Tian Hao, Mo Li and Ye Wuhen and other gods, it is also a slap in the face, looked towards Ye Mo, as if watching a jumping clown.

Today, Ye Mo is completely humiliating.

However, Ye Mo did not care about the discussion around the gods, and continued: “Because this year, I have been in the cultivation of Tiansheng, and I have only been out of it since recently. Just preparing for a birthday banquet is a disrespect for the beginning of the king.”

Many disciples were shocked. They all heard that Ye Mo was rewarded by the Heavenly Palace for the power of Pluto. The reward was a Heavenly Talisman, Heavenly Talisman who was able to enter the five cultivation cultivations.

“And, I have heard that, in the past, you said that in recent years, almost no gods have been able to improve in the mysterious world, so that you are very sad. Today, I will enhance my own experience in the heavenly world. Come out and give it to you as a birthday gift!”

Ye Mo loudly said, the voice is very loud.

In the past, it was true that Wu Shijun did not say this. Ye Mo was heard when chatting with Qian Yu.

Because, in recent years, many geniuses want to enter the cultivation Saint Physique, and then there is no breakthrough.

Therefore, no singer has issued such a sigh. Today, Ye Mo intends to use his ascension, as a birthday gift, and give it to the beginning of the king, it can be considered to make up for the regret of the beginning of the king.

This birthday ceremony, and the birthday ceremony of Mo Li, have the same effect.

“Is it true that his chaos is one, cultivation to mature?”

“That is Saint Physique, the first in Saint Physique, which is so easy to cultivate to mature?”

Many Tianjun are guessing, if Ye Mo can really improve in the heavenly secret, it is indeed a surprise.

At least, in their Heavenly Palace, there are geniuses who can get breakthrough in the heavenly secret.

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