The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5136

If a discipline can’t be promoted in the heavenly secret, then all the disciples will think that it is difficult to comprehend that day, at least, the genius in recent years has not been able to break through.

However, once you have a discrimination success comprehend, naturally, for other disciplines, it is actually a benchmark.

“This fellow, actually got a breakthrough in the heavenly secret?”

Wong Tai Sin, Tian Hao and Jiang Qing, their faces are very ugly. A year ago, they also satirized Ye Mo and thought that Ye Mo entered the five cultivation secrets. It was a waste. Today, Ye Mo uses the facts and beats. They are slap in the face.

You must know that among the five cultivation mysteries, except for the secret of the heavenly tomb, the most difficult to comprehend is the heavenly secret.

As for the other three secrets, it is not so difficult.

Even Mo Li, his face is slightly ugly. In a year, his Saint Physique breakthrough reached the level of mature body, and Ye Mo also broke through, and his Saint Physique surpassed the existence of Saint Physique.

It can be said that the difficulty of the break of Ye Mo is more difficult than him.

When Cang Tianjun heard Ye Mo’s words, his face was full of smiles, not only the extent of maturity, but since Ye Mo success breakthrough, it is the real perfect body!

No Shi Tianjun’s head flashed a black line, but his face was only able to keep a smile, saying: “I don’t think there is a discipline that can succeed comprehend in the heavenly secret. If so, then you will show it, just right, let All the Heavenly Kings have seen each other, the Heavenly Palace Saint Physique ranks the first forformable power.”

Nowadays, he can only endure anger, and he did not expect that Cang Tianjun will give him such a trick.

It’s absolutely beyond his expectation to use his discise to promote himself.

As for Zuo Tianjun and Right Heaven Jun, they have not spoken and watched quietly.

For this chaos, they are naturally very curious.

Especially right Tianjun, he knows that Ye Mo is on the list of the giant stone, its real ranking, also the first, double list first, destined not ordinary.

“In this case, the discipline will be ugly!”

Ye Mo jumped and floated in the air. The body was violently shocked, and the chaotic-colored rays of light came out directly. Then, the silhouette of Ye Mo began to illusion and turned into a huge array, suspended. Space.

Jiujiu returned to the front, directly formed!

Seeing this scene, Wu Shi Tianjun stood up directly, and his eyes sparkled incredulously: “The nine ninth return, perfect body of Saint Physique!”


After many Tianjun saw it, each and everyone was shocked. They thought that even if Ye Mo could break through, it would only be a breakthrough to the mature body. Now, it is directly reaching the perfect body.

With the eternal body, it is directly transformed into the Great Array, which is a perfect expression.


All the heavenly kings, including the disciles in the heart, have been shocked. The Saint Physique, ranked first in the Saint Physique list of Tiangong, is directly cultivating to the perfect body with the help of Tiansheng, and it is too horrible.

When Ye Mo took back Saint Physique, he also said, “Disciple is here to wish no one to start, to be able to return to a higher realm.”

After that, he also returned directly to Cang Tianjun.

At this moment, look at the gods such as Stars and Heavens, each and everyone’s expressions, especially Wong Tai Sin, the face is even more ugly, today, he is really a shame to lose home.

I thought that Ye Mo would be ugly in public, but did not expect that they were ugly.

Can a innate talent be weak from a genius who can directly transform Saint Physique into a perfect body from the heavenly sacred world?

Many Tianjun, for Ye Mo, praised again and again. This banquet seemed to be the stage of Ye Mo. All the eyes of the discipline were hit on him, as if he was the center of the banquet.

Genius, where is the most attention.

“cough cough !”

Stars and stars see this scene, can not help but cough a few words, naturally do not want to let this scene continue, continue to ignore, Tian Jun has not been with Ye Mo, naturally do not want to let Ye Mo continue to show.

Wong Tai Sin knows, immediately stood up, a touch of said with a smile: “You don’t know, Ye Mo, his Saint Physique is powerful, but his ranking on the list is not very high, only ranked in First hundred, think about it, such innate talent, how could he be able to succeed comprehend in the heavenly secret?”

Hear this, some Tianjun suddenly realized, indeed, the list of the in stone is represented by the list of in innate talents. Although it cannot be fully explained, it has certain reference value.

Many Tianjun know that Ye Mo ranks first in the list of the giant stone, so innate talent, it is absolutely impossible to have a breakthrough in the heavenly secret.

Huang Daxian said this, they really wake up.

“Wong Tai Sin, what do you have to do with innate talent for reference? I am not a Saint Physique that breaks through in the mysterious world. Where is that?”

Ye Mo looked at him faintly.

This Wong Tai Sin is really endless.

“I suspect that you have reached the perfect body Saint Physique very early, or that your Saint Physique is very special, a tempering success, it is directly perfect.”

Wong Tai Sin continued: “As we all know, the geniuses in the top ranks of many megaliths have tried to enter the sacred world. However, each and everyone has failed. Their Saint Physique is far less integrated than the ninety-nine. Is it true that? Is this megalithic list fake?”

Ye Mo didn’t talk, this Huang Daxian is simply entangled, always holding innate talent to talk, is the stone list ranked first hundred, it is doomed to breakthrough in the heavenly secret?

Stars Tianjun looked at the scene, drinking tea slowly, eyes could not be looked at towards Cang Tianjun, he wanted to see, this matter, how to end.

Deceiving Tianjun in the Tianjun birthday feast, is the crime not too small?

“Let you show your limelight!”

Tian Hao is also secretly laughing, no matter whether Ye Mo is really a breakthrough in the heavenly secret, this thing, he is difficult to convince all Tianjun.

Originally, Ye Mo had no breakthrough in the heavenly secret, and there was nothing. The key he took this thing as the birthday of the beginning of the king, that is the major event.

If there is no promotion, it is not a birthday gift!

“It’s really a clown!”

Ye Wuhen also smiled and didn’t put Ye Mo in his eyes. He saw that there was no meaning in Heavenly Dao’s innate talent.

Even if tempering Saint Physique in the first priest of Saint Physique, cultivation speed and innate talent are not as good as other geniuses. After a long time, they will slowly be pulled apart.

“what happened?”

At this time, Right Tianjun suddenly spoke, and said: “The ranking of “Xuanqing Valley Lord? Ye Mo, has not been revised yet?”

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