The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5137

When Right Heaven heard the arguments of the surrounding Tianjun, he seemed to realize that all the gods did not know the true ranking of Ye Mo’s communication boulder, which made him very confused.

A year ago, didn’t you let Xuan Qing Valley Lord go to the list? Didn’t he change?

Such a genius can not be buried!

What’s more, Ye Mo is still the god of his camp.

“Ah, right God, this Monarch is guilty!”

At this time, Xuan Qing Valley Lord came out from a seat and said, “This day, this Monarch left your temple. This Monarch was dragged by several days to drink. This drink, I drank for a year. I went back to the valley a few days ago and revised the list.”

The list has just been revised, and naturally, there are few gods who know the revised rankings.


A lot of Tianjun, his face is full of doubtful expressions, modify the list, what is going on?

Before they were surprised, Qingxuan Valley Lord was stunned and announced aloud: “This Monarch officially announced here that Ye Mo’s ranking of his megalithic list is not the first hundred, but the second!”

This sentence fell, the whole space was in a short silence, the space seemed to solidify, and then it was a sudden violent sensation.

Ye Mo’s communication with Xuanqing Boulder is actually ranked second in the list. No matter who it is, it is hard to believe that a young fellow who just entered the Temple of Heaven can show such innate talent.

The Heavenly Palace Saint Physique is ranked first, and the Stone List is ranked second. This is more than the top 20 in the double list. This is the top three in the double!

For a time, Wong Tai Sin’s face became extremely ugly, and he jumped up directly. He said: “I can’t, how can he communicate with the boulder? How can it rank second? What is going on? Isn’t he a hundred? ?”

Huang Daxian’s whole body trembled.

Originally, he thought that his innate talent could overpower Ye Mo. As a result, the ranking of Ye Mo’s megalithic list was directly from the first hundred to the second.

He needs an explanation, not only him, but even all the kings, they want to listen to the explanation.

Of course, even more surprised, in fact, Ye Mo himself, he also does not know what is going on, why he ranks in the ranking of the Stones, directly rushed to the second place.

Xuan Qing Valley Lord sees all the heavenly princes to look at him, he also explained: “Ye Mo comprehend’s Mo Shi, extraordinary, which can give birth to Great Desolate, this Monarch is afraid that this thing is too sensation, deliberately Mo Shi ranked in the top 100. Later, this Monarch went to ask the opinion of Right Tianjun. Right Tianjun said that without this concealment, when this Monarch intends to modify the list, he is dragged by some old fellows to drink. It is.”

“Not bad!”

At this time, Right Heaven Jun contains said with a smile: “The Great Desolate aura produced in the megalith, symbolizing the birth of the power of Great Desolate, really, the power of Pluto was born.”

After this explanation, many gods finally understood, and then they and everyone looked at Ye Mo with an incredible expression.

If Ye Mo communicates with the boulder, he is really ranked second, and he will become the genius of the top ten after only one after another in recent years.

“Mo Stone I communicated is actually ranked second!”

Ye Mo’s face smiled. He glanced over Wong Tai Sin and Tian Hao and said, “Do you still want to use innate talent to oppress me?”

When I heard this sentence, many Tianjun and Disciples turned their attention to Wong Tai Sin and Tian Hao. They actually used innate talent to oppress Ye Mo?

Wong Tai Sin will not have to say much. As for Tian Hao, he even threatened to say that Heavenly Talisman in his hands had no use at all.

Today’s Ye Mo, the limelight is not only overshadowed by Wong Tai Sin, but even overshadowed Ye Wuhen.

One is the top 20 in the double list, and the other is the top ten in the double stick. To be precise, it is the top two in the double list.

The two disciplines are ashamed and unable to show one’s face. Today, their face is completely exhausted.


At this time, Cang Tianjun made a big laugh and pointed at Ye Mo: “disciple, low-key, low-key!”

Low key?

Many Tianjun have a black line, which is clearly showing off. This Heavenly King has never received a discipline, and now receives a discipline, so innate talent, and let Ye Mo low-key.

“Cang Tianjun, you have received a good discipline!”

There is no smile, not a smile, the eyes flashing a strange expression, this Ye Mo innate talent is too strong, for them, it is not a good thing.

Even Zuo Tianjun, his face is slightly gloomy, Ye Mo Saint Physique list first nothing, now, the Stone List is second, which means that his innate talent, in the history of the entire palace, is enough On top 5.

The second stone list, although not necessarily representing Ye Mo’s innate talent, can rank second in the history of the Temple, but at least it is the existence of top 5.

This is not to let Zuo Tianjun feel the threat.

At present, the situation in Tiangong can be stabilized, simply because the strength of the two sides is relatively balanced, they compete, it is really the innate talent of the discipline.

They have Wong Tai Sin on this side, and they have the genius of Tian Hao Mo Li. Together with the geniuses such as Ye Wuhen, once they are cultivated into a counter-contemporary powerhouse, it will add a lot of combat power to them. Contradictions, they also have odds.

Today, there is a Ye Mo on the right side of the king. For them, there are naturally many threats.

“Your few disciplines are not bad!”

Cang Tianjun laughed back.

Tianjun, who hosted the birthday banquet, saw the situation is wrong. He immediately shouted: “Now, the birthday banquet officially begins, and you can enjoy the food and drink and enjoy the song and dance.”

This day’s words directly resolved the current embarrassing atmosphere.

During the banquet, Yingge Yan Dance has a female Taoist girl singing and dancing on the flyover. As for those Tianjun, they are tasting the fine wine.

These wines are not ordinary wines. They are the wines in the Queen Mother’s Winery. It is impossible to taste them.

“disciple, you can sit down and taste it!”

Cang Tianjun said.


Ye Mo is also sitting on the side of Cang Tianjun. As for the thousands of them, they also sit on the side of Huang Tianjun.

Ye Mo took a sip of water, immediately, a sense of warmth, into the belly, and finally invaded his within the body World, actually within the body World, has a feeling like spring wind.

This drink, although intoxicating, but to drink, can definitely enhance with the body World.

I have to say that the wine of this day is really wonderful.

“Disciple, the performance is a performance session, you can name the challenge, but the rule is that the low realm discipline can challenge the high realm’s discipline, you only need to fight one game!”

Cang Tianjun took a sip of wine, indifferently said.

“One time is enough. I will use a battle to let them know that the discipline collected by Cang Tianjun is not just as simple as the top two!”

Ye Mo said.

Challenge a Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation with his cultivation base of Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation, without any problems at all.

“It’s up to you to be out of the limelight today.”

Cang Tianjun smiled and he couldn’t receive a discipline. Naturally, he had to show off. Just now, Ye Mo showed the top two in the double list, but it was just the beginning.

After all, those are virtual, and strength is the most important.

Use a battle to prove your innate talent!

“Master, do you have any stories with Hui Ji Tianjun? Now that you have nothing to do, just talk to the discipline?”

Ye Mo laughed up.

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