The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5138

“You little bastard, our business, you should not ask.”

Cang Tianjun looked at the eyes of Hui Ji Tianjun, looked back and blinked Ye Mo.

In the end, Ye Mo was only able to take back the inner curiosity, continue to drink wine, watch the female Taoist children, and dance on the bridge.

It’s been a day since the end of the song and dance. The whole banquet is halfway through.

Next, it is the most important performance link, that is, the mutual learning between disciplines, generally speaking, only low-level discipline, can challenge the high-level discipline.

Of course, the high-level discipline can also choose not to fight.

However, the vast majority of geniuses will not avoid the war. At the banquet, many Tianjun watch, this is a good opportunity for performance.

Those who can come to the banquet are all passed the assessment, and they are all proud of the sky.

Today, the real supreme talent will be born.

Any list, in the face of strength, is meaningless.

Even if Ye Mo doubles the top two, if it loses to the same level of discipline, it will still become eclipsed.

“The beginning of the exhibition, the variants that you want to express, you can jump directly to the public square, self-reporting the cultivation base, and choose who to challenge. Everything is outstanding in the exhibition, and there is no reward for the beginning.”

Tian Jun, who presided over the birthday banquet, said again.

Time, many Tianjun, are also sensational, each and everyone pointing a little bit, some Tianjun, is a high hope for their own disciples.

In any case, every Tianjun wants his own manifest to stand out.

As for those disciplines, in the Tiangong, naturally, a lot of grudges have accumulated, and on this stage, they have been solved together.

“This Monarch has three Qibao Tianxin Dan, which will be awarded to the three most obvious disciplines in this exhibition. If you have the ability, don’t hide it and show your innate talent! ”

No beginning to say, with a wave of arms, three jade boxes are placed in front of them.

“Seven treasures Tianxin Dan?”

After many disciples are heard, each and everyone is very excited. This is a rare pill medicine. If you sell it, you can sell at least 10,000 merits.

The biggest effect of this pill medicine is that, immediately after taking it, you can make your own Refining Heaven mood and directly break through 1 Tribulation.

This pill medicine, generally speaking, is only the best when taken with Refining Heaven 8 Tribulation.

Moreover, only one can be taken, so this pill medicine has a fatal temptation for many disciplines.

“There is no such thing as a pill medicine.” I am afraid that those geniuses will not be able to handle it!”

Many Tianjun can’t help but praise.

As for those disciplines, they are all fanatical.

However, it is obviously not so easy to compete for the three Qibaos.

The so-called outstanding performance is to fully demonstrate your strength, defeat the opponent, and even defeat the cultivation base than in your own powerhouse. Only in this way can you attract attention.

Finally, a discipline jumped out, loudly said: “I am the discipline of Beicang Tianjun, Beiliangjin, Refining Heaven 1 Tribulation, want to challenge, Yun Tianlin!”

Yun Tianlin, not Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation, but Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation, the other is a real leapfrog challenge.

Only the leapfrog challenge can really make people feel shocked.


A white clothed youth also flew out of the seat and fell to the front of Beiliangjin, slaying with a smile: “What? Want to solve the grievances between us here?”

“Do not talk nonsense, let’s go!”

North Liang Jin screamed and sacrificed the long sword, and rushed straight up. The pressure of Heavenly Dao was released, and the horrible imposing manner broke out.

However, the discipline called Yun Tianlin, smiled, and also sacrificed the long sword, and the North Liangjin fight.

An astonishing duel broke out like this.

Ye Mo looked at the past and found that the other party’s tricks were very fierce. There was no shortcoming at all. It was a genius of Tiangong.

You know, the discipline that can come to the banquet has been screened through layers. Now, how can it be easier to achieve the challenge?

Two days of God’s showdown, do not know how many moves, both sides are motivated to Saint Physique, North Liangjin actually with absolute advantage, oppressing Yun Tianlin.

“Disciple, this battle, who do you think will win?”

Cang Tianjun asked directly.

“In the current situation, Beiliangjin has already achieved great advantages. As the powerhouse of Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation, Yun Tianlin has always been at a disadvantage, but there is no panic. I guess, soon after, Yun Tianlin will counterattack. Then, win.”

Ye Mo indifferently said.

“Ye Mo, how is this possible? If Yun Tianlin really has that strength, why is this? Is it better to defeat Beiliang Jinyu directly?”

The thousand feathers on the side asked inexplicably.

“Before Beiliangjin has the confidence to challenge Yuntianlin, naturally there is a card, Yuntianlin is waiting, waiting for Beiliang Jinshi to show his cards, he will counterattack again.”

Ye Mo continued.

On the side of Hui Ji Tianjun, listening to Ye Mo’s analysis, is also secretly surprised, this heavenly collection of the discipline, it seems that not only the first two in the double list, but can analyze the two gods with no difficulty.

Moreover, the battle between these two gods, as Ye Mo said, Yun Tianlin finally played a counterattack and defeated Beiliangjin.

North Liangjin wants to overcome the challenge, and ultimately, it fails.

However, it also won a lot of applause from Tianjun.

Yun Tianlin, also using his own innate talent, success defended his dignity.

If it is challenged by the other side, it is a very shameful thing.

Next, another matchup began, and many, few battles with leapfrog challenges, even if they did, ended with failure.

They also gave a fascinating battle to all Heavenly Kings.

At this time, the three disciples of Qingshang Tianjun, Jiang Qing, finally couldn’t stand it, and looked at the thousand feathers, saying: “Thousands of feathers, can you dare to fight?”

Jiang Qing, Refining Heaven 3 Tribulation, as for the thousand feathers, the same is Refining Heaven 3 Tribulation!

Moreover, the two disciplines are the disciples of the Eight Great Heavens, and the confrontation between them must be very exciting.

“it is good!”

Thousands of nodded, immediately jumped from the seat and fell on the public square, said: “Jiang Qing, the day of the war, you and I have not won, today, a battle, you are ready to lose to me.”

“I want to see how many years you have grown up in the past few years!”

Jiang Qing’s voice fell, chaotic divine strength and Heavenly Dao were simultaneously motivated, and the powerful imposing manner was brewed from his body.

In today’s World War I, he is bound to be his own Master, vying for glory!

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