The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5140

Wong Tai Sin sees Ye Mo not dare to fight, and the disdain on his face is more intense. It seems that this Ye Mo is really just a shelf, empty innate talent, but there is no strength.

Otherwise, how could he not dare to fight?

Moreover, if you change to any discipline, you will not say the words of no war on this occasion.

In addition to guilty? What else?

Ye Mo’s no-war, naturally caused a lot of sensation, many disciples, can not believe, this will be said from Ye Mo, the top two genius.

Hearing Ye Mo did not dare to fight, the star of Tianjun’s mouth was also high.

Innate talent can only explain that a cultivation speed is fast and has a high awareness of cultivation.

But strength is the means to really defeat each other, but it can be solved without being innate talent.

Innate talent is high, does not mean that there is strength.

Many Tianjun and Disciples are looking to Ye Mo and want to get his reply.

After all, the genius of the top two in the list like Ye Mo, if it really avoids the war, the rays of light that he just bloomed will be completely dimmed.

However, Ye Mo’s face is smiling and said: “Wong Tai Sin, I don’t fight with you. It’s not that I dare not fight with you, but I don’t bother to fight you. I promised Master. I will fight at this birthday party and fight with you, not enough to show my strength.”

As soon as this words fell, the whole space was up, and each and everyone looked at Ye Mo incredibly.

Ye Mo refused Wong Tai Sin’s challenge, not fear, but disdain and challenge each other.

This sentence is completely a slap in the face of Huang Daxian, a slap in the face, fanning a slap in the face of Tianfu.

Wong Tai Sin instantly rose red, very ugly, staring at Ye Mo, he did not expect that Ye Mo would say such a thing, he immediately became angry, jumped directly to the public square, said: “Ye Mo, there Ability will come up with a battle, you really have strength, you will beat me directly.”

“You give up, I won’t fight with you. Master said, I only fight one game, and fight with you, I can’t show my strength.”

Ye Mo shook his head, and with his current strength, even without the means of exerting Great Desolate, it was enough to beat the renovation Heaven 5 Tribulation’s powerhouse.

Dealing with a Refining Heaven Rank 2 doesn’t make any sense at all.

However, the more Huang Daxian heard Ye Mo, the more angry he was, the more he sipped: “Then you dare not?”

“Disciple, since a battle can’t show your strength, use two!”

Cang Tianjun made a speech at this time.

In other words, Ye Mo can fight.

With the permission of Cang Tianjun, Ye Mo smiled and jumped directly onto the public square. His eyes looked toward towards Wong Tai Sin and said: “Wong Tai Sin, since Master has let me fight one more, then I will accompany you to play. However, you have to hold on for a while, otherwise, this battle can be really white.”

“cough cough !”

Cang Tianjun just poured a bite of wine, and when he heard the words of Ye Mo, he almost stunned.

What is more to insist on for a while, otherwise it will be white, and his definition, it seems to be more than himself.

However, he likes this character very much.

In such a situation, if it does not show up, when will it wait?

He is a discipline, and he is more and more attracted to him.

Sure enough, his discipline did not receive white.

The star Tianjun and his discile Jiang Qing and Tian Hao, his face sank, as for the beginning of the day, the face is also not very good-looking.

As for those differences, looked towards Ye Mo, it is a strange ray of light, and I am looking forward to the strength of Ye Mo.

“It’s not the disciple of Cang Tianjun, it has his style of the year!”

Right Tianjun also commented that Ye Mo had an amazing performance in the battle of God. However, he did not really see the battle of Ye Mo. He was looking forward to the next battle of Ye Mo.

“Hey, I want to see, what arrogant capital do you have!”

Wong Tai Sin was completely angered, and the palm of his hand slammed, making a shocking blow. The 70 five-dimensional force source was released and gathered into a palm. Under the blessing of Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation Heavenly Dao, it was directly shot horizontally.

For a long time, the space above Ye Mo’s head directly cracked open, forming a huge black hole, absorbing it insanely, and repeatedly inhaling all the power of Ye Mo into the black hole.

This Huang Daxian, as a genius from Tianfu, is of extraordinary strength and means. When it comes to the hand, it is the Mid Level, and the book page has reached 800 pages of powerful magic.

This palm of the hand came out, it was the bursting of the palm of the sky, as if the mountains and the sea, flooded Ye Mo.

“The most difficult cultivation of heaven in Tianfu, Daxian Overturning Heavens Hand!”

Suddenly, Tianjun, a Tianfu, saw this scene and was shocked: “Zhang Daxian actually has mastered this Mid Level, and it is no wonder that he can be seen by the stars, this book, the book page is reached. More than 800 pages, wanting success cultivation is not that easy.”

“Zhang Daxian is definitely the top powerhouse in the Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation. Is Ye Mo a bit too big?”

“It is possible that the genius who can come to the banquet is not an ordinary discipline. Ye Mo does not put Zhang Daxian in his eyes. This time, Zhang Daxian is angry with the big fairy Overturning Heavens Hand, this Monarch wants to see, he How to resist.”

Many Tianjun are staring at this battle. It can be said that this performance is the real surface of this performance. Even if they were in the same year, they may not be able to achieve such a level.

“Ye Mo, you look too young, I will let you know, the power of Tianfu first person.”

Zhang Daxian was really rude. Originally, he was angry with Ye Mo, and he was always oppressed by the other side. Now, he wants to find his way back in strength, only to find that Ye Mo has not put him in his eyes. .

If he does not defeat Ye Mo, he will definitely have no face.

It is a shame, this shame, he has never been.


This episode of Zhang Daxian is all aimed at Ye Mo, and Ye Mo has a lot of means to escape.

“Zhang Daxian, let your heavenly skills be strong, but in the face of absolute attacks, will be turned into nothingness, the same is Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation, the gap between you and me, great!”

Ye Mo screamed, and the Heavenly Dao dragon appeared. At the same time, Ye Mo showed the ancestral strength of Dragon, and ten ancestral dragon phantoms emerged, all of which were integrated into the Heavenly Dao dragon, directly impacting And out.

Ye Mo has put together ten dragon spirits. It is already the strength of oneself, I don’t know how much it has been improved, and then it is swallowed by Heavenly Dao dragon. This is formidable power. It is difficult to be the powerhouse of Refining Heaven 4 Tribulation. withstand.

That Heavenly Dao dragon power is extremely incomparable, and the power of the sky is turned into a streamer. All the palm prints begin to collapse automatically and then explode.

The powerful offensive of Zhang Daxian was completely disappeared at this moment.

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