The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5141

The means of seeing Ye Mo by the Tiangong Seven Dragons has been shocked, and even they all feel that when the Heavenly Dao dragon appeared, they had several souls with the body, and they had begun to break out.

“He learned Heavenly Dao, it was a dragon!”

There is no shock in the beginning of Heaven, and there is never a record in Heavenly Dao. There is a condensed Heavenly Dao, which will be a dragon, let alone a dragon, even if it is a beast, it is extremely rare.

At this moment, all the heavenly kings truly see what is called outstanding and what is called true genius.

Wong Tai Sin’s face of Ye Mo’s move was completely flustered. He originally wanted to use his own trick to directly oppress Ye Mo, but he wanted to think that it would be the situation now. He was frightened and even did not know. how to respond.

In the end, the Heavenly Dao dragon shouted, directly hitting his body, and flew him out of the direct impact, hitting the momentous moment of the ceiling tree, falling flowers.

It was just a move that ended the battle directly. This scene was extremely shocking.

The battle between the same level, a stroke of defeat, in so many battles, has never happened.

In the entire sky garden, it has become very quiet.

In the beginning, they all thought that Ye Mo believe oneself infallible, disdain and Zhang Daxian battle, now, Ye Mo with extraordinary strength, blocked all the disciples and Tianjun’s mouth.

However, they can hardly imagine that the strength of Ye Mo is so strong.

Wong Tai Sin climbed up from the ground, expression is also very vicious, today shame, he will definitely find a chance to wash.

In this battle, Ye Mo really shows his strength, of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

On the other side of the day, the face is naturally not very good-looking, but the one on the other side of the sky is a smile.

Especially Cang Tianjun, this is a loud laughter: “Without the beginning of the king, my discipline is so outstanding, that one pill medicine, you have to leave him one.”

No beginning, Junpi smiles and laughs, and hides his inner anger. He said: “Ye Mo has such an innate talent, and naturally he has to reward him. However, I heard that he still wants a big fight, I don’t know, he Who do you want to fight with?”

All disciples and Tianjun know that Ye Mo’s next battle is very likely to be a leap-forward challenge, and only a true leap-forward challenge can truly show his innate talent.

So, the next step is to look at him, who will challenge the powerhouse, or what level of powerhouse to challenge.

Many Tianjun and discice are very much looking forward to it.

I saw Ye Mo’s gaze sweeping, and finally fell directly on Mo Li, who was behind the beginning of the king. The loud voice: “Mo Li, I want to challenge you!”


This sentence fell, many heavenly kings and disciplines, his face changed again, Ye Mo did not challenge anyone, actually challenged the Reining Heaven 5 Tribulation, and also just tempering out of the 21st Pierre Saint Physique list Mo Li.

Directly three levels of challenge?

This sentence is absolutely crazy.

Originally, they all thought that Ye Mo only had one level of challenge, but did not expect that this time it spanned three levels, and the object of the challenge was a disciple without a beginning.

Mo Li heard Ye Mo challenge him, his face was also blank, but he was the Heavenly God Realm powerhouse of Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation, which was challenged by a Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation.

This kind of challenge is completely a shame, but he has to accept it.

Because the high level is challenged, there is no more refusal.

What he has to do is to use his own strength to let Ye Mo completely yield.

He jumped directly, without any hesitation, and did not show any angry emotions because of Ye Mo’s leapfrog challenge: “Ye Mo, since you have to challenge me, then take all the strength, otherwise, you will The loss is very bad. If you dare to challenge me, then I will not subordinate.”

“If you are subordinate, you will definitely lose!”

Ye Mo looks at the glass, said with a smile: “Saint Physique, I really want to see, what is the real formidable power, but unfortunately, you have not motivated it to perfection. ”

“Beat you enough!”

Mo Li said, the hand is pulling out a hook, the chain lock of the hook, like a flame burning, full of more than a dozen feet, as for the hook, like a crescent moon, the edge is extremely incomparable.

This is his Primal Chaos Heaven treasure, fire glass hook, a very rare weapon.

As soon as he sacrificed the fire glass hook, he directly hooked it to Ye Mo, like a flying meteor.


Ye Mo sacrificed the gods to seal the pillars, directly bombarded them, and flew the hooks of the fire glass hooks directly.

The combination of the Emperor and the Black Front formed a brand new weapon. Ye Mo did not worry about being recognized. After all, the Artifact Spirit of the Emperor of Heaven was completely died, and only the ontology could not be recognized.

Mo Li’s fire glass hook was cast by Tan Fei, but it changed a trajectory in the air, and then hooked back to Ye Mo. The chain lock of a dozen feet long circled Ye Mo’s body and actually directly took Ye. Mo’s body is bound.

Ye Mo’s face is the same, saying: “You are bound to me like this, but it doesn’t work. You bind me. It is tantamount to yourself.”

Indeed, Ye Mo can pull the Mo glass directly as soon as he pulls it. At that time, he can directly attack the Mo Li in a close combat.

“is it?”

Mo glass is sneered, and suddenly all the chaotic divine strength is poured into the fire glass hook. In an instant, the chain lock of the fire glass hook bursts out with a blazing flame. This is a glazed fire, which can melt gold iron.

Mo Li is going to use this flame directly and completely incinerate Ye Mo.

However, Ye Mo did not take it for granted. He grabbed the chain and grabbed the chain lock. He directly pulled Mo Li over, and the last shot was bombarded. It directly broke the 7th-layer fighter.

This fist, almost Ye Mo’s strength, directly increased by seven times, the boxing shock.


Mo glass bears this fist and goes straight back. However, Ye Mo actually wants to pull out the chain again, and can only loosen Ye Mo.

The confrontation between the two disciplines, Mo Li was directly defeated by Ye Mo.

“The Mo glass of the Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation was actually repelled by Ye Mo? Ye Mo didn’t seem to be afraid of the glaze fire.”

“Mo Li hasn’t played Heavenly Dao yet, he is just showing it now, but Ye Mo is fierce and actually controls the 7th-layer fighter.”

“Is this 7th-layer fighter, isn’t it a broken art? Is he completely in control?”

Many Tianjun saw this scene and talked about it. It seems that they did not expect that Ye Mo still had the upper hand in the battle between the two disciplines.

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