The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5142

In this battle, if there is no battle to the end, whoever loses and wins, there is no fixed number.

Many Tianjuns put the glasses in their hands and looked at the battle carefully.

This is definitely the most exciting battle in this birthday feast.

“Heavenly Dao Glass Fire Wings!”

In terms of strength, Mo Li has been unable to achieve any advantage. He directly promoted his own Heavenly Dao. In the eyebrows, he burst into a purple ray of light. In Void, he condensed a path of stars. Hui, turned into a pair of huge wings, blessing behind the scenes.

The wings flicked, the powerful Heavenly Dao swelled, swept out, and turned into a burst of storm, which made the whole space distorted.

“What is this Heavenly Dao? It actually condenses wings?”

Ye Mo complexion slightly changed, immediately felt the other side’s unusual, basically, to reach their level, Force of Primal Chaos has no big advantage.

Heavenly Dao, already dominated, who is stronger than Heavenly Dao, who has an absolute advantage.

Many Tianjun saw this scene and their faces changed. They have long heard that Heavenly Dao, which is condensed, is also the top Heavenly Dao in the Heavenly Dao.

Moreover, the wings of Heavenly Dao are very rare in the is Heavenly Dao recording, which can assist the battle. Unlike the attacking Heavenly Dao, this Heavenly Dao is more terrifying.

Because their attacks can be fully compensated by the use of heaven.

Speed ​​and movement technique are hard to make up.

“Xingyu reincarnation!”

Ye Mo broke out a rifle 70 two-style, a fierce wave, a phantom of a Daofather dragon, smashed a catch, through the Void, blasted to Mo Li.

However, the shape of Mo Li, under the support of Heavenly Dao Glass Fire Wing, became extremely sensitive and extremely fast, and it was difficult to attack Domo.

“Under my Heavenly Dao glass fire wing, you can’t hurt me. I can easily use a trick to defeat you directly!”

Between the words, his body suddenly flickered, and it disappeared instantly. Then, Ye Mo saw the fire glass hook and began to dance in Void. The chain lock was criss-crossed, and the Void was like a cage.

Finally, the entire Void ignited a blazing flame, and in a flash, a huge Domain was formed.

Ye Mo is in it and immediately feels that there is a feeling of being incinerated.

At the same time, Namo glass also unfolded the glazed fire Saint Physique, the whole body burst into a faint fire, directly rushed to Ye Mo.

In this, Mo Li is a truly absolute king, plus the blessing of Heavenly Dao wings, it is invincible.

Even if Ye Mo has the strength to compete with the Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation powerhouse, it can’t be the opponent of Mo Li.

No beginning to see this scene, the face is also a faint smile, Ye Mo chose to challenge Mo Li, it is indeed his expectations, and even some arrogance.

Mo Li is his favorite discipline, will it be ordinary?

“Huang Quan Long Emperor!”

Ye Mo emerged behind the ancestors dragon phantom, suddenly smothered, want to open the fire of the whole body directly, but it was directly encountered interception, because this fire sea, all of them are chain locks, simply can not open .

At the same time, Mo Li also fluttered in the wings, directly in the sea of ​​fire, he grabbed a big hand, actually caught in the fire in the sea, he directly flicked the hook, shining edge, directly killing Ye Mo .

Ye Mo waved the Emperor’s gods to resist, but Mo Li’s attack was too strong. It seemed to have the support of Heavenly Dao’s wings, which raised the huge attack at an absolute speed.

Ye Mo’s entire body flew out and rushed out of the sea of ​​fire. However, in the sea of ​​fire, there was a chain lock to pull Ye Mo down again.

Thousands of feathers, Shi Lei and Chen Xingyi saw that the psychological slammed down. After all, the gap in the strength of Heavenly Dao, Ye Mo could not beat Mo Li.


Mo Li screamed, and the mountains and rivers, the hooks in his hands, seemed to be a death slashing knife, slammed through, and Ye Mo was completely defeated.

Ye Mo complexion slightly changed, the ten dragon spirits broke out at the same time, and instantly competed for the bondage. The Heavenly Dao dragon also appeared, swallowing ten dragon souls and colliding with Mo Li.

However, Mo Li was sucking at this time, all the glazed fires, all entered his body, so that his body began to change, and the whole body formed a layer of colored glass, which turned into a truly perfect body of Saint. Physique.

His body has doubled and is much more sturdy than Ye Mo.

Many Tianjun saw this scene, and his face flashed incredulously. This Mo Li actually used his own Domain to force the Saint Physique to break into the perfect body for a short time.

“Death Harvest!”

After Mo Li completed the perfect body, he waved a hook and turned it into a death hook.

This hook, split the heavens and earth apart, breaks the chaos, the infinite hell, presents behind him, showing various visions.

This time, Ye Mo no longer resisted, his face was stunned, and then his body began to blur, a huge array, suspended in Void, will directly cover the Mo glass.

After ninety-nine, it was directly launched.

The 81 light column appears, constantly starting to rotate and opening, and finally releasing a path of rays of light, slamming into the glass.

Although Mo Li is also the perfect body of Saint Physique, but Ye Mo is also the perfect body and even Saint Physique ranked first in the Saint Physique list, there is a huge gap between the two.

The two Saint Physiques show at the same time that all Tianjun know that the outcome is already revealed.

They know that the 99-year-old was awesome. In those days, Primal Chaos Heaven was besieged by many of them, and it was able to withstand it. It was also because of the ninety-nine.

Today, Ye Mo will return to the cultivation become Saint body and turn itself into a Great Array whose formidable power can be imagined.

Mo Li did not defeat Ye Mo before he spurred Saint Physique, and was destined to end in a defeat.

Unless, Mo Li has an absolute Heavenly Dao advantage.

Mo Li is in the Great Array and continues to withstand the attack of white light. At first, he can resist, but the color of this white light has turned to a color of Primal Chaos, and the formidable power is getting stronger and stronger.

As for him, it is almost impossible to break through the ninety-nine. The 81 light column, constantly rotating, he wants to escape, he will be intercepted, even if his Heavenly Dao wings are fast, there is no What use.

Many Tianjun did not know what happened in the formation. However, when the huge formation disappeared, a form fell from the sky, and the heavy squatting on the public square almost fainted.

As for the other forms, they also slowly landed and bowed to Cang Tianjun: “Master, didn’t you give elderly shame?”

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