The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5143

Many Tianjun looked at this scene and almost never heard what Ye Mo was saying. They only knew that Ye Mo defeated Mo Li and defeated Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation with Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation.

In this case, the challenge directly across the three levels is simply audible.

No beginning Tianjun saw this scene, and his heart was angry. He did not expect that his own disciples could not defeat each other.

However, he did not expect that his own disciplinary will exert his own strength to this extent and still lose.

Ye Wuhen saw this scene, his eyes flashing, looked towards Ye Mo, finally converging the original contempt, the top two in the double list, plus the two battles just now, enough to make him the most shining in the Temple of Heaven. Disciple.

“Cang Tianjun really received a good discipline!”

Hui Ji Tianjun beautiful eyes flashing, this old thing is not good for other eyes, but the eyes of the discipline are not weak.

At this time, Cang Tianjun is already laughing, and said with a smile: “disciple, low-key, low-key.”

Low key?

Many Tianjun had a cold sweat, Ye Mo just defeated Mo Li, actually said low-key? I am afraid, at this banquet, I am afraid there is no higher-profile existence than him.

Many female figures, each and everyone looked at Ye Mo and heartbeat began to intensify.

For such a brilliant genius, there is no female disciple, and it will not be tempted.

It can be said that Ye Mo has gradually replaced Ye Wuhen’s position in their hearts.

Although Ye Wuhen has been promoted to Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, the cultivation base is much stronger than Ye Mo, but it is a matter of time for Ye Mo to reach that level.

“Show game, keep going!”

Next, the exhibition game continues, although the latter challenge is still out of the ordinary, but its level of excitement is far less than the battle between Ye Mo and Mo Li.

Mo Li has recovered, but his face is still a bit pale.

“Mo Li, in the battle, what happened?”

No beginning day asked.

“That is ninety-nine, it’s too powerful. It has 81 light column, which constantly moves in the formation, blocking my body shape. Even if I condense the Heavenly Dao glass fire wing, it is difficult to escape. Finally, he is struck. The chaotic rays of light released, directly defeated.”

Mo Li calmed his face.

“Don’t blame you, you have performed very well. You can only say that this Ye Mo is too powerful. Even Ye Wuhen may be worse for him. In the Heavenly Palace, there is only that metamorphosis, which is likely to be comparable. ”

There is no blame for Mo Li, but it is comforting. In this battle, Mo Li has indeed tried his best.

Zuo Tianjun is sullen and does not know what he is thinking.

Then the competition of a field proceeded. Finally, Tiangong Qilong and Ye Wuhen also took the challenge.

Ye Wuhen directly challenged the powerhouse of ten Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation, and easily defeated them. It is the second color except for Ye Mo.

The challenge lasted for a whole day, and almost all the disciplines had fought.

When there is no discipline and then go to the public square, Tianjun, who presided over the birthday banquet, slowly came out, facing the beginning of the day: “No beginnings, finally, you choose the three most outstanding segments.” Let’s go.”

These three disciplines, in fact, all Tianjun are well aware.

If you really want to rank, Ye Mo must be first, followed by Ye Wuhen, and finally Dragonly Venerable.

There is no beginning of the king, and there is no personal reward, Yeu Mo is deliberately not rewarded, Ye Mo’s performance can be described as obvious to all.

Finally, the three Qibao Tianxin Dan were in the hands of Ye Mo, Ye Wuhen and Dragonly Heavenly Venerable.

Ye Mo holds pill medicine, and the heart is also a joy. This kind of pill medicine, which can directly improve a level, is of great help to him.

Wait until cultivation to Refining Heaven 8 Tribulation and you can take this pill medicine.

The birthday feast of Wu Shi Tian Jun was held for three days and three nights.

When the birthday party ended, each and everyone’s Tianjun also began to leave.

Right Tianjun left with four heavenly kings, including Cang Tianjun, and several of their disciplines followed.

Ye Mo followed behind Cang Tianjun, and his pace was very fast. He guessed that something must have happened.

As for Zuo Tianjun, they looked at each and everyone, and they were still drinking, as if nothing had happened.

When those Heavenly Kings all left, their disciples also took away, and Zuo Tianjun finally spoke, calmly saying: “This Ye Mo, must be killed, must be directly obliterated before he is promoted against the heavens. Yes, otherwise, the endless trouble!”

His voice is calm, but with a hint of killing intent, people are not tremble.

The top two in the double list, it is no problem, his battle innate talent, more horrible, the more three levels of challenges, this is definitely not the ordinary God can do.

Even Ye Wuhen of that year did not reach this level.

“Even if you are in the top two of the list, you may not be able to break through the sky. In the history of the Temple, the top ten in the double list also has a breakdown and fall.”

Ye Wuhen’s Master, Wandao Heavenly Venerable wrinkled, and expression is slightly dignified.

The more genius the god, once the impact against the heavens, will definitely choose the high-end Heavenly Dao, so that his risk is even greater.

“No, you must kill!”

The glass in the hands of Zuo Tianjun was directly crushed by him. This Ye Mo must die. He never let a threatening genius continue to grow. Wan Dao Tianjun’s words are correct, but Ye Mo has a huge possibility even if he challenges the high-end Heavenly Dao and is promoted to the sky.

Once promoted to the sky, it is really a climate.

“Find the opportunity, this Monarch will personally kill him!”

Nothing is squinting, no matter what, Ye Mo will die, no matter whether he kills his own disciples or the threat that Ye Mo poses to them, Ye Mo is destined to die.

“Without the beginning of the king, it is not necessary for you to shoot, this Monarch will let the seven dragons shoot, the seven dragons shot him to kill him, and he is famous.”

Shenglong Tianjun said.

“Look at this Monarch, let the seven dragons shoot, they are seven, the cultivation base is stronger than Ye Mo, and Ye Mo is shot in the name of the ancestral inheritance. Afterwards, they will ask questions, and there is nothing to say. “”

Stars Tianjun said, looked towards no beginning of the king, said: “No beginning of heaven, your discipline no Young Master Ye, is killed by Ye Mo as a ancestral inheritance.”

“Well, let the seven dragons be shot for the time being, but if you don’t find an opportunity, don’t rush, Ye Mo that fellow is not easy. It’s best to find a few more days.”

Nothing began to talk, and then they began to plot and set up a seamless plan.

Of course, these things, naturally, can’t let their disciples know that their image is still upright and decent in front of the discipline.

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