The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5144

On the other side, Right Tianjun left with a few Tianjun, and in the middle of the road, they also deliberately opened the disciples.

Ye Mo and Qian Yu, looking at the backs of a few Tianjun, did not think much.

“Ye Mo, you have to be careful later!”

The eyes of Qian Yu were also pulled back from the backs of several Tianjun, and they could not help but say.

“how do I say this?”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“Some things, the Masters didn’t break, and we looked at the disciples.”

Thousands of feathers said: “All in all, you should be careful, the Temple of Heaven is not as beautiful as you think. You are the top two in the list. The innate talent is so strong, there will always be God’s ideas!”

Shi Lei was confused and confused: “Thousands of feathers, what do you say?”

Chen Xing pulled La Shilei and signaled that he would not go on. This is obvious. There is no need to ask anything that is known in front of Tiangong’s old discipline.

“Thousands of feathers, what do you want to say, I know!”

Ye Mo smiled and took the shoulders of the next thousand feathers. He said: “I Ye Mo can come here from the eternal era, the things I have experienced, the conspiracy I have seen, can be far more than the road you have traveled. Ok, I am going to cultivation, what about you?”

“Well, let’s go, it doesn’t make sense to say anything, or try to cultivate, and quickly break into Refining Heaven 9 Tribulation !”

Thousands of feathers smiled and returned to normal. However, in his heart, Ye Mo was even more difficult to understand. He thought he had some capitals and could see through many things, but he could not see Ye Mo.

However, intuition tells him that this Ye Mo is far from being as simple as he imagined.

Compared to his innate talent and heritage, his city is more terrifying.

However, these are all minor!

The birthday feast of Wu Shi Tian Jun is over, and then they can fully devote themselves to the cultivation.

Four gods once again returned to the mysterious valley, suspended on their own boulder cultivation.

Ye Mo closed eyes cultivation, God is to enter the boulder space, carry out a dual cultivation, one is the cultivation of the state of mind, and it is the cultivation of the power of rebellion.

Time, fleeting, three months, it has passed.

“It’s really difficult!”

Ye Mo cultivation for three months, finally pulled back from the Mo Shi space, one mouthful of impure air spit out.

In three months, although his mood has improved, he has not received a breakthrough.

According to his estimation, even if you are cultivation on Mo Shi, you want to go from Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation cultivation to Refining Heaven 3 Tribulation. Without a year, you may not be able to get a breakthrough.

As for the Great Desolate aura, there is not much improvement. Now, the power of the rebellion has awakened the power of Great Desolate, but it is only staying at Heavenly Grade and must continue to improve.

“It has been in the cultivation of Xuanqing Glen, although it can be improved, but the speed is too slow!”

Ye Mo shook his head. His past cultivation was not spent in any secret room, but spent in danger. Only real danger can inspire his potential.

The cultivation of the rules is not his style.

Seeing Qian Yu, they are still in cultivation, Ye Mo did not bother them, and left the Xuanqing Valley directly, and went to Tianjun Pavilion of Cang Tianjun.

Entering it, Ye Mo did not see Cang Tianjun, he found a Taoist child and asked: “Dao Tong, my Master?”

“Cang Tianjun left Tianjunge a few days ago and never returned.”

Dao Tong replied.

“Oh? Then you know what my Master is doing?”

Ye Mo continued to ask.

“How can I know? Cang Tianjun has always been there without a trace.”

Dao Tong said.

Ye Mo did not continue to ask, and was about to leave, and saw that Cang Tianjun flew and fell directly to the door of the attic.

Ye Mo was happy, greeted him and asked, “Master, where are you going?”

“The eternal training camp, ready to open the second phase of the eternal training camp, see if you can find some good seedlings.”

Cang Tianjun walked into the attic and sat down slowly. He said: “disciple, you are looking for a teacher, what should be there?”

“Master, is there any task for this Tiangong? I feel that I have been staying in the Xuanqing Valley cultivation. It is not a solution. Moreover, since I came to the Temple of Heaven, I have not really experienced the battle of life and death.”

Ye Mo said directly.

When I came to the Temple of Heaven, it was not a cultivation. I was on the list. Although there were several battles, it was not a real battle between life and death.

In the Heavenly Palace, for him, the competitiveness is still too small, so that he has no sense of crisis, he must go through some life and death to be able to quickly improve his strength.

In the cultivation of Tiangong, it is always the flowers of the greenhouse, and can’t experience winds and waves.

“Do you want to pick up the mission?”

Cang Tianjun could not help but ask.


Ye Mo points nodded.

“disciple, with your wisdom, you should not know, your situation is very dangerous, only to stay in the Tiangong is the safest, and, even if you take the task, the general task for you, there is no The meaning, understand?”

Obviously, for this proposal of Ye Mo, Cang Tianjun disagreed.

“But, staying in the Heavenly Palace is not my style!”

Ye Mo shook his head and continued to stay. He really wanted to go crazy. He could play the foundation on Mo Shi. He really wants to break through, or he has to go through the battle and fight.

Time does not and the others, he knows that he is the top two in the double list, coupled with the excellent performance in the birthday banquet, will sooner or later cause a catastrophe, must be an early breakthrough.

Once the breakthrough is overwhelming, at least his own security can be guaranteed, and all the dead relatives and friends can be resurrected.

“No, you are honestly waiting in the Heavenly Palace. You communicate with the Xuanqing Boulder, ranking second, your cultivation speed can be much faster than the general discipline. When you really advance against the heavens, you want to go. Where, the teacher will not stop.”

Cang Tianjun with the slightest hesitation refused, and the intensity was very strong. At the beginning, Right Heaven Jun found them and talked about Ye Mo’s problem. Ye Mo showed such innate talent, Zuo Tianjun must have an idea.

As long as Ye Mo did not leave the Heavenly Palace, everything was very peaceful.

Ye Mo frowned, back to the Xuanqing Gorge with powerlessness, Cang Tianjun disagreed, he wants to leave the Heavenly Palace, I am afraid it is not so easy.

After three months, Ye Mo’s cultivation base has improved, but the rate of improvement is slow.

In this case, in the distance, Void, flying a crane, the crane has a Taoist child, he is suspended in the sky above the Xuanqing Canyon, the loud voice: “all disciples, all Tianfu public square collection!”

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