The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 5147

“Cang Tianjun, we decided to do so, and we have no choice. If we have a better way, we will definitely not do this. Moreover, we may not necessarily fail, in case of success?”

Zuo Tianjun said.

The appearance of Zuo Tianjun made the situation even more tense. Many disciplines turned their attention to Zuo Tianjun, and the curiosity in the heart was more intense.

They have never seen it, and a few days of the king got the disciple for one thing.

“What if this Monarch came up with a better way?”

Cang Tianjun could not help but ask.

Zuo Tianjun stunned, his mouth curled up in a rake, said with a smile: “If you can really come up with a better way, we can cancel this decision, but this Monarch only gives you three days, three Once the day is over, if you can’t think of a better way, this Monarch can only be executed according to the original plan.”

Between the words, his body flickered and disappeared in place.

As for those disciplines, I don’t know what happened, and finally, I slowly dispersed.

A storm has passed.

Although the disciples don’t know what happened, they have seen the attitude of several Tianjun, and what a major event has happened.

However, these things are not what they can manage.

Ye Mo went back to the Xuanqing Valley, and always felt that something was wrong. He left the Xuanqing Valley and went to the Cangtianjun Loft.

In the pavilion, I didn’t see the Master silhouette, but fortunately he was waiting inside.

Three days later, Ye Mo finally saw his master, lowered his head and slowly walked into the attic.

Ye Mo stood up immediately and said, “Master, is there anything happening in Tiangong?”

Cang Tianjun was not surprised by the appearance of Ye Mo, but slowly sat down and said: “disciple, you go back to cultivation, and you want to be quiet.”

“Master, what happened?”

Ye Mo asked directly.

“Do you really want to know?”

Cang Tianjun looked at Ye Mo and couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course, otherwise I won’t come here, I don’t want to, you put everything on your own, maybe, I can also help you share some.”

Ye Mo said.

“This thing is actually related to you!”

Cang Tianjun said.

“What? Is it related to me? How is this possible?”

Ye Mo was surprised.

He couldn’t think of it. This thing is actually related to him. Could it be that they are Zuo Tianjun and want to deal with him?

If this is the case, then it does have this possibility. It is impossible for Zuo Tianjun to kill him directly in the face of the Temple of Heaven. Naturally, he will find ways to count him.

“From the beginning of the birthday feast, they have already begun to deploy. This time, because of a very special task, some cultivation base must be given a strong discipline to participate.”

Heaven said: “And you are the most suitable discipline for this mission.”

Ye Mo is just Refining Heaven 2 Tribulation on the surface, but its strength is comparable to Refining Heaven 5 Tribulation.

“You mean, they deliberately attracted me to perform this task?”

Ye Mo lowers the sound and dries.

“It’s not deliberately attracted, but it forces you to perform. Otherwise, he will send a lot of disciplines to perform the task. In the end, those disciplines will all fall.”

Cang Tianjun looked directly at Ye Mo, slowly said.

“What? That Zuo Tianjun is too embarrassing? In order to kill me, do not hesitate to sacrifice the life of the discipline?”

Ye Mo was shocked, and realized that this Zuo Tianjun had anti-drug.

Moreover, the general god does not know his plan at all. He wants to use this task to take the opportunity to eradicate Ye Mo.

“Is there anything impossible? Or else, will the division still suppress this thing with such a tough attitude?”

Cang Tianjun could not help but say.

“Right, Master, what is this task?”

Ye Mo asked this question directly at the key point.

“Remember the power of Pluto?”

Cang Tianjun asked.

Ye Mo ordered nodded, and for that day, he was very impressed.

“Since that day, Tiangong’s calculations for the future catastrophe have been aggravated. The power of the fourth Great Desolate, the power of destiny, is about to be realistic. It should be soon after, the power of destiny will not be there. Our Eight Heavenly Kings can be sealed, and he will be born with greater catastrophe.”

Cang Tianjun said sharply.

“The power of destiny? Is he more powerful than the power of Pluto?”

Ye Mo was amazed.

The power of rebellion, the power of the East Emperor, the power of Pluto, the power of destiny, now, the four Great Desolate, finally all the world.

“No, the power of the destiny and the power of the Pluto are even more important. However, the power of the destiny is good at control and seal. We want to seal him. It is simply an idiotic dream.”

Cang Tianjun said.

“What is the task you are discussing?”

Asked Ye Mo.

Could it be that they want to deal with the power of destiny? This is absolutely impossible. What can they do even if they can’t do it?

Moreover, the power of destiny is synonymous with control and seal, and it is impossible to control and seal.

After all, this is different from the power of Pluto. The power of Pluto is good at defense and is very powerful, but it can be sealed.

Basically, every kind of Great Desolate has its own advantages and also has its own disadvantages.

“The nature of discussion is the way of the other’s destiny. For up to three years, the power of destiny must be born again. At that time, the eternal era will be polluted. We must direct it when he comes out. Uniformed.”

Cang Tianjun indifferently said: “And want to deal with the power of the destiny, only one point, that is to go to the Great Desolate ruins, to find the Great Desolate weapon, once the power of the destiny appears, it is the hope of uniform.”

Once the power of destiny appears, don’t say that they are difficult to subdue even if the Emperor’s group takes the shot together.

To put it bluntly, the power of Great Desolate is stronger than the god of great Desolate, unless that god can really play it out of Peak.

For example, the power of rebellion, if it is his advent, almost no one can surrender it, the means of defeat, too horrible.

But to deal with Ye Mo, naturally with no difficulty, after all, Ye Mo can’t play the real formidable power of the power of rebellion. Only when Ye Mo really grasps the power of rebellion, at that time, it is really powerful. No matter how many Heavenly Kings, it is very difficult to kill him.

At that time, the four majors of the Tenjins did not fully control the power of Great Desolate.

“Where is the so-called Great Desolate mystery? Could it be that only Heavenly God Realm’s powerhouse can get there?”

Ye Mo continued to ask, the only way that Tiangong thought of was to rely on the weapon of the Great Desolate.

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